Theodore Tilton

Short Name: Theodore Tilton
Full Name: Tilton, Theodore, 1835-1907
Birth Year: 1835
Death Year: 1907 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Theodore Tilton (13)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Baby bye, here's a flyTheodore Tilton (Author)English4
I once made search, in hope to findTheodore Tilton (Author)2
O Christ, before whose cross we fallTilton (Author)English2
O thou by whom the lost are foundTheodore Tilton (Author)3
She died yet is not deadTheodore Tilton (Author)4
Take thy staff, O pilgrim, haste thee on thy wayTheodore Tilton (Author)English13
The year's last song and then we partTheodore Tilton (Author)2
Thou art alive, O graveTheodore Tilton (Author)English2
Thou who ordainest, for the land's salvationTheodore Tilton (Author)4
Thy cruel crown of thornsTheodore Tilton (Author)4
Today the birds, on every boughTheodore Tilton (Author)2
We sing a song, and then we partTheodore Tilton (Author)5
Whoever yearns to see arightTheodore Tilton (Author)2
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