Luise Reichardt

Luise Reichardt
Short Name: Luise Reichardt
Full Name: Reichardt, Luise, 1779-1826
Birth Year: 1779
Death Year: 1826

Caroline Luise Reichardt Germany 1779-1826. Born in Berlin to middle class parents and musical composers, she received some formal education and musical training from her father and his friends, but also was self-taught. Her grandfather was Konzertmeister, and her father was Kapellmeister at the court of Frederick, the Great. Louise was musical and had a good voice. She played piano and sang. In 1800 four of her own compositions were published along with a collection of her father’s songs. The Reichardts entertained well-known literary figures of the day. She later used poetry from Phillip Ludwig Achim von Arnim in a collection of 12 songs she composed. In 1809 she settled in Hamburg, Germany, where she made a living as a singing teacher and composed music. She also organized and directed a women’s chorus. She did behind-the-scenes conducting of music when she could. She was known for her untiring efforts in the production of Handel choral works, translating and preparing texts and choruses to be conducted by male counterparts. She also translated the Latin works of Hasse and Graun into German. She played a significant role in the formation of the German choral movement, a driving force in 19th century musical nationalism. She composed 75+ songs and choral pieces in various styles and accompaniments. Her husband-to-be, Friedrich August Eschen, died suddenly on the eve before their wedding. Her second husband-to-be, a painter, Franz Gareis, also died before their wedding. She died at Hamburg, Germany.

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Tunes by Luise Reichardt (11)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ARMAGEDDONC. Luise Reichardt (Composer)2555321 56611 55561
[Bleibe bei uns, denn es will Abend werden]L. Reichardt (Composer)232343 24655 4331
[Der Mensch hat nichts so eigen] (Reichardt)L. Reichardt (Composer)255432 15512 14325
COVENANT (Herrnhut)C. Luise Reichardt, 1779-1826 (Composer)111621 71531 1164
[Ihr Christen auf, zu Gottes Preis]Louise Reichardt, 1788-1826 (Composer)251177 66551 17122
[Jesu, hochwillkommner Gast]Reichardt (Composer)256515 56523 17667
O WELT, SIEH HIERC. Luise Reichardt, 1779-1826 (Composer (attributed to))153143 22233 4455
SCHLAF, KINDLEIN, SCHLAFLouise Reichardt (Composer)632211 35544 3144
[Der beste Freund ist in dem Himmel]Louise Reichhardt (Composer)915554 35432 154
[Welche Morgenröten wallen Himmelab in stiller Nacht]L. Reichardt (Composer)2
[Wie mit grimmigem Unverstand]Louise Reichardt (Composer)233355 44356 54332

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