Newbie Q re editing existing entries

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I am fairly new to and am wondering how free I may be in cleaning up existing entries. For example, many of the 1991 Baptist Hymnal tune instance entries have titles entered in square brackets that repeat the hymn first line text, and reference tune authorities with IDs that also use the hymn first line text. However, the formal tune name is clearly displayed in the hymnal itself, and a proper tune authority already exists in for the tune instance. Can I go ahead and correct these when I see them, or am I inappropriately interfering in someone else's work?


The 1991 Baptist Hymnal has not been proofed yet, that is why you are seeing square bracketed hymn names when the hymnal has a formal name. There is a volunteer who is just getting started on proofing this hymnal so the entries should be cleaned up soon. Please do not go ahead and correct them. If you would like to volunteer to proof any other of our un-proofed hymnals then contact me so I can coordinate. (go to the About link to find the "contact us" link)

This is helpful, to better understand the process. I am still entering hymns from the Billy Graham Crusade songbook, but when I am ready to assist in proofing existing entries I'll check first as to which hymnal I can volunteer for.

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