H. R. Trickett

Short Name: H. R. Trickett
Full Name: Trickett, H. R., 1839-1909
Birth Year: 1839
Death Year: 1909

Henry Robert Tricket (sometimes called Harry Robert Tricket), born December 1839, Nottinghamshire, England; died April 1909, Keokuk, Iowa. A hymn writer, minister, and pastor/preacher/teacher from the American Restoration Movement. He spent the bulk of his time in ministry serving churches in the Disciples of Christ, one of the three branches of a movement founded by Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone, and Walter Scott. The other branches include Churches of Christ and Independent Christian Churches. Most of his compositions, largely as a lyric and text writer, are found in the mid-20th century hymnals of Churches of Christ. His partnership in composing with Fred Fillmore and others through the Fillmore Brothers Publishing House allowed his hymns to be sung in primarily Restoration Movement Churches, especially prior to 1940.

Trickett emigrated to America at age 12. He went back to England as a young man to complete his education, and studied for a career in law, but soon decided for the minis-ry.

After returning to America, he bought a farm in Montebello Township, Hancock County, Illinois, which was home for the rest of his life. He became a Disciples of Christ minister, and held pastorates in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, and did much evangelistic work, particularly in the Midwest.

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Texts by H. R. Trickett (50)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you doers of the wordH. R. Trickett (Author)10
Blessed are they who do His commandmentsH. R. Trickett (Author)English21
Blow the trumpet, watchmanHenry R. Trickett (Author)English4
Cheer up, brethren, pilgrimH. R. Trickett (Author)3
Christ for me, O joy divineH. R. Trickett (Author)4
Come for the banquet is waitingH. R. Trickett (Author)English7
Come, he is callingHenry R. Trickett (Author)2
Dark is the night, and the waves run highHenry R. Trickett (Author)6
Dark is the world, my brotherH. R. Trickett (Author)English3
Drifting away, drifting away, Leaving the harborH. R. Trickett (Adapter)2
Fainter the pulse is beatingH. R. Trickett (Author)4
Fairer than dawn of the morningHenry R. Trickett (Author)2
From the children who dwellH. R. Trickett (Author)2
Guilty soul, lift up thine eyesHenry R. Trickett (Author)3
I love Thee, I love Thee, O Savior divineH. R. T. (Author)English1
In the desert of sorrow and sinH. R. Trickett (Author)English20
Jesus, full of truth and grace, Died to save a fallen raceH. R. Trickett (Author)English4
Jesus is ready your sins to forgiveH. R. Trickett (Author)2
Jesus speaks and says to meHenry R. Trickett (Author)3
Light of the world! shine in my heartH. R. Trickett (Author)English3
Lord, I know I am not worthy Even to take the crumbs that fallH. R. Trickett (Author)English2
Mingled together the wheat and the chaffHenry R. Trickett (Author)5
None but Jesus is able to saveH. R. Trickett (Author)4
Not by peace alone, the gentle Savior saidH. R. Trickett (Author)English2
O go now ye sinners and weepHenry R. Trickett (Author)2
O how precious is the promise (Trickett)H. R. Trickett (Author)4
O tear stained cheekH. R. T. (Author)1
O ye wanderers, comeH. R. Trickett (Author)2
On what are you building, my brother?Rev. H. R. Trickett (Author)English26
Once I wandered away from the good Shepherd's foldH. R. Trickett (Author)4
Once on the ocean sailed a gallant barkHenry R. Trickett (Author)3
Only for thee, Savior divineH. R. Trickett (Author)3
Our tents are all foldedH. R. Trickett (Author)3
Rejoice, O ye children, rejoiceH. R. Trickett (Author)2
Salvation for all the Savior has diedH. R. Trickett (Author)2
Saved! Saved! Saved! Saved by the blood of the LambH. R. Trickett (Author)English6
Sing of Jesus, praise, O praise himH. R. Trickett (Author)2
Strive to enter the strait gateH. R. Trickett (Author)3
The kingdoms of earth pass away one by oneH. R. Trickett (Author)English12
There is a way, a blessed wayH. R. Trickett (Author)5
Trusting day by dayH. R. Trickett (Author)2
We are volunteers for JesusHenry R. Trickett (Author)3
What can the children do (Trickett)Henry R. Trickett (Author)2
What host is this, what gladH. R. Trickett (Author)2
When Jesus saw men heavy laden with careRev. H. R. Trickett (Author)2
When my heart is distressed, and I faint by the wayH. R. Trickett (Author)English4
When we pass death's silent portalsHenry R. Trickett (Author)English2
Where the golden bells are ringingH. R. Trickett (Author)English5
With crowns on their heads and with harps in their handsRev. H. R. Trickett (Author)4
Yes, he is coming, no angel can sayH. R. Trickett (Author)2
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