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Samuel Francis Smith

Samuel Francis Smith
Short Name: Samuel Francis Smith
Full Name: Smith, Samuel Francis, 1808-1895
Birth Year: 1808
Death Year: 1895

Smith, Samuel Francis, D.D., was born in Boston, U.S.A., Oct. 21, 1808, and graduated in arts at Harvard, and in theology at Andover. He entered the Baptist ministry in 1832, and became the same year editor of the Baptist Missionary Magazine. He also contributed to the Encyclopaedia Americana. From 1834 to 1842 he was pastor at Waterville, Maine, and Professor of Modern Languages in Waterville College. In 1842 he removed to Newton, Massachusetts, where he remained until 1854, when he became the editor of the publications of the Baptist Missionary Union. With Baron Stow he prepared the Baptist collection known as The Psalmist, published in 1843, to which he contributed several hymns. The Psalmist is the most creditable and influential of the American Baptist collections to the present day. Dr. Smith also published Lyric Gems, 1854, Rock of Ages, 1870, &c. A large number of his hymns are in use in America, and several have passed into some of the English collections. Taking his hymns in common use in alphabetical order, we have the following:—
1. And now the solemn deed is done. Ordination. Given in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 954. In Dr. Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, N. Y., 1872, it is altered to "The solemn service now is done."
2. As flows the rapid river. Life Passing Away. In Christian Psalmody, 1833, No. 33; the Hymns for the Vestry and Fireside, Boston, 1841; and The Psalmist, 1843, No. 1059. Found in a few English hymn-books, and in Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868.
3. Auspicious morning, hail. American National Anniversary. Written for July 4th, 1841, and published in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 1007.
4. Beyond where Cedron's waters flow. Gethsemane. In L. Bacon's Appendix, 1833; the Psalmist, 1843, No. 220, and later collections.
5. Blest is the hour when cares depart. Divine Worship. In The Psalmist, 1843, No. 947, and others.
6. Constrained by love we follow where. Holy Baptism. Appeared in the Baptist edition of the Plymouth Hymn Book, 1857.
7. Down to the sacred wave. Holy Baptism. Contributed to Winchell's Additional Hymns added to his Collection of 1817, in 1832, No. 510; repeated in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 818, and in several collections. Also in Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868.
8. Hail! ye days of solemn meeting. Public Worship. An altered form of No. 26 below, in Spurgeon's Our Own Hymn Book, 1866, as an "American Hymn, 1840."
9. How blest the hour when first we gave. Holy Baptism. Appeared in the Baptist edition of thePlymouth Hymn Book, 1857, No. 1468.
10. How calmly wakes the hallowed morn. Holy Baptism. Given in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 810, in later collections, and in Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868.
11. Jesus, Thou hast freely saved us. Salvation. In Winchell's Additional Hymns, 1832, No. 503, and others.
12. Meekly in Jordan's Holy Stream. Holy Baptism. Contributed to The Psalmist, 1843, No. 808.
13. My country, 'tis of thee. National Hymn. "Written in 1832, and first sung at a children's Fourth of July celebration in Park Street church, Boston." Included in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 1000, and found in a large number of American hymn-books, but not in use in Great Britain. It is one of the most popular of Dr. Smith's compositions. Text, with note in Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868.
14. 0 not my own these verdant hills. Bought with a Price. Appeared in Nason's Congregational Hymn Book, 1857, and given inLaudes Domini, 1884.
15. Onward speed thy conquering flight. Missions. Appeared in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 892, and is found in several modern collections in Great Britain and America. Also in Lyra Sac. Americana, 1868.
16. Planted in Christ, the living Vine. Christian Fellowship; or, For Unity. Given in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 929, inLyra Sacra Americana, 1868, and several hymn-books. Of the hymns contributed by Dr. Smith to The Psalmist this is the best, and one of the most popular.
