Maria Straub

Short Name: Maria Straub
Full Name: Straub, Maria, 1838-1898
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1898 does not have biographical information about this person.

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A hundred years, and still we be the honoredMaria Straub (Author)2
Again has come the nation's dayMaria Straub (Author)2
Again has waked the morning sunMaria Straub (Author)2
Again the parting hour has comeMaria Straub (Author)2
Again 'tis holy Sabbath dayMaria Straub (Author)English3
Again we meet our teachers hereMaria Straub (Author)2
Again we've heard the blessed wordM. S. (Author)English5
All around the Christmas treeMaria Straub (Author)2
All hail this day's returnMaria Straub (Author)2
All is well, life's journey o'erMaria Straub (Author)3
All silently, silenty passed he awayMaria Straub (Author)2
Are we the temple of our GodMaria Straub (Author)2
Arise and equip for the warfareMaria Straub (Author)2
Arise and labor for the goodMaria Straub (Author)English4
Arise, for thy light is comeMaria Straub (Author)2
As the city of Christ drew nighMaria Straub (Author)2
At evening when the sun was lowMaria Straub (Author)English3
Awake, awake at early dawn, and haste to greetMaria Straub (Author)2
Be not discouraged, troubled heartMaria Straub (Author)3
Be not weary in well doing While the sunlight brings the dayMaria Straub (Author)2
Be to every promoise trueMaria Straub (Author)3
Beam around me, heavenly lightMaria Straub (Author)English2
Bring in the children, O, bring them all inMaria Straub (Author)English5
Call it not unwelcome dutyMaria Straub (Author)English3
Can it be, O can it beMaria Straub (Author)2
Can you count the stars that shine outMaria Straub (Translator)English2
Cast thy bread upon the waters 'Twill return some other dayMaria Straub (Author)English2
Cheerfully gladly we're marching alongMaria Straub (Author)English3
Come and see the Savior saidMaria Straub (Author)2
Come, freely join our numberMaria Straub (Author)English3
Come, join our throng todayMaria Straub (Author)4
Come march, march todayMaria Straub (Author)English3
Come to Sunday School todayMaria Straub (Author)English2
Dawn upon me, world of lightMaria Straub (Author)2
Dear Jesus, be Thou nigh meMaria Straub (Author)English2
Dear Lord, I come to Thee, Thy face I long to seeMaria Straub (Author)English1
Dear May has passed from earth awayMaria Straub (Author)2
Dearest Lord Jesus, Ruler of all rulersMaria Straub (Author)3
Disturb not my dreaming, I love the bright scenesMaria Straub (Author)English2
Do not let your heart be troubled, saddened one believe in meMaria Straub (Author)2
Do not wait for joys to comeMaria Straub (Author)2
Do unto others as ye would that they should to to youMaria Straub (Author)English2
Ever the good Shepherd is keepingMaria Straub (Author)English4
Ever when in doubt and dangerMaria Straub (Author)English2
Father, forgive, if Thy goodness I grieveMaria Straub (Author)English3
Father in heaven, Thy kingdom come (Straub)Maria Straub (Author)English2
Father, our youthful hearts we raiseMaria Straub (Author)2
Fear not sailor, fear not the darknessMaria Straub (Author)English5
Firmly, ever firmly, stand by your postMaria Straub (Author)English1
Firmly stand ye, one and allMaria Straub (Author)2
For me the flowers are bloomingMaria Straub (Author)English2
Forgive, and ye shall be forgivenMaria Straub (Author)2
From the hills of Judea, there came a sweet voiceMaria Straub (Author)4
Gentle Shepherd, gently lead usMaria Straub (Author)English2
Glad tidings Jesus came to bringMaria Straub (Author)English3
Glorify the God who giveMaria Straub (Author)2
Go forth to the harvest fieldMaria Straub (Author)English2
Go to Jesus when in darknessMaria Straub (Author)English2
Go to the fountain and drinkMaria Straub (Author)English2
God has kept us through the weekMaria Straub (Author)4
God made the beauteous flowersMaria Straub (Author)2
God made the rising sunMaria Straub (Author)3
God rules while ceaseless ages rollMaria Straub (Author)2
God sees the little sparrow fallMaria Straub (Author)English64
Great Prince of heaven, Lord divineMaria Straub (Author)3
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, praise the LordMaria Straub (Author)English2
Happy, happy we might beMaria Straub (Author)3
Hark! a voice from heaven proclaiming, Hear ye HimMaria Straub (Author)English2
Hark, I hear angelic voicesMaria Straub (Author)2
