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William F. Sherwin
Short Name: William F. Sherwin
Full Name: Sherwin, William F. (William Fisk), 1826-1888
Birth Year: 1826
Death Year: 1888

Sherwin, William Fisk, an American Baptist, was born at Buckland, Massachusetts, March 14,1826. His educational opportunities, so far as schools were concerned, were few, but he made excellent use of his time and surroundings. At fifteen he went to Boston and studied music under Dr. Mason: In due course he became a teacher of vocal music, and held several important appointments in Massachusetts; in Hudson and Albany, New York County, and then in New York City. Taking special interest in Sunday Schools, he composed carols and hymn-tunes largely for their use, and was associated with the Rev. R. Lowry and others in preparing Bright Jewels, and other popular Sunday School hymn and tune books. A few of his melodies are known in Great Britain through I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, where they are given with his signature. His hymnwriting was limited. The following pieces are in common use:—
1. Grander than ocean's story (1871). The Love of God.
2. Hark, bark, the merry Christmas bells. Christmas Carol.
3. Lo, the day of God is breaking. The Spiritual Warfare.
4. Wake the song of joy and gladness. Sunday School or Temperance Anniversary.
5. Why is thy faith, 0 Child of God, so small. Safety in Jesus.
Mr. Sherwin died at Boston, Massachusetts, April 14, 1888.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Sherwin, W. F., p. 1055, i. Another hymn from his Bright Jewels, 1869, p. 68, is "Sound the battle cry" (Christian Courage), in the Sunday School Hymnary, 1905, and several other collections.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Tunes by William F. Sherwin (122)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
AGAPE (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[All my life the Lord hath led me]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)3
[And is it true, what I am told] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)253535 65442 42454
ANNIVERSARY SONG (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (1826-1888) (Composer)932156 43217 12232
[Awake! for the trumpet is sounding]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)351111 11313 43321
[Sound the battle cry]William F. Sherwin (Composer)8755345 64321 23275
[Onward, upward, homeward, hastily I flee] (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)253165 36541 23456
[Beautiful valley of Eden]William F. Sherwin (1826-1888) (Composer)4454332 16532 15325
[Behold the Lamb of God] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
BETTER LAND (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)555517 12552 21233
[Break thou the bread of life] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)37731356 53132 31356
C0LIMAWilliam Fiske Sherwin (Composer)231425 32713 23142
[Lord of life, on this Thy day]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)2
CHAUTAUQUA (Chorus only)William F. Sherwin (Composer)2015153 15421 17165
CHEERWilliam Fisk Sherwin, (1826-1888) (Composer)7
CHRISTMAS HYMN (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)211117 22443 3
[Oh, love divine and wondrous deep]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)255365 43261 75123
[Come now with joy and singing]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)251761 53143 32123
[Come unto Me, ye weary] (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[As the dew from Heaven distilling] (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)233552 24411 23176
CUTTING (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin, 1826-1888 (Composer)2532156 53217 12364
[Dear Lord, we break the bread]William M. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Dear Redeemer, only Thee]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
DULEETW. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[E, ka Maku'a ka'i ae ia makou]William F. Sherwin, 1826-1888 (Composer)413451 17671 22327
[Entreat me not to leave thee] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
CHAUTAUQUA (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)27011165 45111 65457
[Father, we bring to Thee gifts of our love]William F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Floating on the morning breezes]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)234231 27161 53322
[Follow thou me, is the Master's word]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Fully persuaded, Lord, I believe]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)554321 21651 71223
[Give up all for Jesus, weary child]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[God is love, that anthem olden]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
GOD OUR REFUGEWm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[God, that madest earth and heaven] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
GOD'S LOVE (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin, 1826 - 1888 (Composer)9
[Good news, good news from the heavenly heights]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Hark! hark! my soul: Angelic songs are sweling] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)432151 71235 43171
HARVEY (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)555456 51712 22316
[Have you ever heard the story] (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)312316 15171 243
[Hear the song through heaven ringing]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Heavenly Father, grant us grace]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
HEAVENLY FOLDWilliam F. Sherwin, 1826-1888 (Composer)612343 32131 76567
[How kind is the Savior]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[How sweet is the Bible, how pure is the light] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[I need thee, O my God]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[If you want the love of Jesus]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)155345 17655 65322
IMMORTALITY (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[In the march of life, through the toil and strife] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Is thy pathway often drear]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[It is better to trust in the Lord]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)3
