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Joy! Joy! Joy!

Appears in 4 hymnals Hymnal Title: Calvin Hymnary Project First Line: Joy, joy, joy, with joy my heart is singing


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[Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is ringing]

Composer: Unknown Appears in 2 hymnals Hymnal Title: Small Church Music Incipit: 33321 17165 22225 Used With Text: Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is ringing


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Joy, joy, joy, with joy

Hymnal: Bible Choruses and Songs #d17 (1934) Hymnal Title: Bible Choruses and Songs Languages: English
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Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is ringing

Hymnal: CSSM Choruses (No. 1) #236 (1936) Hymnal Title: CSSM Choruses (No. 1)

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Author: T. Plant Hymnal: Pinebrook Choruses #95 (1934) Hymnal Title: Pinebrook Choruses First Line: Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is singing Lyrics: Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is singing; Joy! Joy! Joy! the devil can’t destroy, My sins are all forgiven, My heart’s a little heaven, And now I’m bubbling over with Joy! Joy! Joy! Languages: English Tune Title: [Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is singing]


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Thomas Plant

1865 - 1944 Person Name: T. Plant Hymnal Title: Pinebrook Choruses Author of "Joy! Joy! Joy!" in Pinebrook Choruses

George W. Cooke

1884 - 1951 Hymnal Title: Pinebrook Choruses Arranger of "[Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is singing]" in Pinebrook Choruses George William Cooke was born in Yorkshire, England in 1884 and died in Jamestown, New York in 1951. He was the author of "Joy in My Heart" which was copyrighted in 1926 (but not renewed). At that time he was living in Wilmington, Delaware. He was a minister and associated with a group called Gospel Crusaders which was associated with the Methodist Church. He ran the Delmarva Camp, a Methodist camp that held gospel meetings and revivals. He was later minister of Methodist churches in Buffalo and Rochester New York. Dianne Shapiro from research done by Richard L. Green


Person Name: Unknown Hymnal Title: Small Church Music Author of "Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is ringing" in Small Church Music In some hymnals, the editors noted that a hymn's author is unknown to them, and so this artificial "person" entry is used to reflect that fact. Obviously, the hymns attributed to "Author Unknown" "Unknown" or "Anonymous" could have been written by many people over a span of many centuries.


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