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Short Name: Paul Inwood
Full Name: Inwood, Paul, 1947-
Birth Year: 1947 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[All peoples, clap your hands] (Inwood)Paul Inwood (Composer)511355 67117 65
BIRINUSPaul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)356756 75645 67561
[Come, light of the world, light up our lives, Lord]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)451765 73215 51765
[Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest] (Inwood)Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)255333 11212 53355
[I am the Way, the Truth and the Life] (Ridge)Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Arranger)212345 17651 17651
[I will praise you, Lord] (Inwood)Paul Inwood (Composer)934543 23432
[If you would follow me]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Arranger (choral))477232 33234 32222
[Keep me safe, O God, I take refuge in you]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)1312315 54323 34565
[Light, joy and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)465453 54323 43231
[Lord, I am calling: hasten to help me]Paul Inwood (Composer)511115 55676 15111
[Lord make me know your ways] (Inwood)Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)2
[Lord, you are great and do marvelous deeds]Paul Inwood (Composer (Antiphon))214311 23217
[May the Lord bless us] (Inwood)Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)435343 21122 35343
[O blessed are those who fear the Lord]PI (Composer)613434 565
[O Lord, it is you who are my portion and cup] (Inwood)Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)365671 76765 61712
[Our eyes are turned to the Lord our God]Paul Inwood (Composer)2
PARK PLACEPaul Inwood (Composer)212334 34621 23343
[Sing of the Lord's Goodness]Paul Inwood (Arranger)1015154 21313 27131
[Sing the Lord's praise, every nation]Paul Inwood (Composer)232155 43243 26617
[Sing to the Lord a new song] (Inwood)Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)251121 71511 23455
SING TO THE WORLD (UNIVERSA LAUS)Paul Inwood (b. 1947) (Arranger)311122 35421 33344
[Sound the trumpet, the Lord is near]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Arranger)112321 71343 21734
[Strengthen all who hope in you]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)333212 3543
[The word of the Lord is faithful]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)311276 75767 11127
[They are happy whose life is blameless] (Inwood)Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)212322 34356 5453
[Today is born our Savior] (Inwood)Paul Inwood (Composer)255112 17151 12345
[Truly God is our salvation]Paul Inwood (Composer)611155 65456 54345
[We are the body of Christ made incarnate]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)361765 65434 54323
[We ask you, Lord]Paul Inwood (Composer)255455 64344 43445
[We have turned away from you]Paul Inwood, b. 1947 (Composer)236176 54524 43146
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