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Betty Sue Wilkinson

Author of "Growing in Favor With God" in Grateful Praise

C. G. Wilkinson

Author of "Por laŭdi Vin, Sinjoro"

Diane Wilkinson

Author of "He Is Mine" in Redeeming Love

J. W. Wilkinson

Person Name: Rev. J. W. Wilkinson Composer of "[When my life with sin was fill'd]" in Make His Praise Glorious

John T. Wilkinson

Composer (descant) of "MOZART" in Voices United

Kate B. Wilkinson

1859 - 1928 Author of "May the Mind of Christ, My Savior" in Psalter Hymnal (Gray) Little is known about Kate Barclay Wilkinson’s (b. England, 1859; d. Kensington, England, 1928) life: a member of the Church of England, she was involved in a ministry to girls in London and a participant in the Keswick Convention Movement. She was married to Frederick Barclay Wilkinson. Bert Polman

Leila Wilkinson

Composer, alto of "PEACEFUL SHORE" in The Shenandoah Harmony

Marguerite Wilkinson

Author of "Lullaby, little pearl"

Rebecca Wilkinson

Author of "See in the vineyard of the Lord"

S. W. Wilkinson

Composer of "[There lives a voice within me]" in The Sabbath School Hymnal, a collection of songs, services and responses for Jewish Sabbath schools, and homes 4th rev. ed.


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