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How Vain, Great God

Author: Charles Wesley Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #8931 Meter: 8.8.6 D First Line: How vain, great God, and worse than vain Lyrics: 1 How vain, great God, and worse than vain, How sinful our pretended pain In this our evil day! Unless we to our Smiter turn, The cause of all our evils mourn, And cast our sins away. 2 ’Gainst vice we partially declaim, With undiscerning censure blame Our nation’s wickedness: But O! The sin that loudest cries For all the vengeance of the skies, We never once confess. 3 O might we from our hearts repent Of scorning Him Thy pity sent To heal our sin and grief! Assist us through Thy Spirit’s power, To own, and feelingly deplore Our damning unbelief. 4 Convince the wretches who deny Their Lord, that stooped for them to die, Who triumph in His pain, Who trample on His precious blood, And hate, and scoff the dying God, And crucify again. 5 Confound the misbelieving pride Of those that impiously divide Thy dearest Son and Thee, Who will not Him Thine equal own, But madly threaten to dethrone The filial Deity. 6 And O! Almighty Son of God, Into the blind self righteous crowd Thy sharpest arrows dart; The men who infidels condemn, Nor ever knew themselves the same, Mere infidels in heart. 7 A formal self deceiving race, Who mock the counsel of Thy grace, The sense of sins forgiven, The power of godliness explode, The witness, and the peace of God, And faith that leads to Heaven. 8 Forgive us, Lord, for such we were, And all our guilty brethren spare, Our unbelief reprove, Give us that root of sins to own, And make our wounded spirits groan Beneath their want of love. 9 Let all the faithless nation cry, Redeem us, Savior, or we die, A second death to feel: O Jesus, Thine only name and blood Can save us from the wrath of God, Can ransom us from hell. 10 On Thee our dying souls we cast, Our dying souls receive at last, And in Thy arms embrace, To triumph in Thy pardoning love, And sing with all the saved above Thine everlasting praise. Languages: English Tune Title: HABAKKUK

Thus Hath The Son Of Jesse Said

Author: Philip Doddridge, 1702-1751 Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #9157 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1 Thus hath the Son of Jesse said, When Israel’s God had raised his head To high imperial sway: Struck with his last poetic fire, Then Zion’s psalmist tuned his lyre To this harmonious lay. 2 Thus dictates Israel’s sacred Rock: Thus hath the God of Jacob spoke By my responsive tongue: Behold the just one over men Commencing his religious reign! Great subject of my song. 3 So gently shines with genial ray Th’unclouded lamp of rising day, And cheers the tender flowers, When midnight’s soft diffusive rain Hath blessed the gardens and the plain With kind refreshing showers. 4 Shall not my house this honor boast? My soul th’eternal covenant trust, Well ordered still and sure? There all my hopes and wishes meet; In death I call its blessings sweet, And feel its bond secure. 5 The sons of Belial shall not spring, Who spurn at Heav’n’s appointed king, And scorn his high command: Tho’ wide the briars infest the ground, And all the sharpest thorns around Defy a tender hand. 6 A dreadful warrior shall appear With iron arms, and massy spear, And tear them from their place: Touched with the lightning of his ire, At once they kindle into fire, And vanish in the blaze. Languages: English Tune Title: JOSEPHINE

Jesus Of Nazareth, Look Down

Author: Charles Wesley Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #9232 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1 Jesus of Nazareth, look down On those Thou call’st Thy flesh and bone, Thy suffering members here; Arise, in their defense arise, And now, in all the heathens’ eyes, Be their protector near. [originally, "On Israel’s part appear."] 2 Thy weakest confessors defend, And let them on Thyself depend, For help in their distress: Support, confirm the feeble mind, And keep them all on Thee reclined, And keep in perfect peace. 3 Let none forsake the fold and fly, Let none thro’ fear their Lord deny, But stand the fiery hour; The greatness of Thy mercy prove, The truth of Thy redeeming love, And all sufficient power. 4 Let none unwarily give place To Satan, with his angel face, And yield their souls to sell; To sell their conscience, and their God, Or weary leave the narrow road, And go for ease—to hell. 5 Still may they on the world look down, Superior to its smile and frown, Its threats and promises; The tempter tread beneath their feet, And Thee, where Satan keeps his seat, In life, and death confess. 6 O, Savior, now their fears remove, The sense of Thy redeeming love Abundantly impart, To all whose sacred love we feel; The prayer of faith this moment seal On every panting heart. Languages: English Tune Title: HABAKKUK

