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Author of "There's joy in heaven when falls the tear"

Calvin L. Wills

Person Name: Calvin Wills Author of "Praise His Name"

H. Wills

Author of "Gedenke deines Schöpfers" in Glockenklänge

J. I. Wills

Author of "You Will Never Miss Your Mother"

Lois B. Wills

Author of "Rise, men of destiny, our troubled planet calls" Wills, Lois Bailey. Born in Scituit, Massachusetts; daughter of Albert Edward Bailey. B.S. from Northwestern University. Housewife and writer of Sturbridge, Mass. --The Hymn Society, DNAH Archives

W. G. Wills

1841 - 1891 Author of "In our work and in our play, Jesus, ever with us stay" Wills, Whitefield Glanville, son of the late H. O. Wills, of Bristol, was b. at Bristol Oct. 28, 1841, and died at Ealing Oct. 2, 1891. In 1881 he printed a small collection of original Hymns for Occasional Use. Three of his hymns are in School Hymns, 1891:— 1. Father, Thy children come to-night. [Evening.] Written about 1876; 1881 as above, p. 24. 2. In our work and in our play, Jesus, ever with us stay. [Children of God.] Written in Sept. 1891 for School Hymns, 1891, No. 335. 3. We bring to Thee, dear Saviour. [Trust in Jesus.] Written about 1880; 1881 as above, p. 9. The School Hymns, 1891, also contains a hymn by his wife, Lucy Helen née Hebblethwaite, which begins "Always with Thee I Ever near!" (Trust in God). [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

W. M. Wills

Author of "Work where you are"

John C. Wilson

Person Name: John C. Willson Author of "Traveling to a City"

Mrs. M. E. Willson

1842 - 1942 Author of "Papa, Come this Way" Mate E. Bliss Willson, sister of P. P. Bliss.

M. F. C. Willson

1884 - 1944 Author of "Upon Thy Table, Lord, We Place" in Rejoice in the Lord


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