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Raymond David Burkhart

Meter: Composer of "EAGLE ROCK (Burkhart)"

Herbert Kynaston

1809 - 1878 Meter: Versifier of "Christian, Wouldst Thou Boast Aright?" in The Cyber Hymnal Kynaston, Herbert, D.D., was born Nov. 23, 1809, and educated at Westminster School, and Christ Church, Oxford (of which he was sometime Student), where he graduated in 1831 (1st class Lit. Hum.). Taking Holy Orders in 1834, he became Head Master of St. Paul's School, London, in 1838; Select Preacher of the University of Oxford, 1842-43; Rector of St. Nicholas-Cole-Abbey, with St. Nicholas Olave, 1850-66; and Prebendary of Holborn in St. Paul's Cathedral, 1853. He died Oct. 1878. His Miscellaneous Poems were published in 1840, and his hymns as follows:— (1) Occasional Hymns (original and translated), 1862. (2) Occasional Hymns, 2nd series, pt. i., 1864. (3) Occasional Hymns, 2nd series, pt. ii., chiefly on the Miracles, 1866. These hymns and translations, which are of more than usual merit, have been either strangely overlooked or are unknown to most modern editors. A few were included in the Hymnary, 1872. Dr. Kynaston also contributed to the Guardian from time to time several renderings into Latin of his own hymns, and of hymns by others, but these have not been republished. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

D. Evans

Person Name: D Evans Meter: Composer of "LUCERNA LAUDONIAE" in Small Church Music

Henry Leslie

1822 - 1896 Meter: Composer of "HURSLEIGH" Henry David Leslie, English composer and conductor, born in London; studied music in London; In 1855 formed the celebrated Henry Leslie's choir, which he conducted until 1880, and again, 1885-87. He conducted the Herefordshire Philharmonic Society, 1863, and, 1874, was director and conductor of the Guild of Amateur Musicians. His compositions are numerous, including a Te Deum and Jubilate in B; "Immanuel," oratorio; "Bold Dick Turpin,: operetta; "Judith," oratorio; "Ida," opera; much instrumental music, many songs, part songs, anthems, and other church music. From Appleton's New Practical Cyclopedia (Vol IV), New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1920

John Downing Farrer

1829 - 1919 Meter: Composer of "SPEED THE MESSAGE" Born: Circa February 1829, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. Died: Circa February 1919, Christchurch District, Hampshire, England. Farrer and his wife were living in Lowestoft as of 1881, and Farrer was in Bournemouth in 1901.

Tracy Y. Cannon

1879 - 1961 Person Name: Tracy Y. Cannon, 1879–1961 Meter: Author of "Praise the Lord with Heart and Voice" in Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

George Henry Trabert

1843 - 1931 Meter: Author of "Here We Often Are Perplexed" in The Hymnal and Order of Service

A. S. Amarasekara

Meter: Author (stanza 1) of "පෙර පඬිවරයන්" in The Cyber Hymnal

Edmund Dumas

1810 - 1882 Meter: Composer of "THE MARCELLAS"

R. F. Mann

Meter: Author of "Exemplary Piety"


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