John Ireland Tucker

Short Name: John Ireland Tucker
Full Name: Tucker, John Ireland, 1819-1895
Birth Year: 1819
Death Year: 1895

Episcopal priest and church musician

Tunes by John Ireland Tucker (27)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
CANONBURYJ. Ireland Tucker (Adapter)153334 32123 56712
[Children of the heavenly King] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)235543 24446 65436
ROGATIONJ. I. T. (Composer)216512 33532 56455
[Christ is merciful and mild]J. I. T. (Composer)232123 43256 71776
[Dear Savior, we gather, our tribute to bring]J. I. T. (Composer)213211 71234 33321
[Gently, gently kneel and pray] (Tucker)J. I. Tucker (Composer)854653 21235 43254
TRINITY SONGJ. I. T. (Composer)332156 67123 53212
[God of glory, God of grace]J. I. T. (Composer)216512 34353 25645
[Gone to live with Jesus]J. I. T. (Composer)211233 21765 21117
[Hail! Thou long expected Jesus] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)255555 65355 17665
[He is risen, He is risen] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)232123 43211 75654
[Holy Bible, Book divine] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)254321 22343 26543
[Hosanna! raise the pealing hymn] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)251217 65443 32341
[Jesus is our Shepherd] (Tucker)John Ireland Tucker (Composer)533432 11333 21233
[Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me] (Tucker)J. I. Tucker (Composer)855534 32121 76543
BRYANT (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)233333 23465 44535
[Mary, at the Master's feet] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)253217 65765 43453
[O day of rest and gladness]J. I. T. (Composer)251176 53554 34533
[O Lamb of God, most holy]J. I. T. (Composer)232171 65513 2513
REMEMBRANCE (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)253171 23447 65433
[There is no name so sweet on earth] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)256567 67123 34321
[Thou art the Way, to Thee alone] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)255517 66531 24322
[Thou Guardian of our youthful days] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)255351 54334 35432
[Today above the sky He soared]J. I. T. (Composer)213454 56711 76751
DEVOTION (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)453217 54655 61232
[We speak of the realms of the blest] (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)255671 22333 21543
REDEMPTION (Tucker)J. I. T. (Composer)232313 53221 24331
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