Stanley L. Osborne

Short Name: Stanley L. Osborne
Full Name: Osborne, Stanley L., 1907-2000
Birth Year: 1907
Death Year: 2000

Stanley Llewellen Osborne, studied music at the University Toronto, and later, theology at Emmanuel College, and was ordained a United Church Minister in 1932. Dr. Osborne was co-editor of the United Church's Canadian Youth Hymnal (1939), and full-time secretary to the joint committee of the United Church and the Anglican Church of Canada for The Hymn Book, which they published together in 1971. In 1975 he completed If Such Holy Song, the story of the hymns in the Hymn Book 1971.

--SICM (Summer Institute of Church Music, 03 July 2014.

Tunes by Stanley L. Osborne (9)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ARFON (Minor)Stanley L. Osborne (Adapter and Harmonizer)151176 51234 32132
ARFON (Major)Stanley L. Osborne (Adapter and Harmonizer)251176 51234 32132
AVONLEAStanley L. Osborne, 1907- (Composer)1
BALERMA (Barthélemon)Stanley Llewellyn Osborne 1907- (Harmonizer)113216 56113 23532
GOTT WILL'S MACHENStanley L Osborne, 1907- (Composer (Descant))113251 32554 32432
GWYNNEStanley L. Osborne (Composer)1
LLEWELLYNStanley Llewellyn Osborne (Composer)234365 52433 45676
MASSONStanley L. Osborne, 1907- (Composer)3
PRESENCE (Obsorne)Stanley L Osborne, 1907- (Composer)256217 34371 2
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