A. Williams

Short Name: A. Williams
Full Name: Williams, A. (Aaron), 1731-1776
Birth Year: 1731
Death Year: 1776

Aaron Williams (b. London, England, 1731; d. London, 1776) was a singing teacher, music engraver, and clerk at the Scottish Church, London Wall. He published various church music collections, some intended for rural church choirs. Representative of his compilations are The Universal Psalmodist (1763)— published in the United States as The American Harmony (1769)—The Royal Harmony (1766), The New Universal Psalmodist (1770), and Psalmody in Miniature (1778). His Harmonia Coelestis (1775) included anthems by noted composers.

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Aaron Williams (1731–1776) was a Welsh teacher, composer, and compiler of West Gallery music, active in Britain during the 18th century.

Tunes by A. Williams (17)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
PILGRIMAGE (Herrnhut)Aaron Williams (Arranger)113234 32123 11234
MEADAaron Williams (Composer)1
WELLS (Holdroyd)Williams (Composer)113517 16555 55342
ROCKINGHAM (Miller)A. Williams (Composer)113421 35655 17655
FUNERAL THOUGHT (54323)Williams (Composer)154323 21723 54322
AYLESBURY (Chetham)Williams (Composer)115432 15765 45321
MARLOWWilliams (Composer)113331 55553 14321
TRENTHAMAaron Williams, 1731-1776 (Composer)133341 35432 32346
BATH (12321)Williams (Composer)112321 17113 45343
ROCHESTER (Holdroyd)Aaron Williams (Composer)211231 27134 56655
THE SISTER'S FAREWELLWilliams (Composer)2
BUCKINGHAM (Williams)Aaron Williams ? (1731-1776) (Composer)315432 34543 22343
COLCHESTER (Williams)A. Williams (Composer)411654 31556 12715
DALSTONAaron Williams (Composer)2451127 11334 23355
DOVER (Williams)Williams (Composer)2853657 11717 65345
MEARAaron Williams (Composer)11515533 13223 15455
ST. THOMAS (Williams)Aaron Williams (Composer)38851132 12345 43432

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