S. Dryden Phelps

S. Dryden Phelps
Short Name: S. Dryden Phelps
Full Name: Phelps, S. Dryden (Sylvanus Dryden), 1816-1895
Birth Year: 1816
Death Year: 1895

Phelps, Sylvanus Dryden, D.D., was born at Suffield, Connecticut, May 15, 1816, and educated at Brown University, where he graduated in 1844. In 1846 he became pastor of the first Baptist Church, New Haven. Dr. Phelps is the Editor of The Christian Secretary, Hartford. His publications include, Eloquence of Nature, and Other Poems, 1842; Sunlight and Hearthlight, 1856; the Poet's Song, 1867, &c. He is the author of the following hymns:—
1. Christ, Who came my soul to save. Holy Baptism.
2. Did Jesus weep for me? Lent.
3. Saviour, Thy dying love. Passiontide.
4. Sons of day, arise from slumber. Home Missions.
5. This rite our blest Redeemer gave. Holy Baptism.
Of these Nos. 1 and 4 appeared in the Baptist ed. of the Plymouth Collection, 1857; Nos. 2 and 5 in the Baptist Devotional Hymn Book, 1864; and No. 3 in Gospel Hymns, 1st series, and Laudes Domini, 1884. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Phelps, Sylvanus Dryden, p. 893, ii. Additional hymns in common use by Dr. Phelps include (1) "Father, from Thy throne above" (Temperance); (2) "When over our land hung oppression's dark pall" (Temperance), both written in 1841. To J. Aldrich's Sacred Lyre, 1858, he contributed (3) "Sweet is the hour of prayer" (Prayer); (4) "Sweet Sunday-school! I love the place" (Sunday Schools); and (5) "Come friends, and let our hearts awake" (Divine Worship). There are also (6) "Once I heard a sound at my heart's dark door" (Voice of God within), in Pure Gold, with a refrain by Dr. Lowry; (7) "While on life's stormy sea" (Trust in God), written in 1862; and (8) "Come, trembling soul, be not afraid" (Confidence), "written after visiting a sick man, who, feeling his need of Christ, found it difficult to believe." Concerning his popular hymn "Saviour! Thy dying love," Burrage says it was written in 1862, and published in the Watchman and Reflector, and then, with music by Dr. R. Lowry in Pure Gold. It has been translated into Swedish and other languages. Burrage gives a revised version of the text, recently made by the author. (Burrage's Baptist Hymn Writers, 1888, p. 384.)

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by S. Dryden Phelps (45)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
救主牺牲的爱已赐给我 (Jiù zhǔ xīshēng de ài yǐ cì gěi wǒ)Sylvanus D. Phelps (Author)Chinese2
Apo, gapu ta caniac nataycaS. Dryden Phelps (Author)Tagalog2
As Jesus prayed upon the heightSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)4
Christ who came my soul to saveS. D. Phelps (Author)English7
Come, day of gospel gloryS. Dryden Phelps (Author)3
Come friends and let our hearts awakeSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)5
Come, trembling soul, be not afraidSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)14
Cristo, tu santo amorS. Dryden Phelps (Author)Spanish2
Cristo, tu santo amor, diste a míS. Dryden Phelps (Author)Spanish2
Did Jesus weep for meS. D. Phelps (Author)2
Du, som af kärlek varmS. D. Phelps (Author)Swedish2
Du, som af kjærlighed Døde for mig!S. D. Phelps (Author)Norwegian2
Du, som af kärlek dog, Jesus, för migSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)Swedish3
Father! from thy throne aboveSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)3
Father, thy boundless love thouS. D. Phelps (Author)4
Frelser, Din Kj'rlighedSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)1
From the cross of Calvary's mountainSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)4
God is for me, O how gloriousRev. Sylvanus Dryden Phelps, 1816- (Author)2
Heiland, bis in den TodS. Dryden Phelps (Author)German2
Heiland, die KreuzeslastSylvanus D. Phelps (Author)German1
Holy Spirit from above, gift and pledge of Jesus ' loveS. D. Phelps , D. D. (Author)2
How sweet the scene, how blest the hourSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)3
Jesu, aus Liebe komm'st du sterben für michSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)German3
Jesus, I would abideS. D. Phelps, D. D. (Author)2
Jesus loves me, came to save meS. Dryden Phelps (Author)2
救主受死大愛已賜給我 (Jiù zhǔ shòu sǐ dà ài yǐ cì gěi wǒ)S. Dryden Phelps (Author)Chinese3
Kou aloha e IesuS. Dryden Phelps (Author)Hawaiian3
Mein Jesus, gabst du dennSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)German5
Not far from the kingdom, So near to the gateS. D. Phelps, D. D. (Author)2
O Jesus, keep me near thy sideS. Dryden Phelps (Author)2
O Lord, in whom are all my springsS. Dryden Phelps (Author)3
Once I heard a sound at my heart's dark doorSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)22
Planted in thy houseS. D. Phelps, D. D. (Author)2
Savior, Thy dying love Thou gavest meSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)English518
See at last the signs portendingS. Dryden Phelps (Author)3
Sons of day, arise from slumbersSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)11
Sweet is the house of prayerSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)3
Sweet Sunday school, I love the placeSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)7
Teu santo amor, Jesus, veio me alcançarS. Dryden Phelps (Author)Portuguese2
This rite our blest Redeemer gaveS. D. Phelps (Author)21
Tu vida, ¡oh Salvador!Slyvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)Spanish6
Walk with the God of lightS. Dryden Phelps (Author)2
What shall I do with Jesus, the ChristSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)12
While on life's stormy sea my bark is drivenSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)6
Within the olive shadeSylvanus Dryden Phelps (Author)3

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