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George Frideric Handel
Short Name: George Frideric Handel
Full Name: Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759
Birth Year: 1685
Death Year: 1759

George Frideric Handel (b. Halle, Germany, 1685; d. London, England, 1759) became a musician and composer despite objections from his father, who wanted him to become a lawyer. Handel studied music with Zachau, organist at the Halle Cathedral, and became an accomplished violinist and keyboard performer. He traveled and studied in Italy for some time and then settled permanently in England in 1713. Although he wrote a large number of instrumental works, he is known mainly for his Italian operas, oratorios (including Messiah, 1741), various anthems for church and royal festivities, and organ concertos, which he interpolated into his oratorio performances. He composed only three hymn tunes, one of which (GOPSAL) still appears in some modern hymnals. A number of hymnal editors, including Lowell Mason, took themes from some of Handel's oratorios and turned them into hymn tunes; ANTIOCH is one example, long associated with “Joy to the World.”

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Tunes by George Frideric Handel (58)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[All things come from thee, O Lord] (Handel)Händel (Composer)313253 21253 61757
ANTIOCH (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Attributed)49317654 32156 67711
BENEDICTION (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Composer)151754 34536 55435
BIDBOROUGH (Handel)Handel (Composer)2
BIRKSTEDGeorge Frideric Handel (Composer)117654 32171 51
BRADFORD (Haydn)George F. Handel (Composer)151721 32112 34217
BRUNSWICK (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Composer)613451 76562 34456
[¡Cómo tembló mi corazón de gozo] (Handel)G. F. Handel (Composer)233333 33543 3
CANNONSGeorge Frederick Handel (Composer)1915712 34237 23456
[Chant] (Handel 13243)George Frederick Handel, 1685-1759 (Composer)213243 65545 16275
CHANT (Handel)George Frideric Handel (Composer)1
CHRISTMAS (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Composer)38434517 65123 34555
[Comfort ye my people]Handel (Composer)233335 43224 17665
DAVID (Handel)G. F. Handel (Composer)335431 155
DAVID (53215)Handel (Composer)153215 43271 23667
DESIRING TO LOVEGeorg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) (Composer)2
DIRGE (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Arranged from)1333333 32343 24456
[Father, O hear us, Savior draw near us]George Frideric Handel (Composer)733344 25443 66
FERTILE PLAINS (Handel)Handel (Composer)615321 43215 3214
FIRMAMENT (Handel)George Frideric Handel (Composer)151765 56544 33
FOR UNTO USGeorge Frederick Handel (Composer)2
GOPSALGeorge Frederick Handel (Composer)4556534 51432 21155
HE SHALL FEED HIS FLOCKHandel (Composer)1155432 17123 52231
HÄNDEL (13556)George Frederick Händel, 1685-1759 (Composer)413556 71253 1765
HALIFAXGeorge Frederick Handel (Composer)1551112 34554 32121
HALLELUJAH CHORUSGeorge Frederick Handel (Composer)11
[I know that my Redeemer liveth] (Fillmore)George Frederick Handel (Composer (introduction))155311 76543 32342
HANOVER (Croft)Handel (Composer)1751123 51271 23217
INNOCENTS (Parish Choir)George Frederick Handel (Composer (attributed to))1334517 65123 54323
JERICHO TUNEHandel (Composer)215111 11232 1345
MACCABEUS (11733)Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) (Composer)411733 21234 32
JUDAS MACCABEUSGeorge Frederick Handel (Adapted from)10353451 23454 32345
MESSIAH (Handel)George F. Handel (Composer)355555 44456 77777
BRADFORD (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Arranged from)12251321 65434 35
AMERICA (Thesaurus Musicus)Handel (Composer)211271 23343 21217
BEDE (Handel)Händel (Composer)317154 32171 21
[Chant] (Handel 12324)G. F. Handel, 1685-1759 (Composer)312324 36554 51762
O PRAISE THE LORD (Handel)Handel (Composer)211712 34222 31
[On! True Knights of the Grail]F. Handel (Composer)2
PORTSMOUTH (Handel)Handel (Composer)253511 21231 4321
REGNANTHandel (Composer)332432 17127 55667
[Rejoice! the Lord is King] (Handel)Handel (Composer)213516 51351 65523
REVELATION (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Composer)455432 15712 34255
SAMSON (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Composer)5213453 67115 65321
SEYMOUR (Weber)Handel (Composer)132436 53233 33471
SIDDIMHandel (Composer)2
[Sieh, der Winter ist vergangen]Georg Fried. Händel (Composer)2
SOLOMON (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Composer)3013455 66556 57125
ST. THOMAS (Williams)George Frederick Handel (Attributed)14051132 12345 43432
SWEET HOSANNASGeorge Frederick Handel, 1685-1759 (Composer)232123 43325 65342
[Sweet is the hallowed blessing]Handel (Composer (Chorus))2
HENDON (Malan)Handel (Composer)1411151 35433 33242
THATCHER (Handel)George Frederick Handel (Arranged)9113215 43251 23
THEODORA (Handel)George Frederic Handel (Composer)5351176 56232 43215
TYNE (Handel)Handel (Composer)2
[Würdig ist das Lamm, das erwürget ist]G. Fr. Händel (Composer)215115 71111 11222
[Wer unverzagt dem Herrn vertraut]G. F. Händel, 1684-1759 (Composer)251217 12435 67123
ZERAHHandel (Composer)251113 25555 34235

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