Albert Simpson Reitz

Short Name: Albert Simpson Reitz
Full Name: Reitz, Albert Simpson, 1879-1966
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1966 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Albert Simpson Reitz (53)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As the Father sent me, so do I send youAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
At morn, O Lord, I lift my voiceAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Bring your burdens to the Christ of CalvaryAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Come Spirit of lightAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Draw me nearer, blessed MasterAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Enséñame, Señor, a orarA. S. R. (Author)Spanish2
Have you wandered far from JesusAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)English4
I am drinking at the fullness of the fountainAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
I have a Redeemer, O worship his nameAlbert S. Reitz (Author)English9
I know a song, the sweetest songA. S. R. (Author)English5
I know that some day from his heavenly throneAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)8
I looked to him who died for meAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
I may not know what burdens wait for meAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
I must go to Jesus with all my sinAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
I saw in the hands of the potterA. S. Reitz (Author)English2
I sought earthly pleasures and joysAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
I was lost in sin when Jesus found meAlbert S. Reitz (Author)English26
I will lift my voice in praise unto my KingA. S. R. (Author)5
In the evening of life when the shadows fallAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)English2
Into the garden alone he cameAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
I've a Friend who's preparing a mansion for meAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)3
教我禱告,主,教我禱告 (Jiào wǒ dǎogào, zhǔ, jiào wǒ dǎogào)Albert Simpson Reitz (Author)Chinese2
Let thy morning thoughts be brightAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)4
Lord, draw me to thy heart of loveAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
My Rock, and my Refuge (Reitz)Albert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
O I have a friendAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Oh, my life is filled with glory since the Lord came inAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)English3
O sing me the story of JesusAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)3
O the wonderful love of my SaviorAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
O the love so full and freeAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)10
Once in my sin I wanderedAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Out in the cold a lamb of the foldAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Sammelt die Lieben zur friedlichen ruhAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Should the darkness of life's eveningAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Sing unto the Lord a song of victoryAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)3
Soldiers of Christ, arise, ariseAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)3
Teach me to pray, Lord, teach me to prayAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)English31
Tenderly the voice of Jesus came to meAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)English3
The Shepherd of love is seeking the lostA. S. R. (Author)English21
The sun and moon that brightly shineAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
There is a place with grandeur all unknownAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
There never was a truer Friend than JesusAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)7
There's a crimson tide from the Savior's sideA. S. R. (Author)8
This day comes not againAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)English3
To be like my Lord and SaviorAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
We are happy children full of lifeAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
We are on the upward wayAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
We're a band of juniorsAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
When heaven swung open its portals wideA. S. R. (Author)3
Whene'er the tempter pleads with theeAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
Whenever I think of God's wonderful loveAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)5
Whenever I think of the wonderful loveAlbert S. Reitz (Author)English2
Why did gladness turn to sadnessAlbert Simpson Reitz (Author)2
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