T. Martin Towne

Short Name: T. Martin Towne
Full Name: Towne, T. Martin (Thomas Martin), 1835-1911 or 1912
Birth Year: 1835
Death Year (est.): 1912

Towne, T. Martin. (Coleraine, Franklin County, Massachusetts, May 31 [sic], 1835-- ). Methodist. Attended Williston's Seminary, East Hampton, Mass. 1855 to Hudson, New York, then Albany. Taught in Ypsilanti, Michigan, then Detroit. Settled in Janesville, Wisconsin. Served in the Civil War. Settled in Chicago; married Belle Kellogg.

Keith C. Clark, DNAH Archives

Texts by T. Martin Towne (48)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Action, action, action is the word todayT. M. T. (Author)3
Are your hearts ever open to the wooing of His love?T. Martin Towne (Author)2
As we sing our parting songT. M. T. (Author)2
Be active in the battle fieldT. M. T. (Author)2
Blessed was the life of JesusT. Martin Towne (Author)2
Burdened soul, in sin and woeT. Martin Towne (Author)2
Children, children speak the truthT. Martin Towne (Author)5
Christ is the water of lifeT. Martin Towne (Author)3
Clap, clap, clap, as we stand erect and singT. Martin Towne (Author)2
For salvation are you prayingT. M. T. (Author)2
Give me thy heart, O wayward childT. M. T. (Author)2
Go, crystallize thy loveT. Martin Towne (Author)English2
Handle not the tempting wine cupT. Martin Towne (Author)2
Help us, O help us dear SaviorT. Martin Towne (Author)3
Here we meet as temperance childrenT. Martin Towne (Author)2
I gave my cup of waterT. Martin Towne (Author)2
I love to come to Sunday schoolT. Martin Towne (Author)3
I love to sing of Jesus' love, so wonderfulT. Martin Towne (Author)3
I'm trusting, I'm trusting in Jesus todayT. M. T. (Author)2
Jesus is waiting, O sinner, for thee, Come to him nowT. Martin Towne (Author)2
Jesus, list to us as we prayT. Martin Towne (Author)3
Kind friends, we welcome you to our SchoolT. Martin Towne (Author)3
Let down your net tonight, O brotherT. Martin Towne (Author)2
Like Samuel of old we waitT. M. T. (Author)2
Marching on, marching on in our pleasant Sunday schoolT. Martin Towne (Author)3
O hearken to the gospel warning, He's coming in gloryT. Martin Towne (Author)2
O hearken to the Savior'sT. Martin Towne (Author)2
O praise the Lord, O praise the Lord, How goodT. Martin Towne (Author)2
O sinner, God is calling theeT. M. T. (Author)2
Of all the vile things some people will hugT. Martin Towne (Author)English2
Our pennies, our pennies are droppingT. Martin Towne (Author)3
Savior, we will never be ashamedT. M. T. (Author)1
Singing, marching, like a little soldier bandT. Martin Towne (Author)3
Teach me, O God, to know thy willT. Martin Towne (Author)3
Temperance boys and girls are weT. Martin Towne (Author)2
'Tis Children's Day, 'tis Children's DayT. Martin Towne (Author)3
Unbar the door of your heart tonightT. M. T. (Author)2
Very grateful children weT. Martin Towne (Author)3
We love to praise the Savior's nameT. Martin Towne (Author)3
We pledge ourselves to fightT. Martin Towne (Author)2
We will never drink the first glassT. Martin Towne (Author)3
We will never sip, sip wine or beerT. Martin Towne (Author)2
When I know that He is nearT. Martin Towne (Author)2
When thou passest through the waters (Towne)T. M. T. (Author)2
When wandering and doubting in sadness and sinT. M. T. (Author)2
Wheresoever you journey, in whatever placeT. M. T. (Author)2
While we worship theeT. M. T. (Author)2
Workers all with God are weT. Martin Towne (Author)2

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