Hark, the sound we love so wellMaria Straub (Author)2
He had not where to lay his headMaria Straub (Author)2
Hear in accents from aboveMaria Straub (Author)2
Hear the blessed Savior sayingMaria Straub (Author)English3
Hear the Savior, hear Him sayMaria Straub (Author)English2
Hear the Savior pleading tellMaria Straub (Author)3
Help to bear each other's burdensM. S. (Author)English4
How beauteous in the morning breezeMaria Straub (Author)2
How sweet it is to feel and knowMaria Straub (Author)2
How we miss our baby darlingMaria Straub (Author)English2
I am going where the shadowsMaria Straub (Author)2
I know that my Redeemer lives, I feel the comfort that He givesMaria Straub (Author)English4
I love the bright springtime, I love the fair bloomMaria Straub (Author)English2
I love the tender, beauteousMaria Straub (Author)2
I love to go to Sabbath schoolMaria Straub (Author)2
I love to see the beauteous flowersMaria Straub (Author)English4
I never may be lonelyMaria Straub (Author)English4
If thou wouldst know the beauteous wayMaria Straub (Author)2
I'll go to Jesus, learn of HimMaria Straub (Author)English3
I'll remember my CreatorMaria Straub (Author)English3
I'm out on an ocean where billows roll highMaria Straub (Author)English3
In my Father's house are mansions, many mansions for the blestMaria Straub (Author)English3
I've many tender friends I knowMaria Straub (Author)2
Jesus in Thy name we meetMaria Straub (Author)English3
Jesus loves the little childMaria Straub (Author)4
Jesus now I come to Thee, O save meMaria Straub (Author)English6
Jesus says, come follow meMaria Straub (Author)English4
Joy, another year is bornMaria Straub (Author)2
Joy, joy, O hear the soundM. S. (Author)English2
Joy, joy, ring out the bellsMaria Straub (Author)English2
Kind voices are calling to meMaria Straub (Author)English2
Kind words and sweet smiles are the rosesMaria Straub (Author)English2
Labor faithful in the vineyardMaria Straub (Author)English7
Let every heart awake to praiseMaria Straub (Author)English2
Let us never complainMaria Straub (Author)English3
Let us sing unto the LordMaria Straub (Author)3
List to the Savior, O hearMaria Straub (Author)2
List to the song, beautiful song, God is love, God is loveMaria Straub (Author)English9
Love each other, freely shareMaria Straub (Author)2
Love the Lord with all thy heartMaria Straub (Author)1
Marching, marching, marching on the wayMaria Straub (Author)English2
May love each better thought renewMaria Straub (Author)2
O beautiful, beautiful flowersMaria Straub (Author)English2
O Christian, weary and faintMaria Straub (Author)3
O come ye and drink of the river of lifeMaria Straub (Author)2
O Father dear, I know, I feelMaria Straub (Author)English1
O Father, teach me how to prayMaria Straub (Author)2
O happy day when we shall meetMaria Straub (Author)2
O hear the words of JesusMaria Straub (Author)2
O hearken to your Savior, FriendMaria Straub (Author)English3
O joyful, joyful tidingsMaria Straub (Author)4
O joyful tidings, behold the empty tombMaria Straub (Author)2
O little children freely giveMaria Straub (Author)3
O my Father, Thee I thankMaria Straub (Author)English2
O precious Bible, holy wordMaria Straub (Author)2
O turn toward Zion, thou lone, weary oneMaria Straub (Author)English1
O welcome welcome Sabbath dayMaria Straub (Author)4
O worship Him, the Lord of allMaria Straub (Author)English4
Onward Christian, ever onwardMaria Straub (Author)English3
Onward, ever onward is the battle march of life!Maria Straub (Author)English2
Onward, onward, onward, onward day by dayMaria Straub (Author)English2
Our Father gave the life we ownMaria Straub (Author)English4
Our heavenly Father made the birdsMaria Straub (Author)5
Our Sunday school again we closeMaria Straub (Author)English4
Pansy, dearest little pansyMaria Straub (Author)English3
Passing through the lowly valleyM. (Author)English5
Praise the Father, bless his nameMaria Straub (Author)2
Praise the Lord of love and meeknessMaria Straub (Author)2
Press onward O leave not the pathway of rightMaria Straub (Author)2
Rejoice in the Lord while going the wayMaria Straub (Author)English4
Rest, dearest brother, thy journey is overMaria Straub (Author)English4
Rest, weary pilgrim, thy journey is overMaria Straub (Author)English10
Sailing down life's winding riverMaria Straub (Author)3
Salvation! hark the joyful sound, Salvation! heart and voice resoundMaria Straub (Author)4
Savior, bless a little child, Make me happy nowM. S. (Author)English5
