Vida E. Smith

Short Name: Vida E. Smith
Full Name: Smith, Vida E., 1865-1945
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1945 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Vida E. Smith (10)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
I have heard the sweetest storyVida E. Smith (Author)2
I hear, I hear from far aboveVida E. Smith (Author)2
I will sing a song for my Lord to hearVida E. Smith (Author)2
On this glad birthday SundayVida E. Smith (Author)2
One day when fell the Spirit's whisperVida E. Smith, 1865-1945 (Author)4
Songs, beautiful songs, let us offerVida E. Smith (Author)2
There's an old, old path Where the sun shines throughVida E. Smith, 1865-1945 (Author)8
'Twas so long, and long agoVida E. Smith (Author)2
Una senda hayVida E. Smith (Author)Spanish2
When I ope my eyes at morningVida E. Smith (Author)English3
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