17. Remember thy Creator. Youthful Piety Enforced. In Christian Psalmody, 1832, No. 32; the Hymns for the Vestry and Fireside, 1841; The Psalmist, 1843, No. 778; Lyra Sac. Americana, 1868, and other collections.
18. Sister, thou wast mild and lovely. Death and Burial. Written on the death of Miss J. M. C. of Mount Vernon School, Boston, July 13,1833, and published in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 1096.
19. Softly fades the twilight ray. Sunday Evening. Written in 1832, and included in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 56. Also in Lyra Sacra Americana, and several hymn-books.
20. Spirit of holiness, descend. Whitsuntide. Appeared in the Hymns for the Vestry and Fireside, 1841, No. 295, and again in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 384. In the Unitarian Hymns for the Church of Christ, Boston, 1853. St. ii., iii., iv. were given as "Spirit of God, Thy churches wait." This form of the text and the original are both in modern hymn-books.
21. Spirit of peace and holiness. Institution of a Minister. Appeared in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 953, and Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, 1872.
22. The morning light is breaking. Missions. Written in 1832, and included in Hastings's Spiritual Songs, 1832-33, No. 253; and The Psalmist, 1843, No. 912. This hymn is very popular and has been translated into several languages. Dr. Smith says of it that “it has been a great favourite at missionary gatherings, and I have myself heard it sung in five or six different languages in Europe and Asia. It is a favourite with the Burmans, Karens, and Telegus in Asia, from whose lips I have heard it repeatedly.”
23. The Prince of Salvation in triumph is riding. Missions. Given in Hastings and Mason's Spiritual Songs, 1832-33, No. 274; The Psalmist, 1843, and later collections.
24. Tis done, the [important] solemn act is done. Ordination. Appeared in The Psalmist 1843, No. 951, and later hymn-books.
25. Today the Saviour calls. Invitation. First sketch by Dr. Smith, the revised text, as in Hastings and Mason's Spiritual Songs, No. 176, and The Psalmist, No. 453, by Dr. T. Hastings (p. 495, i. 19).
26. Welcome, days of solemn meeting. Special Devotional Services. Written in 1834, and given in Dr. Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, 1872. See No. 8.
27. When shall we meet again ? Parting. This is a cento. The first stanza is from Alaric A. Watts's Poetical Sketches, &c, 1822, p. 158 ; and st. ii.-iv. are by Dr. Smith. In this form it was published in L. Bacon's Supplement to Dwight, 1833, No. 489. It is in several American hymn-books; and also the English Baptist Psalms & Hymns, 1858, &c.
28. When the harvest is past and the summer is gone. Close of Worship. Contributed to Hastings and Mason's Spiritual Songs, 1831, No. 244; and repeated in the Fuller and Jeter Supplement to The Psalmist, 1847, No. 22, and later collections.
29. When thy mortal life is fled. The Judgment. Contributed to Winchell's Additional Hymns, 1832, No. 379, and repeated in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 455, and later hymn-books. Also in Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868.
30. While in this sacred rite of Thine. Holy Baptism. Appeared in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 803: Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868, &c.
31. With willing hearts we tread. Holy Baptism. In The Psalmist, 1843, No. 798; and again in the Baptist Praise Book, 1871.
32. Yes, my native land, I love thee. A Missionary's Farewell. Contributed to Winchell's Additional Hymns, 1832, No. 445, and found in later collections. Also in Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Samuel Francis Smith (October 21, 1808 – November 16, 1895) was an American Baptist minister, journalist, and author. He is best known for having written the lyrics to "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" (sung to the tune of "God Save The Queen"), which he entitled "America".

