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Psalm 47: Clap Your Hands All You Nations

Author: John L. Bell Appears in 5 hymnals Hymnal Title: Calvin Hymnary Project First Line: Clap your hands all you nations; Amen, Hallelujah! Text Sources: Para. The Iona Community


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Composer: John Bell Meter: Irregular Appears in 4 hymnals Hymnal Title: Together in Song Tune Key: E Major Incipit: 55557 66555 43355 Used With Text: Clap your hands all you nations


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Clap your hands all you nations

Author: John L. Bell (b. 1949) Hymnal: Ancient and Modern #225 (2013) Hymnal Title: Ancient and Modern Topics: Ascension Day; Church Universal; Church Year Ascension; God in majesty; God Power of; Music and Song; Praise; The Second Sunday before Advent Year C Scripture: Psalm 47 Languages: English Tune Title: MARIUS

Psalm 47 (A Responsorial Setting)

Author: Iona Community Hymnal: Psalms for All Seasons #47F (2012) Hymnal Title: Psalms for All Seasons First Line: Clap your hands all you nations Topics: Biblical Names and Places Abraham; Biblical Names and Places Jacob; Church Year Ascension of the Lord; Church Year Baptism of the Lord; Church Year Christ the King; Church Year Pentecost; Earth; Elements of Worship Call to Worship; Elements of Worship Praise and Adoration; Enemies; Enthronement Psalms; God Trust in; God as Shield; God as King; God's Reigning; God's Sovereignty; God's Armor; God's Strength; Hymns of Praise; Jesus Christ Incarnation; Joy; Mercy; Mission; Music and Musicians; Musical Instruments; Occasional Services Commissioning; People of God / Church Witnessing; Rejoicing; Rulers; Suffering; The Incarnation; Worship; Year A, B, C, Easter, Ascension of the Lord, Ascention Day (Thursday or 7th Sunday of Easter) Scripture: Psalm 47 Languages: English Tune Title: [Clap your hands all you nations]

Clap your hands all you nations

Hymnal: Sing Glory #79 (1999) Meter: Hymnal Title: Sing Glory


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John L. Bell

b. 1949 Person Name: John L. Bell (b. 1949) Hymnal Title: Ancient and Modern Author of "Clap your hands all you nations" in Ancient and Modern John Bell (b. 1949) was born in the Scottish town of Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, intending to be a music teacher when he felt the call to the ministry. But in frustration with his classes, he did volunteer work in a deprived neighborhood in London for a time and also served for two years as an associate pastor at the English Reformed Church in Amsterdam. After graduating he worked for five years as a youth pastor for the Church of Scotland, serving a large region that included about 500 churches. He then took a similar position with the Iona Community, and with his colleague Graham Maule, began to broaden the youth ministry to focus on renewal of the church’s worship. His approach soon turned to composing songs within the identifiable traditions of hymnody that began to address concerns missing from the current Scottish hymnal: "I discovered that seldom did our hymns represent the plight of poor people to God. There was nothing that dealt with unemployment, nothing that dealt with living in a multicultural society and feeling disenfranchised. There was nothing about child abuse…,that reflected concern for the developing world, nothing that helped see ourselves as brothers and sisters to those who are suffering from poverty or persecution." [from an interview in Reformed Worship (March 1993)] That concern not only led to writing many songs, but increasingly to introducing them internationally in many conferences, while also gathering songs from around the world. He was convener for the fourth edition of the Church of Scotland’s Church Hymnary (2005), a very different collection from the previous 1973 edition. His books, The Singing Thing and The Singing Thing Too, as well as the many collections of songs and worship resources produced by John Bell—some together with other members of the Iona Community’s “Wild Goose Resource Group,” —are available in North America from GIA Publications. Emily Brink

Iona Community

Person Name: The Ional Community Hymnal Title: Sing! A New Creation Paraphraser of "Psalm 47: Clap Your Hands All You Nations" in Sing! A New Creation Iona Community, an ecumenical Christian group of men and women based on the small island of Iona off the coast of Scotland. The community began in 1938 when the Rev. George MacLeod of the Church of Scotland began a ministry among the unemployed poor who had been neglected by the church. He took a handful of men to the island to rebuild the ruins of a thousand-year-old abbey church. That rebuilding became a metaphor for the rebuilding of the common life, a return to the belief that daily activity is the stuff of godly service – work, and worship. The Community has since grown to include a group of members, associates, and friends all over the United Kingdom and many other countries. In addition to many conferences that attract people to Iona from around the world, the Community is known for its publishing of new songs and prayers for worship, both developed in community and gathered from around the world. For more information on the Iona Community, check their website: John Bell is probably the community’s most well-known member, having composed and arranged much of the community’s music. Sing! A New Creation


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