[Jesus, high in glory] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Jesus, I will trust thee, trust thee with my soul] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Jesus loves a little child]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Jesus wept, O wondrous thought]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)3
[Joy there is in every sorrow]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)3
[Just as God leads me I would go] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[O Holy Spirit! now descend on me]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)253453 21271 34565
[Precious Savior, may I live] (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)256543 21234 35654
[Let us mingle our voices in chorus today]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)254345 17126 66176
[Life has many a pleasant hour]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)3
[Little birds of the forest, sweet, sweet be your song]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Lo! the day of God is breaking] (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)1154512 12316 453
[Lo, the seal of death is breaking]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
MASON (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin, 1826-1888 (Composer)1032117 71235 43216
[Merry, Merry chiming bells] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Again the rounded year has brought]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)251175 11751 12332
GALILEE (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)3015511 77255 22113
MONSELL (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1517653 56466 55
[My Shepherd will supply my need] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
NELLINEW. F. Sherwin (Composer)455665 51776 53452
NELSON (KELLEY)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)1
[Gentle Savior, God of love]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)217656 53543 23451
[Nobody knows what I have in my heart] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[O brother, strive! thy crown is not yet won]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)256515 76543 44435
[O come to the fountain of mercy and love]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[O God, the Rock of ages] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)132323 15135 65653
[O Jesus, I have promised]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[O Saviour, I am blind]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)234365 51765 43123
[On our way rejoicing] (Sherwin)william F. Sherwin (Composer)1
ORIENSWilliam F. Sherwin (Composer)632323 15135 65653
[Our Father in heaven we hallow thy name] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)4
[Pass the word along the line] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Peal forth your joyous music]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)251513 56531 43212
[Praise the Lord in song, and with glad acclaim]William F. Sherwin (Composer)4
[Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye the Lord] (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Out of the shadow of death and the grave] (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)254565 11765 32271
[Tell, O tell the Christmas story]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)253665 36653 11765
[Savior, I am willing now]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Savior, on this little band]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Savior where so oft unheeding]William F. Sherwin (Composer)151231 21712 33532
[Savior, who died for me] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[The Christmas bells are ringing] (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)232321 76576 1465
SHERWINWilliam F. Sherwin (1826-1888) (Composer)632151 71235 43171
[Shout for joy! come before the Lord with singing]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Sing aloud a joyful chorus!]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)3
[Sitting by the wayside, sinful, weak and blind]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)255655 12212 36616
[Sow the seed and wait with patience]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Sow thy seed and never fear]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Sun of my soul, thou Savior dear] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
[Tell me, whom my soul doth love]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)453543 21176 15321
[The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ] (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)4
[The King of love my shepherd is] (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Composer)156535 65351 17645
[The Master is come and calleth for thee]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)4
[The sands of time are wasting] (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Tiden haster, snart hjemme faar jeg hvile]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)233312 34323 1222
[To God we lift our joyful songs]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
TRUST (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)556535 65551 64256
[Upon the gospel's sacred page]William F. Sherwin (Composer)1
VIA VITÆ (Sherwin)W. F. Sherwin (Composer)215765 43456 712
[Oh, come and work for Jesus] (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)256543 26171 32556
[With heart and voice in holy exultation]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)251113 43211 71222
[Wake, wake the song! our glad jubilee]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)3
[We praise Thee, O God; we acknowledge Thee to be the Lord] (Sherwin)Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)213135 35111 1321
[We sing our song of jubilee]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)432111 17123 17123
[Weary of walking alone]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)253517 65424 65434
[When I walk in God's clear sunlight]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)4
[When now with joy and singing]Wm. F. Sherwin (Composer)2
[Whom have I in Heav'n above]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)355312 31656 53255
[Why is thy faith, O child of God, so small?]W. F. Sherwin (Composer)313451 17671 22327
WIMBLEDON (Sherwin)William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)315151 23125 25234
[Into Thy service, Lord]William Fiske Sherwin (Composer)2

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