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John Bowdler

1783 - 1815 Person Name: John Bowdler, 1783-1815 Meter: Author of "Lord, Before Thy Throne We Bend" in The Cyber Hymnal John Bowlder was born in London, in 1783. He was educated at Winchester College, and entered the legal profession. As a barrister, he gave unusual promise of eminence; but died in 1815, at the age of thirty-two. His miscellaneous writings were published in 1816, by his father, under the title of "Select Pieces of Prose and Verse." --Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872. ================================= Bowdler, John, born in London, Feb. 4, 1783, and educated at the Sevenoaks Grammar School, and Winchester. In 1807 he was called to the Bar, but ill-health necessitated his residence abroad for a short time. On his return he resumed the duties of his profession. His weakness, however, increased, and gradually sinking, he died Feb. 1, 1815. He was a person of more than usual parts, and gained the friendship of Macauluy, Wilberforce, and other men of eminence. In 1816 his Select Pieces in Verse and Prose, were published by his father with a brief Memoir, Lond., G. Davidson. The two vols. contain essays, reviews, poetical pieces, versions of 4 Psalms, and 6 hymns. Of his hymns and Psalm versions nearly all are in common use. The best of these are, “As panting in the sultry beam"; “Children of God, who pacing slow;" and "Lord, before Thy throne we bend." The rest include: — 1. Beyond the dark and stormy bound. Heaven. This is a part of his hymn on the Sabbath. The ori¬ginal begins "When God from dust created man," is in 10 stanzas of 6 lines, and dated 1812. 2. Children of God, who pacing [faint and] slow. Encouragement. 3. Lord, before Thy throne we bend. Ps. cxx. 3. 4. 0 fcod, my heart within me faints. Ps. xlii. 5. Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice. Praise. Entitled "Thankfulness," and dated "Jan. 1814." 6. To heaven I lift mine eyes. Ps. cxxi. -- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

John H. Spielman

Meter: Adapter of "SULLIVAN (C. A. P.)" John Henry Spielman, b. 1840, Lancaster, Ohio. Professor at Capital University, 1864-72. Editor of "Sunday-School Hymnal," "Psalterlust," and "Cantica Sacra." Public School Librarian, Columbus, Ohio; d. Columbus, Ohio, 1896

Berton Braley

1882 - 1966 Meter: Author of "Lord, We Come with Hearts Aflame" in The Hymnal for Boys and Girls Braley, Burton. (Madison, Wisconsin, January 29, 1882--1966). He became a newspaper reported in Montana, later transferring to New York. He was a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines, writing over 100 short stories. Published several novels, collections of verses, and an autobiographical Pegasus Pulls a Hack, 1934. Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives

Lois Horton Young

Meter: Author of "Christian Men, Arise and Give" in Fifteen New Bible Hymns Lois Horton Young is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland. She is active in the program of Christian Education in her local church, Milford Mill Evangelical United Brethren where he husband, Dr. Carl E. Young, is the pastor. Her special responsibility is as director of the church's kindergarten which has an enrollment of 300 children and a staff of 32. Mrs. Young is the author of twenty-three books and many articles written for religious periodicals. Her work has been published by Judson, Pilgrim, Otterbein, Friendship, and Abingdon Presses as well as by magazine publishers. She is the author of one of the Christian Education Hymns published by the Hymn Society. She is a member of the Curriculum Committee for the Graded Series of the National Council. --Fifteen New Bible Hymns, 1966. Used by permission.

Charles Parkin

1894 - 1994 Meter: Author of "See the Morning Sun Ascending" in The United Methodist Hymnal Parkin, Charles. (England, 1894--?). Studied at Oxford University, served in the British Army, 1916-1919, went to the United States in 1923 and was ordained a minister in the Maine Conference of the Methodist Church. Among his pastorates in Maine were parishes in Brunswick, Farmington, Bangor, Portland, and Ocean Park. --The Hymn Society, DNAH Archives =============================== From 1950 to 1952, [Parkin] was superintendent of the Portland District of the Maine Conference. From 1952 to 1964, Mr. Parkin was on the administrative and cultivation staffs of his church's Board of Missions, with offices in Philadelphia and New York. Throughout his active ministry and now "in retirement", Mr. Parkin has written many hymns, poems, and articles on missionary topics which have found wide use in the religious press of the nation. His hymn, "See the morning sun ascending", is one of the new "hymns of adoration" in The Methodist Hymnal, 1966. --Seven New Hymns of Hope , 1971. Used by permission.

Aldine S. Kieffer

1840 - 1904 Meter: Author of "The Clefted Side" in The Cyber Hymnal Full name Aldine Silliman Kiefer

John George Fleet

b. 1818 Person Name: John G. Fleet Meter: Author of "Guard Thy Lips" in The Cyber Hymnal Fleet, John George, was born in London on the 8th of July, 1818. At 15 years of age he was removed from school to his father's counting-house, and at 17 he had to undertake, through his father's death, the sole control of the business, and from that time he followed commercial pursuits. At an early age he joined as teacher in a small Sunday School which his sister had begun in Lime Street, London. His interest in Sunday Schools which was thus awakened led him, with some young fellow-teachers, to found the Church Sunday School Institute in 1843. Of that Institute he was honorary Secretary for 20 years; and for 15 years he was Editor of the Church Sunday School Quarterly. To the hymn-book published by the Institute, The Church Sunday School Hymn Book, 1848, he contributed the following hymns by which he is known to hymnology:— 1. How faint and feeble is the praise. Angels' Worship. 2. Let children to their God draw near. Children's Worship. 3. 0 Lord, our God, Thy wondrous might. Collect 7th S. after Trinity. 4. Source of life, and light, and love. A Teacher's Prayer. 5. What mercies, Lord, Thou hast in store. Collect for 6th S. after Trinity. 6. Words are things of little cost. Sins of the Tongue. In addition to these hymns, Mr. Fleet contributed several to The Church Sunday School Quarterly in 1852-3-8, and 1861, and has published a small volume of poems and hymns entitled Lux in Tenebris, 1873. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

William W. Rousseau

Meter: Composer of "[Savior, for the little one] (Rousseau)"

C. A. P.

Meter: Composer of "SULLIVAN (C. A. P.)"

Ruth Boyer Peck

Meter: Author of "One in Christ! This Our Joy!" in Nine Hymns for Human Relations Day


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