Savior, may Thy loving careMaria Straub (Author)3
Seek the children, bring themMaria Straub (Author)2
Seek ye first the kingdom, And God's reighteousnessMaria Straub (Author)English2
Should we fear to meet the giverMaria Straub (Author)English4
Show me, O Lord, whate'er of sinMaria Straub (Author)3
Sing and work, and work and singMaria Straub (Author)2
Slumbering soul, awake to dutyMaria Straub (Author)English6
Softly beam the rays of morningMaria Straub (Author)2
Sorgt Gott fuer kleine SperlingeMaria Straub (Author)2
Speak gently to your father dearMaria Straub (Author)English4
Station your sentinels, victorMaria Straub (Author)English4
Sweetly over Judea's valleysMaria Straub (Author)2
Tempt me not to do the wrongMaria Straub (Author)English4
The God of wisdom, God of loveMaria Straub (Author)English2
The light is shining on the wayM. S. (Author)English3
The night was dark and thunders loudMaria Straub (Author)2
The pilgrim's way to heavenMaria Straub (Author)English3
The treasures of earthMaria Straub (Author)2
There is a home, a happy home, This side the rolling tideMaria Straub (Author)English2
There is joy, true joy in the tender heart When the wanderer home returnsM. (Author)English1
There'll be joy beyond the riverMaria Straub (Author)1
There'll be joy in heaven, our home on highMaria Straub (Author)2
There's a beautiful light in the landMaria Straub (Author)2
There's a fountain, they sayMaria Straub (Author)2
There's a light, a shining lightMaria Straub (Author)English1
There's light above the clouds, bright and clearMaria Straub (Author)English1
They are coming, they are coming (Straub)Maria Straub (Author)English2
They are the noble and the trueMaria Straub (Author)3
Thirsty flower, hark the soundMaria Straub (Author)2
Those little eyes are closed in deathMaria Straub (Author)2
Thou poor in spirit, humble soulMaria Straub (Author)2
Though mists hang thick aroundMaria Straub (Author)2
Through the infant days I watched himMaria Straub (Author)English14
To stem the tide, the billowy deepMaria Straub (Author)2
Together we our task performMaria Straub (Author)2
Traveler weary, are you longingMaria Straub (Author)English3
Traveler, weary, thirsty, faintMaria Straub (Author)English3
Trust in God, your great CreatorMaria Straub (Author)English4
Unfurl your temperance bannerMaria Straub (Author)3
Upon the blessed pagesMaria Straub (Author)2
Wake a song of grateful praiseMaria Straub (Author)English3
We are a little temperance bandMaria Straub (Author)1
We are but little children, O teach us the right wayMaria Straub (Author)English4
We are little soldiers, fighting 'gainst the warMaria Straub (Author)2
We are sailing on the ocean To a home beyond the tideMaria Straub (Author)English1
We cheerfully pass through the sunshine and shadeMaria Straub (Author)English3
We come, dear Lord, to do thy willMaria Straub (Author)2
We come to thee in the morn of lifeMaria Straub (Author)2
We dearly love our SaviorMaria Straub (Author)2
We gladly come to the house of GodMaria Straub ()English3
We may come to JesusMaria Straub (Author)English2
We may not forget the powerMaria Straub (Author)English3
We meet again mid festive joysMaria Straub (Author)2
We need Thee our dear Savior, KingMaria Straub (Author)English2
We often hear Thy precepts, LordMaria Straub (Author)English2
Welcome, welcome, sacred dawnMaria Straub (Author)English2
We'll fill our cups from the laughing rillMaria Straub (Author)2
We're sailing to a better landM. (Author)English1
Whate'er on earth my lot may beMaria Straub (Author)2
When darkness shrouds the heavenly wayMaria Straub (Author)2
When I'm tired and sleepyMaria Straub (Author)2
When Jesus dwelt on the shores of timeMaria Straub (Author)English6
When scattered or lonely we wander hereMaria Straub (Author)English6
Who can speak such matchless wordsMaria Straub (Author)English2
Who shall ascend the bright mountainMaria Straub (Author)English1
Why, O why, stand ye here idleMaria Straub (Author)2
With the sweet, returning Sabbath Grateful offering we bringMaria Straub (Author)English2
Work for the Lord! the laborers are fewMaria Straub (Author)English2
Work today now is the timeMaria Straub (Author)English2
Would you know your Father, Feel His love divineM. (Author)English1
Wrecked upon life's stormy seaMaria Straub (Author)3
Ye are the branches, Jesus saidMaria Straub (Author)2
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