I'll Bless Jehovah's Glorious Name

Author: Elizabeth Daye, 1733-1829 Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #10605 Meter: 8.8.6 D First Line: I’ll bless Jehovah’s glorious name Lyrics: 1 I’ll bless Jehovah’s glorious name, Whose goodness Heav’n and earth proclaim, With every morning light; And at the close of every day, To Him my cheerful homage pay, Who guards me through the night. 2 Then in His churches to appear, To pay my humble worship there, Shall be my sweet employ: The day that saw my Savior rise, Shall dawn on my delighted eyes With pure and holy joy. 3 With grateful sorrow in my breast, I’ll celebrate the dying feast, Of my departing Lord; And while His perfect love I view, His bright example I’ll pursue, And meditate His Word. Languages: English Tune Title: BREMEN

Sinner Secure, The Writing See!

Author: Charles Wesley Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #11152 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1 Sinner secure, the writing see! Death, judgment, hell it speaks to thee; The number of thy days Is finished in a moment here, With horror then thou must appear Before thy Judge’s face. 2 Weighed in the scale, thou wanting art, And when thy soul and body part, Thy guilty spirit flies From earth, with kindred fiends to dwell, Condemned the second death to feel, The death that never dies. Languages: English Tune Title: JOSEPHINE

They Come From Far A King To Seek

Author: Isabella J. Postgate Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #12783 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1 They come from far a king to seek, They find a babe and maiden meek, In low-roofed oxen stall: Yet rightly richest gifts they bring, For truly this Babe is King of all kings, The God and Lord of all. 2 Bright gold one offers now to Him, Whose glory makes the fine gold dim, His kingly state to show; And myrrh the bitter hour of strife, When He, who giveth all things life, In death’s dust lieth low. 3 One offers frankincense sweet and rare, The symbol meet of praise and prayer, Before the cradle-throne; For surely God is in this place, And in the blessèd Infant’s face The might of God is shown. 4 Lord, grant us, as the kings of old, By faith the glory to behold Which Thy poor form doth veil; Within the stable’s narrow bound To know a spot of holy ground And kneel our God to hail: 5 That, in dark shades of sinful night, Since Thou dost call us to Thy light, We may no longer roam; But, lifting heart and eyes to Heav’n, We follow the sign Thy love hath giv’n Until the star leads us home! Languages: English Tune Title: HABAKKUK

How Blest Are Hearts, Which Christ The Lord

Author: Christopher Wordsworth Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #14552 Meter: 8.8.6 D Lyrics: 1 How blest are hearts, which Christ the Lord Has joined, as with a silver cord, In spousal unity; And animated are with love, And inspirations from above, O Holy Ghost, by Thee! 2 When angels sang creation’s birth, Man, fashioned from the dust of earth, In Eden was alone; But God made Eve from Adam’s side, And brought her to him as a bride, And willed them to be one. 3 O holy wedlock, ratified In Heav’n; a knot for ever tied By God in paradise; O happiness beyond compare, What tongues of angels to declare Thy blessedness suffice? 4 Anthems angelical were heard, When Christ, the Everlasting Word, To wed His spouse did come, And take His consecrated bride, Cleansed by the life-blood from His side, Unto His heav’nly home. 5 At Cana’s feast, that heav’nly Guest Did first His Godhead manifest, And water change to wine; In wedlock, tears of sorrowing earth Are changed to wine of heav’nly mirth, By power and love divine. 6 Mirrored in nuptial purity The marriage of the Church we see, And Christ the Bridegroom’s love; Angels look down, and anthems sing, The Holy Dove, with golden wing, Sheds blessings from above. 7 Bless, ever bless, Thy servants, Lord, Whom Thou dost join in sweet accord. The bridegroom and the bride; In sorrow, sickness, and in health, In tribulation and in wealth, Be Thou their help and guide. 8 Be with them, Lord, as day by day They with one heart together pray, Thy Word together read, Together at Thine altar kneel, And with Thy blood their union seal, On Thee together feed. 9 May they for ever have Thee near, Making them to Thyself more dear, And each to each in Thee; So, when from earthly cares released, May they at Thine own marriage feast Be blest eternally. 10 To Father, whose paternal love Sends benedictions from above, Eternal praises be; And God the Son, Incarnate Word, With Holy Spirit, be adored; One God and Persons Three. Languages: Latin Tune Title: JOSEPHINE


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