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F. A. Gore Ouseley
Short Name: F. A. Gore Ouseley
Full Name: Ouseley, F. A. (Frederick Arthur Gore) 1825-1889
Birth Year: 1825
Death Year: 1889

Born: August 12, 1825, London, England.
Died: April 6, 1889, Hereford, England.
Buried: Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Tenbury Wells, Hereford and Worcester, England.

Gore-Ouseley was educated at Oxford University (BA 1846, MA 1849, DMus 1854), and was ordained in 1849. In 1855, he was appointed Oxford Professor of Music, succeeding Henry Bishop. At that time, Oxford music degrees were easy to obtain, as there were no conditions of residence. Candidates only had to submit a musical composition, (e.g., for choir or orchestra). This was then approved by the examiner, rehearsed and performed to a small, select audience at Oxford. As far as Ouseley was concerned, this only meant two or three trips to Oxford each year, usually for two or three days each time, as there was no music "taught" in the university and very little in Oxford itself at the time.

Also in 1855, Ouseley was appointed Precentor of Hereford Cathedral, a post he held for the next 30 years, before becoming a Canon there. Although theoretically in charge of the cathedral choir, Ouseley only had to be in residence at the cathedral two months each year, and he arranged these to take place during the summer vacation, when he was not required to be at his College, although such was his commitment that he did make regular visits to the cathedral, which was only 18 miles from his College at St. Michael’s.

His College of St. Michael’s, Tenbury, a "model" choir school, opened in 1856, mostly at his own expense. He founded the College and was its first Warden, which was the greater part of his work for the next 33 years.

Ouseley’s compositions covered a wide range: operas, songs, chamber music and organ pieces. His works include the following treatises:

Harmony (London: 1868)
Counterpoint (London: 1869)
Canon and Fugue (London: 1869)
Form and General Composition (London: 1875)


Wikipedia Biography

Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, 2nd Baronet (12 August 1825 – 6 April 1889) was an English composer, organist, musicologist and priest.

Tunes by F. A. Gore Ouseley (39)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ABERYSTWYTH (Ouseley)Rev Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, Bart., Mus.D. (1825-) (Composer)554322 12355 45575
ALL THINGS BRIGHT (Ouseley)Frederick A. G. Ouseley, 1825-89 (Composer)211335 65513 54324
[Chant] (Ouseley 51327)Ouseley (Composer)251327 16543
[Blessed be the Lord God of Israel] (Ouseley)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)236175 64321
BRIGHTNESS (Ouseley)Frederick Athur Gore-Ouseley (Composer)213455 16543 45643
[Chant] (Ouseley 56427)Frederick A. Gore Ouseley (Composer)356427 15443
CHRIST CHURCH (Ouseley)Frederick A. Gore Ouseley (Composer)211356 53255 43644
[Come! tune your heart, to bear its part]Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, 1825-1889 (Composer)213453 46551 76543
CONFIDENCE (Ouseley)Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley (Composer)255154 23567 23452
CONTEMPLATION (Ouseley)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)1735235 4321
EASTHAMFrederick A. Gore Ouseley (Composer)451234 53165 443
[for God's mercy endures forever]Frederick A. Gore Ouseley (Composer (Refrain and Tone))2
[Glory be to God on high and in earth peace]F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)2
GLORY IN THE HIGHESTFrederick A. G.Ouseley (Composer)831516 15345 65123
[God be merciful unto us, and bless us] (Ouseley)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)256551 21171
[Hark! the swelling breezes]Rev. Sir F. A. G. Ouseley, Bart (Arranger)233216 55332 23321
HEREFORD (OUSELEY)Frederick Arthur Gore-Ouseley (1825-1889) (Composer)711712 34554 32172
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (Ouseley)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)211222 34543 11111
[In Bethlehem, that noble place]F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)2
KEBLE (Ouseley)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)111112 342
[Listen, Lordings, unto me, a tale I will you tell]Frederick Arthur Gore-Ouseley (Composer)211765 31234 53176
[Chant] (Ouseley 51642)Frederick A. Gore Ouseley, 1825-1909 (Composer)2251642 53221
[Chant] (Ouseley 35313 )F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)335313 67127 1
[Chant] (Ouseley 53713)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)553713 21765 55
MAGNIFICATSir F. A. G. Ouseley, 1825-89 (Composer)833514 43221
[O be joyful in the Lord] (Ouseley 31234)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)231234 25123 21
[Go preach my gospel, saith the Lord]Rev. Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley (1825- ) (Composer)2
[Chant] (Ouseley 51234)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)251234 51171
OUSELEYRev. Sir F. A. G. Ouseley, Mus. Doc (Composer)511111 11222 11233
SHARON (Ouseley)Frederick Arthur Gore-Ouseley (Composer)211514 32132 45176
ST. AUSTIN (Ouseley)Rev Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, Bart., Mus.D. (1825-) (Composer)315432 1
ST. GABRIEL (Ouseley)Frederick A. Gore Ouseley (Composer)3635434 32116 54534
ST. WINIFRED'S (Ouseley)Frederick A. Gore Ouseley (Composer)1055667 71533 25127
TENBURY (Ouseley)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)512345 35656 43123
ST. THEOCTISTUS (Ouseley)Frederick Ouseley (1825-1889) (Composer)433116 65531 43227
PRUENRev. Sir. F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)735165 43255 57655
TUNE 82 (Ouseley)Rev. Sir Frederic Arthur Gore Ouseley, Bart., Mus.D. , 1825- (Composer)251115 65551 11565
[Chant] (Ouseley 35165)F. A. G. Ouseley (Composer)235165 1171
WOOLMER'SFrederick A. Gore Ouseley (Composer)711277 12354 23176

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