Frederick S. Stanton

Short Name: Frederick S. Stanton
Full Name: Stanton, Frederick S., 1857-1915
Birth Year: 1857
Death Year: 1915

Stanton, Frederick S. (New Bedford, Massachusetts, December 20, 1857--October 1, 1915, New Bedford). Held a Bachelor of Music degree and was ordained to the Advent Christian ministry. He held pastorates at Hudson Falls, New York and Lawrence, Mass. Ill health and a final paralysis limited activity in his later years, although he supplied in various churches around New Bedford.

He wrote words and music to a number of hymns, and composed the music for other Advent Christian hymn-writers. He was secretary of the Southern Massachusetts District Conference of his denomination. He contributed to the preparation of several of its hymnals, and was co-editor of The Golden Sheaf (1898), Carols of Hope (1906) and The Advent Christian Hymnal (1913). His obituary, by Willis G. Brown, is in The World's Crisis, 20 October 1915, p. 15.

--Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives

Texts by Frederick S. Stanton (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you tired of sinningF. S. S. (Author)English5
In the kingdom which is comingFrederick S. Stanton (Author)2
In the land of life and gloryFrederick S. Stanton (Author)2
Jesus is coming, tell the glad story, Ring out the message, swell the refrainqF. S. Stanton (Harmonizer)English1
Jesus Savior, Love divineFrederick S. Stanton (Author)3
Once my life was full of sinningFrederick S. Stanton (Author)2
Passing through a lonely wayFrederick S. Stanton (Author)English2
Passing through this vale of tearsFrederick S. Stanton (Author)2
Perfect love I have for JesusF. S. S. (Author)English2
Tenderly calleth the SaviorF. S. S. (Author)English9
The night was dark, and all was stillF. S. Stanton (Harmonized by)1
The sailor tossed the storm swept seaF. S. S. (Author)2
Wandering in the path of sinF. S. S. (Author)2
We praise thee, O Lord, For the comforts of homeFrederick S. Stanton (Author)English2
We shall never have a trouble over thereFrederick S. Stanton (Author)2
What though the storm of life is hardFrederick S. Stanton (Author)3
Working for the Master in his vineyard nowF. S. S. (Author)4
Yearning for more of JesusF. S. S. (Author)English2
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