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Patricia Wright

Arranger of "[There was a child in Galilee]" in More Voices

Paul Leddington Wright

b. 1951 Person Name: Paul Leddington Wright, b. 1951 Composer of "ST MARY " in Singing the Faith

Priscilla Wright

b. 1928 Versifier of "Fear Not, Rejoice and Be Glad" in Psalter Hymnal (Gray) Priscilla Wright (b. Dallas, TX, 1928) studied at community colleges in Denver and Dallas and also studied theology at Christ for the Nations Institute of Biblical Studies in Dallas. She worked in inner-city social services for the Church of the Redeemer in Dallas and was the house director for the Dallas Ronald McDonald House, a residence for families of hospitalized children. Wright cites her association with the Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal) as the most prominent influence in her life: “There was always the awesome awareness that God was orchestrating a new thing [in charismatic Christian worship], and in retrospect it is evident that the renewal which took place there was a catalyst for renewal in many other parts of the world." Bert Polman

Ralph Wright

b. 1938 Translator of "Creating Spirit, Holy Lord" in Renew! Songs and Hymns for Blended Worship Ralph Wright, OSB

Randy Wright

b. 1956 Author of "Ascribe to the Lord" in Scripture Song Database

S. O. Wright

Author of "Advent of Christ"

Sam Wright

1919 - 2016 Person Name: Sameul Anthony Wright, 1919- Author of "We Would Be One" in Singing the Living Tradition

Sarah M. Wright

Author of "Was it you"

Stephen Wright

Author of "The Risen Christ"

T. Wright

Author of "In winter time when snow was deep" in A Collection of Hymns & Spiritual Songs, for Public and Family Worship


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