Texts by Samuel Francis Smith (125)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
محبة الأوطان حتم على الإنسانSamuel F. Smith (Author)Arabic1
And now the solemn deed is doneS. F. Smith (Author)7
Arise, my soul, with rapture riseSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English22
Arzi bas d'ror noemo oschiro lochSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
As fades the light of closing dayS. F. Smith (Author)2
As flows the rapid riverSmith (Author)55
Auspicious morning hailSamuel Francis Smith (Author)22
Behold, this is the day of graceSamuel Francis Smith (Author)3
Beyond where Cedron's waters flowSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English66
Blest is the hour when cares departSamuel Francis Smith (Author)17
Breathe balmy airs ye fragrant flowersSamuel F. Smith (Author)English2
Come, blessed Spirit, come todaySamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Constrained by love, we follow whereS. F. Smith (Author)3
Dark brood the heavens o'er theeSamuel Francis Smith (Author)14
Depth of mercy! can there beSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English1
Der Tag ist am ErscheinenS. F. Smith (Author)German7
Dir sing' ich, VaterlandSamuel Francis Smith (Author)German8
Divisase la auroraSamuel Francis Smith, 1808-1895 (Author)Spanish2
Down to the sacred waveSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English90
Drawn from a thousand distant homesS. F. Smith, D. D. (Author)English2
Es bricht der frohe MorgenSamuel Francis Smith (Author)German2
Far o'er the land the precious grainS. F. Smith (Author)7
Founded on Thee, our only LordSamuel F. Smith (Author)English32
From God shall naught divide meSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English1
Gladly thy precepts we obeySamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Go, heralds of salvation, forthSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English6
God bless our native land! Firm may she ever standS. F. Smtih (Author)English3
God ever glorious, Sovereign of nationsSamuel Francis Smith (Author)10
Grafted in Christ, the living vineS. F. Smith (Author)English11
Hail, hail, hail ye days of solemn meetingSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Hark! how divinest musicRev. S. F. Smith (Author)1
Hark! the voice of love and mercySamuel Francis Smith (Author)English1
Haste to thy conquest of the worldSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Have mercy, Lord, have mercy, LordSamuel Francis Smith (Author)5
Heimatland, groß und weit, Freiheit und Gott geweihtSamuel Francis Smith (Author)German4
Heimatland, nur von dirSamuel Francis Smith (Author)German2
Heut' ruft der Heiland nochSamuel Francis Smith (Author)German3
Hör faderns röst i dagSamuel Francis Smith (Author)Swedish6
Home, thy joys are passing lovelySamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
How blest the hour when first we gaveS. F. Smith (Author)8
How calmly wakes the hallowed morn [dawn]S. F. Smith (Author)English9
How sweet the evening shadows fallSamuel Francis Smith (Author)6
Hoy mismo el Salvador diciendo estaSamuel F. Smith (Author)Spanish3
Idag hoar Jesu roestSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
In dunkler Nacht dort Jesus gehtSamuel Francis Smith (Author)German1
In the deserts let me laborSamuel Francis Smith (Author)1
Jesus thou hast freely saved usSamuel Francis Smith (Author)4
Joined in one body may we beS. F. Smith (Author)2
Joy for the gladdening newsSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Ke wehe nei ke alaulaSamuel F. Smith, 1808-1898 (Author)Hawaiian2
Ku'u aina hanau eSamuel F. Smith (Author)Hawaiian3
Light o'er the darkened hillsSamuel Francis Smith (Author)4
Limgac itan ti lawagSamuel Francis Smith (Author)Tagalog2
Lord of our life, God whom we fearSamuel F. Smith (Author)English18
Lord of our life, save usSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Loved companion, thou hast left usSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Made one in Christ by holiest tiesSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English2
Meekly in Jordan's holy streamS. F. Smith (Author)37
Mi patria es de tiSamuel Francis Smith (Author)Spanish2
Mitt fosterland, foer digSamuel Francis Smith (Author)3
Morn of Zion's glory, Brightly thou art breakingS. F. Smith (Author)3
Most gracious to fulfil thy wordS. F. Smith (Author)7
Murmur, gentle lyre, through the lonely nightSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English6
My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of libertyS. F. Smith (Author)English1720
My faith looks up to Thee, Thou Lamb of CalvaryRev. S. F. Smith (Author)English1
