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When I went to just now on a public-access computer at Staples, I got a "WARNING - somebody may be trying to steal your data. couldn't verify that's who it is." kind of error page. I clicked on "Proceed to anyway (unsafe)" and it let me in. Granted, Staples has the touchiest computers I've ever used on this sort of subject - they won't even let me click through to get to Wikipedia, claiming that it is too unsafe. But they never did this before at and so I'm wondering if at the end of today's maintenance session they perhaps forgot to click something that should have been clicked. As long as they let me click though to you, it's just an annoyance, but if they ever decided to treat you the way they do Wikipedia, it would cripple my life.


It's acting the same tonight as it was two days ago.

We are wondering if the computer you are using is an older Apple computer. If the computer is no longer supported by Apple, it may give this kind of error message.

The computers at Staples are not Macs as far as I can tell.


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