Eelco Vos

Short Name: Eelco Vos
Full Name: Vos, Eelco

Eelco Vos (b. 1972) is a Dutch composer and pianist. He studied at the Conservatory of Music in Utrecht and obtained degrees in music education and classical piano. He studied under master pianist Alwin Bӓr, and took master classes from Ivan Moravec and Ferenc Rados. For several years Vos played with an acoustic band, and many of his songs were aired on the radio. Growing up, Vos had sung Genevan Psalms at home, church, and school. To revitalize psalm singing among current Dutch youth who no longer knew that heritage, he founded and directs The Psalm Project (, a group of professional Dutch musicians devoted to performing fresh and contemporary settings of the psalms, based on tunes from the 16th century Genevan Psalter; Elco Vos is the primary composer and arranger and plays keyboard with the group. They regularly tour the Netherlands, and for their first North American tour in 2012, they partnered with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in releasing Psalms Unplugged, their first English-language CD.

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Tunes by Eelco Vos (10)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
OLD HUNDREDTHEelco Vos (Arranger)311765 12333 32143
GENEVAN 136Eelco Vos (Arranger)155123 45354 3121
[God, be merciful to me] (Miner)Eelco Vos (Arranger)312345 71766 52543
[How long, O Lord, will you forget me]Eelco Vos (Arranger)2
I GIVE YOU MY HEARTEelco Vos (Arranger)111123 21143 21112
[Our help is in the name of the Lord] (Thé)Eelco Vos (Arranger)3
[Out of the depths I cry to you] (Digerness)Eelco Vos (Arranger)2
[Praise him, praise him from the heavens]Eelco Vos (Arranger)2
[We need you, O God, to rescue us all]Eelco Vos (Arranger)2
[You're our creator, our life sustainer]Eelco Vos (Arranger)2
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