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Thou art my Shepherd

Author: M. E. Thalheimer Appears in 102 hymnals First Line: Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need Topics: Jesus The Shepherd and Friend; The Gospel Call Used With Tune: [Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need]


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Composer: John B. Cramer Appears in 84 hymnals Tune Sources: Thuringian Folksong Incipit: 31651 21236 55456 Used With Text: Thou Art My Shepherd
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[Thou art my Shepherd]

Composer: E. O. Excell Appears in 4 hymnals Incipit: 54653 21231 55465 Used With Text: Thou art my Shepherd


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Thou Art My Shepherd

Author: Miss M. E. Thalheimer; Mrs. M. Scott-Haycroft Hymnal: Psalter Hymnal (Red) #44 (1934) Meter: Lyrics: 1 Thou art my Shepherd, Caring in every need, Watching Thy flock to feed; I trust Thee still. In the green pastures low, Where living waters flow, Safe by Thy side I go, Fearing no ill. 2 Or if my way lie Where darkening shadows nigh My soul would terrify With sudden chill, Yet I am not afraid; While softly on my head Thy tender hand is laid, I fear no ill. 3 Goodness and mercy Ever shall follow me, Till by Thy grace I see Thy holy hill. Lord, in that home with Thee, Joyful eternally, Folded Thy flock shall be, Safe from all ill. Topics: Communion Service; Death; Funerals; Goodness of God; Guidance of God, of Christ; Heaven; Immortality; Mercy of God; Nearness to God; Post-Communion; God or Christ as Shepherd; Spiritual Life; Trust Scripture: Psalm 23 Languages: English Tune Title: MY SHEPHERD
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Thou Art My Shepherd

Author: M. E. Thalheimer Hymnal: Heart Songs #71 (1893) First Line: Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need Languages: English Tune Title: [Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need]
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Thou art my Shepherd

Author: M. E. Thalheimer Hymnal: Westminster Sabbath School Hymnal, a collection of hymns and tunes for use in sabbath-schools and social meetings #107 (1883) First Line: Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need Topics: Jesus The Shepherd and Friend; The Gospel Call Tune Title: [Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need]


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F. E. Belden

1858 - 1945 Person Name: F. E. B. Arranger of "[Thou art my Shepherd]" in The Gospel Song Sheaf Belden was born in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1858. He began writing music in his late teenage years after moving to California with his family. For health reasons he later moved to Colorado. He returned to Battle Creek with his wife in the early 1880s, and there he became involved in Adventist Church publishing. F. E. Belden wrote many hymn tunes, gospel songs, and related texts in the early years of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Belden was able to rapidly write both music and poetry together which enabled him to write a song to fit a sermon while it was still being delivered. He also wrote songs for evang­el­ist Bil­ly Sun­day. Though Belden’s later years were marred by misunderstandings with the church leadership over his royalties, he did donate his papers and manuscripts to the church’s seminary at his death. He died on December 2, 1945 in Battle Creek, Michigan. N.N., Hymnary. Source:

E. O. Excell

1851 - 1921 Composer of "[Thou art my Shepherd]" in Triumphant Songs No.2 Edwin Othello Excel USA 1851-1921. Born at Uniontown, OH, he started working as a bricklayer and plasterer. He loved music and went to Chicago to study it under George Root. He married Eliza Jane “Jennie” Bell in 1871. They had a son, William, in 1874. A member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, he became a prominent publisher, composer, song leader, and singer of music for church, Sunday school, and evangelistic meetings. He founded singing schools at various locations in the country and worked with evangelist, Sam Jones, as his song leader for two decades. He established a music publishing house in Chicago and authored or composed over 2,000 gospel songs. While assisting Gypsy Smith in an evangelistic campaign in Louisville, KY, he became ill, and died in Chicago, IL. He published 15 gospel music books between 1882-1925. He left an estate valued at $300,000. John Perry

Margaret S. Haycraft

1855 - 1936 Author of "Thou Art My Shepherd" in The Cyber Hymnal Haycraft, Margaret Scott, née MacRitchie, born at Newport Pagnell, Bucks, now (1906) resides at Bournemouth. She contributes to various periodicals, has written many services of song, and several vols. of prose and verse. At the request of the Rev. C. Bonner she contributed the following (with a few shorter pieces) to the Christian Endeavour Hymnal, 1896, the Sumday School Hymnary, 1905, and the Junior Hymnal, 1906. 1. Bless the Lord for ever, Still his praise prolong. Praise to God. 1896, No. 16. 2. Green the hills and lovely. Boyhood of Jesus. Written 1904; 1905, No. 201. 3. In golden light of early days. Children's Praises. 1906, No. 58. 4. Let there be light at eventide. Parting Hymn. 1896, No. 165. 5. Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need. Ps. xxiii. This is in W. B. Bradbury's New Golden Shower, 1866, p. 107, and Clarion, 1867, p. 219, marked as by Miss Thalheimer (in Hymns and Choral Songs, Manchester, 1904, No. 207, as "O God, my Shepherd"). Mrs. Haycraft revised sts. i., ii., and wrote an original final st. This is the Sunday School Hymnary text, 1905. [ Rev. James Mearns, M.A.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)