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Since Germanicus is cited for the biography of St. Germanus, shouldn't there be a cross-reference (See Germanicus) as in the biography window? St. Germanus already has a cross-reference to Germanus I....



The names Germanicus and St. Germanus are the names that are used in the hymnals. In the Browse list of Authors (People) they would be listed under G and S, but because they are the same person, we want to bring them together under one heading (Authority) so that people looking for either Germanicus or St. Germanus can find everything we have that this person has written.

Therefore, we have to decide what form of the name to use when the instances in the hymnals differ. The standard we use in the Hymnary is the Library of Congress authority files. The Library of Congress authority for this person is neither Germanicus nor St. Germanus, but Germanus I, Saint ..., so that is what we use in the Browse list. But we want people looking for St. Germanus to know where to find him so we've added a cross reference from St. Germanus to Germanus I.

I didn't think it was necessary to also add a cross reference from Germanicus to Germanus I, because they would appear next to each other in an alphabetical list and I was thinking that people looking for Germanicus would figure out that Germanus I was the same person. Do you think we should add Germanicus (See Germanus I...) for clarity?


Personally, I WOULD add "Germanicus..." for clarity because I'm sure there are some similar names that refer to different people in a database of this size. Also, I would like to point out that probably most of the users of this database may not be as "educated" as we are because we have more experience working with this. That's my 3 cent's worth.


Thanks for your thoughts. I will add a cross reference from Germanicus to Germanus.


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