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Short Name: Scott Werdebaugh
Full Name: Werdebaugh, Scott
Birth Year: 1951 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[Apostles of the risen Christ, go forth]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)251534 56771 21716
[As for me and my house, we will serve You, Lord] (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)256116 13332 1612
[At the end of life’s road]Scott Werdebaugh (Harmonizer)212333 32121 65123
[At the name of Jesus ev’ry knee should bow] (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)215655 43655 43344
BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOMScott Werdebaugh (Composer)255465 12336 56716
BEHOLD THE MANScott Werdebaugh (Composer)213451 76543 56171
CELESTIAL ADORATIONScott Werdebaugh (Composer)233233 32333 23443
CHAMORROScott Werdebaugh (Composer)251716 54356 567
CHRISTMAS CHIMESScott Werdebaugh (Composer)253456 71176 71317
COLONEL HILLScott Werdebaugh (Composer)2
[Come, Holy Spirit of my Lord Jesus Christ]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)2
[Come, Lord Jesus, come] (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)235432 13543 34267
[Dear one, you are weary and tired]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)253334 51235 66715
ELEVATION (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)233455 65556 54323
[Father God, Jehovah is Your Name]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)234556 55443 45565
[For God so loved the world]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)231176 75566 54453
[For such a time as this, Lord, You’ve come]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)256543 22535 65432
[God has promised to love us, He sent His only Son]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)233321 55566 54533
[God of awful majesty]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)234343 21345 66567
[Hail all the birth of our Infant Redeemer]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)233331 23454 33555
[He is risen! He is risen indeed!] (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Arranger)234535 56545 55534
[Holy is the LORD God Almighty]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)234556 67655 66711
[I will sing to the LORD, for He is highly exalted]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)234533 65456 17655
INDIA BASINScott Werdebaugh (Composer)3
[Jesus, Your Name is far above every name, I know]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)253455 66717 65325
JOYFUL BELLSScott Werdebaugh (Composer)255342 35253 14325
[Lamb of God] (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)212365 33531 32112
LAST DAYS PLEAScott Werdebaugh (Composer)253455 61765 54423
[Let us do unto others]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)232121 35566 53553
[Life is full of ups and downs]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)234516 53213 67165
[Lord, I come now before You, to lay my life at Your feet]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)233345 54322 23436
[Lord, I confess all my sin to You]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)233454 32316 66534
[Lord, show me what it means]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)255566 66555 43555
LORD, WE HAVE COMEScott Werdebaugh (Composer)234524 54317 62777
MESSIANIC PRAISEScott Werdebaugh (Composer)253534 56553 53456
MIRACLE FROM HEAVENScott Werdebaugh (Composer)253455 67171 76564
[Nothing between, nothing between]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)254531 71656 71712
[O God, our light, shine on us today]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)2
[O Lord, descend upon my heart]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)251767 56545 56711
[O Lord, I humbly come to You]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)253565 54356 17655
[O Master, at Thy feet]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)254332 15234 53567
[O my God, when I consider all]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)254334 36655 11176
[One special night, one holy night]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)255435 43233 45543
OUR OFFERINGSScott Werdebaugh (Composer)2
SALVATION'S PLANScott Werdebaugh (Composer)253565 54332 14367
[See! where in shame the God of glory hangs]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)213213 25212 33324
[Sov’reign God, to You alone]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)212334 43112 33211
[Sov’reign Lord, it’s You alone I seek to know and love]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)233354 44322 23356
[The Christmas bells! What glad wild notes]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)253133 64556 65343
[They speak to me of princely Tyre]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)251176 54356 65325
[This highway beheld at break of day]Scott Werdebaugh (Harmonizer)1
[To You, Holy Lord, I come to You]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)251765 31235 17653
[Today we celebrate Jesus’ birth]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)213455 65455 56654
[Today we celebrate Jesus’ birthday]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)253453 16716 53451
TRIUNE ADORATIONScott Werdebaugh (Composer)2
UPHELD BY HOPE (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)256561 76554 65453
[We bless Thee for Thy peace, O God] (Werdebaugh)Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)211116 55436 66543
[We have come to sing Your praises, Lord]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)212334 45235 56654
[When life brings you to the end of your rope]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)255334 53211 23566
[While to Bethl’hem we are going]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)2
[Whom have I in heaven but You, my God?]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)215543 21234 51554
[With thanksgiving, Lord, we come]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)2
WORTHY ALONEScott Werdebaugh (Composer)2
["Worthy is the Lamb!" the hosts of Heaven sing]Scott Werdebaugh (Composer)255513 11161 55551
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