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Lord, in Thy presence dread and sweet

Author: Anonymous Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Matching Instances: 2 Lyrics: Lord, in thy presence dread and sweet, Thine own dear Spirit we entreat His sevenfold gifts to shed On us who fall before thee now, Bearing the cross upon our brow On which our Master bled. Spirit of Wisdom! turn our eyes From earth and earthly vanities, To heavenly truth and love. Spirit of Understanding true! Our souls with holy light endue To seek the things above. Spirit of Counsel! be our Guide; Teach us by earthly struggles tried Our heavenly crown to win. Spirit of Fortitude! thy power Be with us in temptation's hour, To keep us free from sin. Spirit of Knowledge! lead our feet In thine own paths secure and sweet, By angel footsteps trod Where thou our Guardian true shalt be, Spirit of gentle Piety! To keep us close to God. But most of all, be ever near, Spirit of God's most holy Fear! In our hearts' inmost shrine: Our souls with loving reverence fill, To worship his most holy will, All righteous and divine. 344 So, dearest Lord, through peace or strife, Lead us to everlasting life, Where only rest may be. What matter where our lot is cast, If only it may end at last In Paradise with thee! Amen. Topics: Confirmation Used With Tune: ESCA VIATORUM

O Food That Weary Pilgrims Love

Meter: Appears in 18 hymnals Matching Instances: 2 Lyrics: 1. O food that weary pilgrims love, O bread of angel hosts above, O manna of the saints, The hungry soul would feed on Thee; Ne’er may the heart unsolaced be Which for Thy sweetness faints. 2. O fount of love, O cleansing tide, Which from the Savior’s piercèd side And sacred heart dost flow, Be ours to drink of Thy pure rill, Which only can our spirits fill, And all our need bestow. 3. Lord Jesu, whom, by power divine Now hidden ’neath the outward sign, We worship and adore, Grant, when the veil away is rolled, With open face we may behold Thyself forevermore. Used With Tune: ESCA VIATORUM Text Sources: Maintzich Gesangbuch, 1661; translated from Latin to English by the compilers of Hymns Ancient and Modern
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Lord, hear my voice, my prayer attend

Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 19 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: 1 Lord, hear my voice, my prayer attend; from earth's remotest bound I send my supplicating cry. When troubles great o'erwhelm my breast, then lead me on the rock to rest that higher is than I. 2 In thee my soul has shelter found, and thou hast been from foes around the tower of my defence. My home shall thy pavilion be; to covert of thy wings I'll flee, and find deliverance. 3 For thou, O Lord, my vows hast heard; on me the heritage conferred of those that fear thy name. Long life thou to the king wilt give; through generations he shall live, from age to age the same. 4 Before the Lord shall he abide; O do thou truth and grace provide to guard him in the way. So I thy praises will make known, and humbly bending at thy throne, my vows will daily pay. Scripture: Psalm 61 Used With Tune: MANNA

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