Okay, who removed HSLE1980

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I just added this hymnal yesterday, and when I search "Harmonia Sacra" it shows up, but when I click on the link it says it doesn't exist. It also shows a little "in my hymnals" emblem but is not listed in My Hymnals. I have the book in front of me as I type, and I bought it from Christian Light Publishers in the last month, so it's not like it's a figment of my imagination, nor is it a private publication that someone thinks is beneath Hymnary. I suppose I can try to add it again and see if it stays in this time. This time I'll call it 2010 not 1980, as on close inspection it does say it is "Revised Edition 2010", and bears a 2010 © date.


It was renamed to HS2010. "Legacy Edition" is not part of the title, it is an edition statement and should go in parentheses after the title. The date should be 2010. 

The renaming didn't preserve it in My Hymnals, among other things bothersome about the system. In a system like Wikipedia, if I add something and then it disappears, I can easily track what happened. Here, I'm left in the dark and have the impression I need to redo things that have in fact been preserved. And I don't receive a notification. I probably need to bring this up in the Development forum?

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