Francis Turner Palgrave

Francis Turner Palgrave
Short Name: Francis Turner Palgrave
Full Name: Palgrave, Francis Turner, 1824-1897
Birth Year: 1824
Death Year: 1897

Palgrave, Francis Turner, M.A., eldest son of Sir Francis Palgrave, the Historian, was born at Great Yarmouth, Sept. 28, 1824, and educated at the Charterhouse (1838-1843) and at Oxford, where he graduated in first class Classical Honours. He was scholar of Balliol (1842) and Fellow of Exeter (1846). He was engaged in the Education Department of the Privy Council till 1884, being also Private Secretary to Lord Granville (then Lord President). In 1885 he was elected Professor of Poetry in the University of Oxford. Professor Palgrave's publications include:—

(1) Idylls and Songs, 1854; (2) Art Catalogue of the Great Exhibition, 1862; (3) Essays on Art, 1866; (4) Lyrical Poems, 1871; (5) Hymns, 1st ed., 1867; 2nd ed., 1868; 3rd ed., 1870. He has also edited, (6) Golden Treasury of English Lyrics, 1861; (7) Sir Walter Scott's Poems, with Life, 1867; and (8) Chrysomela, a selection from Herrick, 1877.

A large proportion of Professor Palgrave's hymns are in common use, the greatest number being in the Marlborough College Hymns, 1869 (5); Thring's Collection, 1882; (4) Horder's Congregational Hymns, 1884 (11); and the Westminster Abbey Hymn Book, 1883 (12). These include:—

i. From his Hymns, 1867-70:—
1. High in heaven the sun. (1867.) Morning.
2. Hope of those who have none other. (1862.) Consolation in Affliction.
3. Lord God of morning and of night. (q.v.) Morning.
4. 0 Light of Life, 0 Saviour dear. (1865.) Evening.
5. 0 Thou not made with hands. (1867.) Kingdom of God within.
6. Once Man with man, now God with God above us. (1868.) Holy Communion.
7. Thou sayest 'Take up thy cross'. (1865.) Taking the Cross of Christ. In Macmillan's Magazine.
8. Thou that once, on mother's knee. (1863-7.) The Child Jesus.
9. Though we long, in sin-wrought blindness. (1868.) Lost and Found.
10. We name Thy Name, O God. (1868.) Lent.

ii. From Other Sources:—
11. Christ, Who art above the sky. em>Christ, the Consoler and Guide.
12. Lord, how fast the minutes fly. The New Year.
13. O God, Who when the night was deep. Morning.
14. 0 God [Lord] Who when Thy cross was nigh. Evening.
15. Thrice-holy Name that sweeter sounds. Litany of the Name of Jesus. From the School Guardian, 1883.

These hymns, in common with others by Professor Palgrave are marked by much originality of thought and beauty of diction, as well as great tenderness. His object was "to try and write hymns which should have more distinct matter for thought and feeling than many in our collections offer, and so, perhaps, be of little use and comfort to readers," and he has admirably succeeded in his object. He died Oct. 24, 1897. [Rev. W. Garrett Horder]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Francis Turner Palgrave (22)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Christ in his heavenly garden walks all dayFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)English17
Christ, Who art above the skyFrancis T. Palgrave (Author)English2
City not made with handsFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)2
How sad the din and strife that riseFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)1
In thine own being, thineF. T. Palgrave (Author)English2
Lord God of morning and of nightFrancis T. Palgrave (Author)English77
Lord! how fast the minutes flyFrancis T. Palgrave (Author)English2
Mother maid, all holy, thronedFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)2
O God, who, when the night was deepF. T. Palgrave (Author)English3
O light of life, O Savior dearF. T. Palgrave (Author)English28
O Lord God eternalFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)2
O Lord, who when Thy cross was nighFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)English3
O thou not made with handsFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)English49
O thou who as our knowledge growsFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)English2
Once Man with Man, now God with God above usFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)English2
Star of morn and evenFrancis T. Palgrave (Author)English25
Thou sayest, Take up thy crossFrancis T. Palgrave (Author)English38
Thou that once by mother's kneeF. T. Palgrave (Author)English38
Though we all in sinful blindnessFrancis Turner Palgrave (Author)4
Though we long, in sin wrought blindnessFrancis T. Palgrave (Author)English4
Thrice-holy Name! that sweeter soundsFrancis T. Palgrave (Author)English3
We name Thy name, O GodFrancis T. Palgrave (Author)English4
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