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Helen Wing

Author of "Ask for your Father's blessing"

L. J. Wing

Author of "God is our friend"

M. L. Wing

Author of "Children, come, behold the Master"

M. A. Wingate

Author of "Why Not Say So?"

Mary B. Wingate

1845 - 1933 Author of "The Shadow is Under Our Feet"

Nancy Wingate

Author of "Into the battle for Jesus we'll go"

Martha Hamer Wingerd

Composer of "[Father, in Thy mysterious presence kneeling]" in Glad Songs

John Wingrove

1720 - 1793 Author of "Every moment brings me nearer" Wingrove, John. A few hymns by this writer are in J. Middleton's Hymns, 1793. D. Sedgwick dates his pieces 1785. One of these still in common use is, "Hail! my ever blessed Jesus." b. 1720; d. 1793. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

P. A. Winholz

Author of "Jag vill ej synda mer"

Friedrich Winkelmann

? - 1807 of "Herr, lasse unser Schiff dir heut"


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