My native country, thee, Land of the noble freeSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
My Savior, 'tis of thee, Dear Lamb of CalvarySamuel Francis Smith (Author)5
Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee! E'en though it be a crossS. F. Smith (Author)English1
Now these solemn days are endingS. F. Smith (Author)5
O bless us, Lord, todayS. F. Smith (Author)2
O blest are they whom God hath calledSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
O for the death of thoseRev. Samuel F. Smith, 1808- (Author)English8
O Lord, thy weary churches waitSamuel Francis Smith (Author)3
Oft the tidings of salvationSamuel Francis Smith (Author)3
Oh, Dios de eterna santidadSamuel Smith (Author)Spanish2
O not my own these verdant hillsSamuel F. Smith, D.D. (Author)25
Onward, O Christian warriorsSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English4
Onward speed thy conquering flightSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English37
Our fathers' God to thee, Author of libertyRev. S. F. Smith (Author (st. 1))English7
Planted in Christ, the living vineSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English89
Ready now to spread my pinionsSamuel Francis Smith (Author)9
Redeemed from death, redeemed from sinRev. S. F. Smith (Author)4
Remember thy Creator now (Smith)Samuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Remember thy Creator, While youth's fair spring is brightSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English48
Ren bådar morgonstjärnanSamuel Francis Smith (Author)Swedish7
Roll on, roll on, in rapid flightSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Shine on, lone star, thy radiance brightSamuel Francis Smith (Author)4
Sister, thou wast mild and lovelySamuel Francis Smith (Author)English204
Softly fades the twilight raySamuel Francis Smith (Author)English174
Spirit of God, thy churches waitSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
Spirit of holiness, descendSamuel F. Smith (Author)English44
Spirit of peace and holinessRev. Samuel F. Smith, 1808- (Author)16
Strew the fair garlands where slumber the deadS. F. Smith, D. D. (Author)English2
Sweep on, O car of lightSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English2
Sweet is the fading light of eveSamuel Francis Smith (Author)1
The blooming flowers of summer passSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2
The morning light is breaking, The darkness disappearsSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English947
The Prince of salvation in triumph is ridingSmith (Author)63
The Savior is my shepherdSamuel Francis Smith (Author)4
The solemn service now is doneSamuel Francis Smith (Author)9
They have parted from the fond embraceSamuel Francis Smith (Author)3
Thy kingdom come, we watch and [we] waitSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English8
Thy way, O God is bestRev. S. F. Smith (Author)English8
'Tis done, the important act is doneS. F. Smith (Author)8
To God the Father, God the Son, And God the Spirit, Three in One (Watts)Samuel Francis Smith (Author)English1
To God the Father's throne, Perpetual honors raise (1)Samuel Francis Smith (Author)English1
Today the Savior calls! ye wanderers comeSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English411
Today the Spirit calls, O hear its voiceSamuel Francis Smith (Author)3
Unto Thy church, Thy body, LordSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English2
Wakaŋtaŋka waṡte, UŋkitamakapiSamuel F. Smith (Author)Dakota1
We are but little children weak (Smith)Samuel Francis Smith (Author)English2
We are sailing, swiftly sailingS. F. Smith (Author)English2
We plough the fertile meadowsSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English3
Welcome days of solemn meetingS. F. Smith (Author)English22
What are all my earthly trialsS. F. Smith (Author)2
When over earth is breakingSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English21
When shall we meet again? Meet never to sever?S. F. Smith (Author)English19
When spirits from their cumbering clayS. F. Smith (Author)3
When the harvest is past and the summer is overSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English72
When thy mortal life is fledSamuel Francis Smith (Author)79
While in the sacred rite of thineS. F. Smith (Author)1
While in this sacred rite of thineSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English33
With willing hearts we treadS. F. Smith (Author)English33
Yes, my native land, I love theeSamuel Francis Smith (Author)English151
Your thousand voices raiseSamuel Francis Smith (Author)2

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