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Parley Parker Pratt

Parley Parker Pratt
Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Short Name: Parley Parker Pratt
Full Name: Pratt, Parley Parker, 1807-1857
Birth Year: 1807
Death Year: 1857

Wikipedia Biography

Parley Parker Pratt Sr. (April 12, 1807 – May 13, 1857) was an early leader of the Latter Day Saint movement whose writings became a significant early nineteenth-century exposition of the Latter Day Saint faith. Named in 1835 as one of the first members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Pratt was part of the Quorum's successful mission to Great Britain from 1839 to 1841. Pratt has been called "the Apostle Paul of Mormonism" for his promotion of distinctive Mormon doctrines.

Texts by Parley Parker Pratt (63)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A holy angel from on highParley Parker Pratt (Author)7
Adieu to the city where long I have wanderedParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
All hail, the new born yearParley Parker Pratt (Author)English6
An angel from on high, the long, long silence brokeParley P. Pratt, 1807-1857 (Author)English14
Another day has fled and goneParley Parker Pratt (Author)English6
As the dew from heaven distilling Gently on the grass descendsP. P. Pratt (Author)English7
At first, a babe was givenParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
At first, the Babe of BethlehemParley Parker Pratt (Author)5
Behold the church, it soars on highParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
Behold the great redeemer comesParley Parker Pratt (Author)English7
Behold, the harvest wide extendsParley Parker Pratt (Author)3
Behold the Mount of Olives rendParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
Behold the Savior comes!Parley Parker Pratt (Author)8
Behold thy sons and daughters, LordParley Parker Pratt (Author)8
Beloved brethren, sing his praiseParley Parker Pratt (Author)5
Come, O thou King of kingsParley Parker Pratt (Author)English13
Creation sparks with awful voiceParley Parker Pratt (Author)1
Creation speaks with awful voiceParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
Creemos, Padre y SeñorParley Parker Pratt (Author)Spanish2
Earth is the place where Christ will reignParley Parker Pratt (Author)6
Ere long the veil will rend in twainParley Parker Pratt (Author)8
Farewell, my kind and faithful friendParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
Farewell, ye servants of the LordParley Parker Pratt (Author)7
Hark, listen to the gentle breeze [strain]Parley Parker Pratt (Author)3
Hark, ye mortals, list [hist] be stillP. P. Pratt, 1807-1857 (Author)English11
Hosanna to the great MessiahParley Parker Pratt (Author)7
How fleet the precious moments rollParley Parker Pratt (Author)8
How foolish to the carnal mindParley Parker Pratt (Author)8
How often in sweet meditation my mindParley Parker Pratt (Author)6
In ancient times a man of GodParley Parker Pratt (Author)6
Jesus, once of humble birthParley Parker Pratt (Author)English10
Let Europe's towns and cities hearParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
Lift up your heads, ye scattered saintsParley Parker Pratt (Author)English7
Lo! the gentile chain is brokenP. P. Pratt (Author)English6
Father in heaven, we do believe The promise thou hast madeParley P. Pratt, 1807-1857 (Author)English9
O saints, have you [ye] seen, o'er yon mountainParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
O who has not searched in the records of oldParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
O who that has searched in the records of oldParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
Repent ye Gentiles allParley Parker Pratt (Author)3
Shall we repine when Jesus callsParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
The day star has dawned o'er the landParley Parker Pratt (Author)3
The fullness of the gospel shinesParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
The morning breaks, the shadows fleeParley Parker Pratt (Author)English14
The night is wearing fast awayParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
The solid rocks were rent in twainParley Parker Pratt (Author)3
The sun that declines in the far western skyParley Parker Pratt (Author)6
The time is nigh, that happy timeParley Parker Pratt (Author)7
This earth is where our Lord will reignParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
This earth shall be a blessed placeParley Parker Pratt (Author)7
This morning in silence I ponderParley Parker Pratt (Author)7
To leave my dear friends, and with neighbors to partParley Parker Pratt (Author)English65
To leave my dear home, and from kindred to partParley Parker Pratt (Author)2
Torn from our friends and captive ledParley Parker Pratt (Author)7
Truth eternal, truth divineParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
Waked from my bed of slumber sweetParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
When earth in bondage long had [hast] lainParley Parker Pratt (Author)10
When Joseph saw his brethren movedParley Parker Pratt (Author)3
When shall we all meet again? When shall we our rest obtain?P. P. Pratt (Author)English5
When time shall be no moreParley Parker Pratt (Author)3
Ye children of our GodParley Parker Pratt (Author)6
Ye chosen twelve, to you are givenParley Parker Pratt (Author)5
Ye Gentile nations, cease your strifeParley Parker Pratt (Author)4
Ye ransomed of our GodParley Parker Pratt (Author)3

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