George Rawson

George Rawson
Short Name: George Rawson
Full Name: Rawson, George, 1807-1889
Birth Year: 1807
Death Year: 1889

Born: June 5, 1807, Leeds, England.
Died: March 25, 1889, Clifton, England.
Buried: Arno’s Vale Cemetery, Bristol, England.

Pseudonym: A Leeds Layman.

Rawson, George, was born June 5, 1807, at Leeds, in which town he practised for many years as a solicitor. In 1853 he assisted the Congregational ministers of Leeds in the compilation of Psalms, Hymns, and Passages of Scripture for Christian Worship, a volume commonly known as the Leeds Hymn-book. Mr. Rawson was a member of the Congregational body. In 1858 he also assisted Rev. Dr. Green and other Baptist ministers in the preparation of Psalms and Hymns for the use of the Baptist Denomination. A number of Mr. Rawson's own compositions first appeared in this and in the Leeds Hymn-book In 1876 he published his Hymns, Verses and Chants (Hodder and Stoughton, London), including his previously published hymns, and containing (exclusive of chants) 80 original pieces. In 1885 most of these, with several additional hymns, were published by the R. T. S. under the title Songs of Spiritual Thought. Mr. Rawson died March 25, 1889.

His hymns are distinguished by refinement of thought, and delicacy and propriety of language; and if they do not attain the first rank among the songs of the Christian Church, many are of great excellence. The most widely known are, "By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored;" "Come to our poor nature's night;" "Father in high heaven dwelling;" "In the dark and cloudy day;" and "Reaper, behold the fields are white." In the Leeds Hymn-book, 1853, and the Baptist Psalms & Hymns, 1858, there are also several recasts of and additions to the hymns of other writers. In addition to Mr. Rawson's hymns which are annotated under their respective first lines, the following are also in common use:-

i. From the Leeds Hymn-book, 1853.
1. Captain and Saviour of the host. Burial.
2. Give dust to dust: and here we leave. Burial.
3. God the Lord is King-—before him. Ps. xcix.
4. In the dark and cloudy day. Consolation.
5. Soul, thy week of toil is ended. Saturday Evening.
6. Though the night be very long. Resignation.

ii. From the Baptist Psalms & Hymns, 1858.
7. Beautiful, desired, and dear. Public Worship.
8. Blessed are they who have not seen. Faith.
9. Blessed is the faithful heart. Faithfulness.
10. Christ to heaven is gone before. Ascension.
11. God the Father, be Thou near. Evening.
12. He fell asleep in Christ the Lord. Burial.
13. Immersed beneath the closing wave. Holy Baptism.
14. Lord, we bless Thee, Who hast given. Holy Communion.
15. My Father God, with filial awe. Abiding in God.
16. Our eyes we lift up to the hills. The Lord the Pastor's Keeper.
17. Reaper, behold the fields are ripe [white] . Missions.
18. Rise, heart, thy Lord arose. Sunday.
19. Upon the holy mountains high. Security of the Church.

iii. From the Leeds Sunday School Hymn Book, 1858.
20. And will [How shall] the mighty God. The Holy Ghost.
21. Jesus, the Lord, our Righteousness. Jesus, the children's Friend.
22. O Thou Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd.

iv. From Dr. Allon's Supplemental Hymns, 1868.
23. My Father, it is good for me. Trust.
24. Thou Who hast known the careworn breast. Evening.
25. Walking with Thee, my God. Walking with God.

v. From Mr. Rawson's Hymns, Verses, &c. 1876.
26. God is our Refuge; God our Strength. Ps. xlvi.
27. Lo, a voice from heaven hath said. Burial.
28. Lord, let me pray. I know not how. The Holy Spirit desired.
29. O pallid, gentle, grief-worn face. Easter Eve.
30. Out of the depths, the gulfs, the night. Ps. cxxx.
31. This, the old world's day of rest. Saturday Evening. [1854-7.]
32. Thou who Thyself didst sanctify. Ordination. [1854-7.]
33. Voices of the deep blue night. The Heavenly Call.
34. With gladness we worship. Public Worship.

Mr. Rawson is represented by about 50 hymns in the collections of the present day. It must be noted that in the Hymns, &c, 1876, and in the Songs, &c, 1885, the texts of the hymns have been revised, and in several instances been weakened thereby. [Rev.W. R. Stevenson, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Rawson, George, p. 952, i. Additional hymns by this author in common use include:—
1. Come, Spirit of the Lord. From his “How shall the mighty God," in his Hymns, Verses, &c, 1876, No. 43.
2. Each trial hath a gentle voice. Patience and Hope. In the 1880 Supplement to the Baptist Psalms and Hymns. This is dated 1857. It is not in the author's Hymns, 1876.
3. Stand up before your God. All Saints. In the 1880 Baptist Psalms and Hymns this is dated 1865. It is not in Rawson's Hymns, 1876.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by George Rawson (37)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
حفظا لما أوصى الحبيبGeorge Rawson (Author)Arabic1
And will the mighty GodGeorge Rawson (Author)English17
At evening time, when day is doneGeorge Rawson (Author)1
By Christ redeemed, in Christ restoredGeorge Rawson (Author)English155
Cast thy burden on the Lord, Lean thou only on His wordGeorge Rawson (Author)English6
Cast thy burden on the Lord, Only lean upon His wordGeorge Rawson (Author)English17
Children's voices high in heavenGeorge Rawson (Author)English9
Christ to Heaven is gone beforeGeorge Rawson (Author)English10
Come to our poor nature's nightGeorge Rawson (Author)English59
Father, in high heaven dwellingGeorge Rawson, 1807-1889 (Author)English28
Father of love and powerG. Rawson (1807- ) (Author)English48
God is our refuge and defenseG. Rawson (Author)2
God the Father, be thou nearGeorge Rawson (Author)11
God the Lord is King, before himGeorge Rawson, 1807-1889 (Author)English13
Holy Ghost, the InfiniteGeorge Rawson (1807-1885) (Author)English68
Holy one, the infiniteGeorge Rawson (Author)English5
Holy Spirit, in thy might, shineGeorge Rawson (Author)3
Holy Spirit, lamp of lightGeorge Rawson (Author)6
Immersed beneath the closing waveGeorge Rawson (Author)6
In Gott versöhnt, in Christus neuGeorge Rawson (Author)German1
In the dark and cloudy dayGeorge Rawson (Author)English52
Lord, when thy way is in the seaGeorge Rawson (Author)2
My Father, it is good for meGeorge Rawson (Author)English4
No limitemos la verdad del omnisciente DiosGeorge Rawson (Author)Spanish2
O God, my strength and fortitudeGeorge Rawson, 1807-1889 (Alterer)English1
O Lord of heaven and earth and seaGeo. Rawson (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord, immortal choir in heavenly heights aboveGeorge Rawson (Author)5
Reaper, behold the fields are whiteGeorge Rawson (Author)3
Soul, thy week of toil is endedG. Rawson (Author)2
The God of love my Shepherd is, My gracious constant guideG. Rawson (Author)English11
Thou who hast known the careworn breastGeorge Rawson, 1807-1889 (Author)English3
Thou who thyself didst sanctifyGeorge Rawson (Author)5
Walking with Thee, my GodGeorge Rawson (Author)English10
We limit not the truth of GodG. Rawson (Author)English20
Who dares to bind to his dull senseGeorge Rawson (Author)English3
With gladness we worship, Rejoice as we singGeorge Rawson (Author)English14
Ye hosts of heaven, ye mighty onesGeorge Rawson (Adapter)5

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