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Lord, When You Came to Jordan

Author: Brian Wren Hymnal: The Presbyterian Hymnal #71 (1990) Meter: D Person Name: Brian Wren Lyrics: 1 Lord, when You came to Jordan And asked to be baptized, What was Your vow and vision Of love and sacrifice? Was there a sudden splendor Of prophets, priests, and kings, A wind that stirred the waters, A blur of mighty wings? 2 Was this God's crowning moment Of all You had become, The Spirit's power and blessing: "Go now, You are My Son?" Did scripture join with scripture In words of sharp surprise "The Lord's Messiah shall conquer, Rejected and despised?" 3 Faith rests content with questions Of when and why and how, But craves the gift of seeing What God is doing now. Lord, bring us to our Jordan Of newly opened eyes, Through love, immersed in living, As You were once baptized. Topics: Jesus Christ Baptism Scripture: Matthew 3:13-17 Languages: English Tune Title: GENEVAN 130

Glory to God

Author: Brian Wren Hymnal: New Hymns of Hope #71 Meter: Person Name: Brian Wren First Line: Glory to God, all-pervading, all-knowing, all-seeing Lyrics: 1 Glory to God, all-pervading, all-knowing, all-seeing, saying the Word, bringing space-time and life into being, holy and just, faithful, and worthy of trust, seeking and finding and freeing. 2 Glory to Christ, who has brought us through love's flowing waters, new-born, beloved, and adopted as God's sons and daughters. Chosen, we choose, bearing and sharing good news - humble and joyful reporters. 3 Praise to the Spirit, conceiving, communing, connecting, eager for truth, every lie and evasion detecting, bringing to view gifts we ourselves never knew, all in the end resurrecting. 4 Great Holy Trinity, graciously calling and sending servants to follow the Servant, the friendless befriending, as you ordain friends to preside and proclaim, power us with praises unending! Topics: Adoration Languages: English

Jesus on the Mountain Peak

Author: Brian Wren Hymnal: The Presbyterian Hymnal #74 (1990) Meter: Person Name: Brian Wren Lyrics: 1 Jesus on the mountain peak Stands alone in glory blazing; Let us, if we dare to speak, Join the saints and angels praising. Alleluia! 2 Trembling at His feet we saw Moses and Elijah speaking. All the prophets and the law Shout through them their joyful greeting: Alleluia! 3 Swift the cloud of glory came, God proclaiming, in its thunder, Jesus as the Son by name! Nations, cry aloud in wonder. Alleluia! 4 This is God's beloved Son! Law and prophets sing before Him, First and last and only One. All creation shall adore Him! Alleluia! Scripture: Matthew 17:2 Languages: English Tune Title: MOWSLEY

Once from a European shore

Author: Brian Wren (b. 1936) Hymnal: New Church Praise #74 (1975) Person Name: Brian Wren (b. 1936) Topics: Church World Church and Mission Languages: English Tune Title: ASKERSWELL

God, as We Merge

Author: Brian Wren Hymnal: New Hymns of Hope #75 Meter: Person Name: Brian Wren First Line: God, as we merge, bid us emerge Lyrics: God, as we merge, bid us emerge from huddled fears and timid plans. Give us, no swiftly ebbing surge, but faith that deepens and expands. As world religions fill the scene may we not flinch, but gently say "We follow Jesus, and we mean not half an inch, but all the way." Move us amid our workday needs of counting heads and filling forms, to tell how Jesus lives and leads through mist and sunlight, clouds and storms. As when a river grandly flows through foaming rapids, winding bends, fill us with flowing joy that grows through every fate our future sends. Unite us, make us gladly one, not stapled, shelved and neatly filed, but yearning, "May your will be done!" till all earth's tribes are reconciled. Languages: English

This Is a Day of New Beginnings

Author: Brian Wren, 1936- Hymnal: Hymns of Promise #76 (2015) Meter: Person Name: Brian Wren, 1936- Topics: Walking in Faith Languages: English Tune Title: BEGINNINGS

God of many names

Author: Brian Wren Hymnal: Hymnal #77 (1992) Person Name: Brian Wren Refrain First Line: Hush, hush, hallelujah Languages: English Tune Title: MANY NAMES

Thank You, Lord, for Water, Soil and Air

Author: Brian Wren Hymnal: Ecumenical Praise #78 (1977) Person Name: Brian Wren Languages: English Tune Title: ALTHORP

May the Sending One Defend You

Author: Brian Wren Hymnal: The New Century Hymnal #79 (1995) Meter: Person Name: Brian Wren Lyrics: 1 May the sending One defend you, may the Seeking One amend you, May the Keeping One befriend you, in your gladness and in your grieving. 2 May the Given One retrieve you, may the Gifted One relieve you, May the Giving One receive you, in your falling and your restoring. 3 May the Binding One unite you - may the One Beloved invite you - May the Loving One delight you - Three-in-One, joy in life unending. Topics: Close of Worship Languages: English Tune Title: ROLLINGBAY

I come with joy to meet my Lord

Author: Brian Wren Hymnal: We Celebrate with Song #d80 (1976) Person Name: Brian Wren


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