M. B. C. Slade

M. B. C. Slade
Short Name: M. B. C. Slade
Full Name: Slade, M. B. C. (Mary Bridges Canedy), 1826-1882
Birth Year: 1826
Death Year: 1882

Mary Bridges Canady Slade USA 1826-1882. Born in Fall River, MA, she was well-educated and became a minister's wife, teacher, and poet. She was assistant editor of The New England Journal of Education. She also authored hymns, Sunday school materials and books on education, primarily used for training teachers. She authored a children's magazine, “Wide-awake”. She and her husband were active in the underground railroad (helping slaves achieve their freedom). She spent her whole life living in the same town.

John Perry

Texts by M. B. C. Slade (148)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A voice that I hear, across the seaMary Bridges Canedy Slade (Author)4
Above the bruised faceM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Alguien está a mi puertaMary B. C. Slade (Author)Spanish3
All around were field and forestM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
All over the sacred pages, the lives, almost divineM. B. C. Slade (Author)English2
Along the silent pathM. B. S. C. (Author)English7
Are you staying, safely stayingMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English22
As forth from the city, went Jesus one dayM. B. C. Slade (Author)3
At dewy dawn, in misty mornMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Be with us, O Father dearMary Slade (Author)English2
Beautiful lake of GalileeM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Beautiful river, flowing foreverM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Behold the glorious banner of salvationMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)9
Behold the little flock, precious lamb [lambs] of JesusMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)6
Beyond this land of parting, losing andMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English32
Birds are rejoicingM. B. C. Slade (Author)3
Charlie wants a piece of breadMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)3
Cheerful raise a joyful tuneMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)4
Children, children why do you singM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Come down beside the watersM. B. C. Slade (Author)3
Come happy children, fold each little handMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Come hither, little childrenM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Come, merry lad, I am waiting for youM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Come, O come, and gaily goM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
De obscuras regionesM. B. C. Slade (Author)Spanish2
Don't you see the blue cloudsMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)3
Down by the dancing billowsMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Down the bay, far awayM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Draw nigh to us, our FatherM. B. C. Slade (Author)5
Drummer boy, drummer boy, where are you speedingMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)4
Dulcemente Jesús nos llamaMary Bridges Canedy Slade, 1826-1882 (Author)Spanish2
Flag of freemen gone before usM. B. C. Slade (Author)English2
For me, my Father callsMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)3
Four little feet on the entryM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
From all the dark placesMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English106
From the Bethlehem manger homeMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)6
From western wilds and watersMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Great Naaman the SyrianM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Hark, the gentle voice of Jesus fallethMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)40
Harvest fields with golden glow [gold aglow]Mary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English5
Hast erkoren, du erkoren Unsers JesuMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)3
Hear how a sowerM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Hear, now, the blessed Jesus tenderly sayM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Her sad vigil keeping, Mary sat weepingM. B. C. Slade (Author)3
Holy Father, grant thy blessing to us childrenMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)4
How happy were theyM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
How strange it seems that I couldM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
I know not what the morrow'll bringMary Slade (Author)English2
I love my Father, for, on highMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
I love to see in pictured restMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)3
I wandered just at evenMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)5
If I, like Galilee fishersMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)12
If the boys and girls will listenMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)3
I'm glad the holy angelsM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Im heil'gen BibelworteM. B. C. Slade (Author)German1
I'm looking for the kingdomMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
In Bethlehem's manger so lowM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
In the desert days of oldMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English9
In the springtime, little sisterM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
In the vineyard of the Master There was growing once a treeMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)English7
Into the tent where a gypsy boy layMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)English102
I've stayed till late, the night is fallingMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)5
Jesus in the temple, with the doctors wiseMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)4
Let us raise a song for the pathway longM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Lift up, lift up each cheerful voiceM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Lightly, gently, gaily glideMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Liken the kingdom to be the springingMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)5
Listen, O listen, our father all holyMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)5
Long ago when little childrenMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English7
Look abroad over the fields of the nationMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)English4
Lord, must I go, the desertMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Marching on, marching onMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Ninety nine in the safe fold abidingM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
No sounding battle-cry we ringMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Not on the mount nor [not] besideMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)3
Now, all our work is doneMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
O Christmas child, so wise and dear!M. B. C. Slade (Author)English2
O I love to think how JesusS. (Author)6
O say who is heMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
O'er fragrant summer fieldsM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Over the desert and dreary wayMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)4
O'er the hill and adown the snowy dellsMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)English5
O'er the waters, dark and foamingMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)5
O ye who have lost your possessions of peaceMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)3
Once a feast was madeM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Once, forth to meet the bridegroomMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)3
Once over Judea's hills by nightMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)4
One bright and pleasant summer dayMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
One day I saw a little childM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
One more year has goneMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)5
One, two, three, fourM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Our Lord hath sent a ShepherdM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Peaceful the morning, quiet the dayMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)7
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Happy children now in the temple singMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)7
Raise your little hands and point them to the northM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Rocked upon the raging billowMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)5
Say, have you read in the story oldenM. B. C. Slade (Author)5
Say, who hath sorrowMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)4
School is done, school is doneMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
See, O see, as here we standMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
See the merry farmer boyM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Seven fishers went out by night at seaMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)4
Sing, brother, sing, for the nightMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Springtime brings the robinM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Sweet is the promise faith sees enrolledM. B. C. Slade (Author)3
Sweetly, Lord, have we heard thee callingMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English199
Thank God for our countryMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
The children are waitingMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
The Lord, our God, hath made the pleasant wildwood shadeMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
The Master stood at the vineyard gateMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)5
The sun is rising o'er the oceanM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
The voice of the Lord sweetly sayeth to meMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)3
The year is hastingM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
There's a beautiful place for you and for meMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)9
There's a city of GodMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
There's a fountain free, 'tis for you and meMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English38
There's a wail from the islands of the seaMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)12
This day no thorn crowned cross of painMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)4
This is the way the mist goes upMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
This is the way the snow comes downMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English11
Thou Bethsaida, the lovely, down beisde the seaM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Thou, O Lord, all our sin and sorrow knowingMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Thou who in thy church of oldM. B. C. Slade (Author)5
'Tis the story ever newMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
To the heavenly JerusalemMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)9
Una fuente hay que la vida daMary Slade (Author)Spanish2
Up to the bountiful Giver of lifeMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English96
Very early in the mornM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
We are little soldier menMary Slade (Author)English2
We are marching to Canaan, through the desert vastMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)6
We love the sunny days of SpringMrs. B. C. Slade (Author)4
We sing the year's long [glad] story of Sabbath serviceM. B. C. Slade (Author)3
We will go down among the meadowsMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
What is pure and fair and whiteMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
What saith Jehovah, the holy oneM. B. C. Slade (Author)4
What story so sweet is the songM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
When flowery summer is at handMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
When Jesus Christ was on earthM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
When our beloved Jesus rodeM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
When the blessed Savior walked on earth belowM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
When the cry shall be made at the midnightMiss Mariana B. Slade (Author)9
When the earth awakes with singingMary B. C. Slade (Author)English2
Where almond groves are vineyardsM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Where Potomac's streamM. B. C. Slade (Author)2
Where shall the good children go when they dieMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)2
Where the jasper walls are beaming, Where the pearly gatesMrs. M. B. C. Slade (Author)17
Who at my door is standingMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English96
With His dear and loving careMary B. C. L. Slade (Author)English10
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