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Short Name: Christopher Norton
Full Name: Norton, Christopher, 1953-
Birth Year: 1953 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[The earth was dark until You spoke]Christopher Norton (Arranger)117565 67122 53125
[All heaven waits with bated breath]Christopher Norton (Arranger)117561 75634 32171
AUSTRIAN HYMNChristopher Norton (Arranger)112324 32716 54323
[Blessed be the name of the Lord] (Utterbach)Christopher Norton, b. 1953 (Arranger)233333 21344 44431
[Come and see, come and see, come and see the King of love] Christopher Norton (B. 1953) (Arranger)134534 53455 43323
COME BLESS THE LORD (Johnston)Christopher Norton (Arranger)211766 71231 46712
[Come, see the beauty of the Lord]Christopher Norton (Arranger)255565 43555 56543
[Earth could not contain the treasures]Christopher Norton (Arranger)215654 56533 21721
EBENEZER (Williams)Christopher Norton (Arranger)111232 12234 3215
[Father God, we worship you]Christopher Norton (Arranger)232435 31234 32173
[Father in heaven]Christopher Norton (Arranger)255554 44345 55655
LORD GOD ALMIGHTYChristopher Norton (Arranger)155654 35432 66554
[Father, never was love so near]Christopher Norton (Arranger)271712 76571 71276
[For everything in heaven and earth is Yours]Christopher Norton (Arranger)233212 11213 34323
[For God so loved the world] (Kendrick)Christopher Norton (Arranger)234534 53223 44432
[From the sun's rising unto the sun's setting]Christopher Norton (Arranger)134565 43511 73456
[Go now and carry the news]Christopher Norton (Arranger)235171 15165 43234
[Hallelujah! sing to the Lord songs of praise]Christopher Norton (Arranger)217561 11235 55175
[He gave me beauty for ashes]Christopher Norton (Arranger)251233 21554 44325
[He walked where I walk]Christopher Norton (Arranger)235223 33522 33652
[Hold me, Lord]Christopher Norton (Arranger)217612 11651 23216
[Holy is the Lord] (Green)Christopher Norton (Arranger)212343 21711 23432
[How long, O Lord, will you forget] (Norton)Christopher Norton (Composer)1211151 11511 17445
[How precious, O Lord, is Your unfailing love]Christopher Norton (Arranger)253354 32212 33166
[I am a wounded soldier]Christopher Norton (Arranger)211111 16511 33322
[I get so excited, Lord]Christopher Norton (Arranger)233555 11111 33263
[I give you all the honor and praise]Christopher Norton (Arranger)113321 21122 21712
[I just want to praise you]Christopher Norton (Arranger)132177 64321 77125
[I lift my hands] (Espinosa)Christopher Norton (Arranger)251655 54543 43434
[I receive You, O spirit of love]Christopher Norton (Arranger)234512 34321 23451
[I want to learn to appreciate You]Christopher Norton (Arranger)233332 22123 44432
I WAS GLAD (Warren)Christopher Norton (Arranger)233323 44434 56666
[I will build my Church]Christopher Norton (Arranger)211115 11233 11222
[I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart]Christopher Norton (Arranger)113555 44455 53113
[I will rejoice, I will rejoice]Christopher Norton (Arranger)211231 12322 22325
[If My people who bear My name]Christopher Norton (Arranger)215432 15347 15347
[I'm redeemed, yes I am]Christopher Norton (Arranger)234534 56716 71777
[I'm special because God has loved me]Christopher Norton (Arranger)132123 53212 35321
THE BATTLEChristopher Norton (Arranger)251235 43217 15123
[In the tomb so cold they laid Him]Christopher Norton, b. 1953 (Arranger)132324 54333 23423
[It is no longer I that liveth]Christopher Norton (Arranger)256112 31616 51123
JEHOVAH JIREH (Watson)Christopher Norton (Arranger)111713 43454 33321
[Let it be to me according to Your word]Christopher Norton (Arranger)212345 16421 11234
[Lift up your hearts to the Lord]Christopher Norton (Composer)215565 45434 22333
[Light has dawned that ever shall blaze]Christopher Norton (Arranger)255555 12332 16555
[Like a candle flame]Christopher Norton (Arranger)135123 34223 11351
[Lord, come and heal Your Church]Christopher Norton (Arranger)234325 12173 64332
[Lord, I love You] (Espinosa)Christopher Norton (Arranger)251433 43213 22321
SHINE JESUS SHINEChristopher Norton (Arranger)155654 53255 55654
[Lord, we long for You to move in power]Christopher Norton (Arranger)133312 34332 22261
[Lord, You have chosen me for fruitfulness]Christopher Norton (Arranger)232132 21613 53561
LOVE UNKNOWNChristopher Norton (Arranger)135632 12345 36676
[Make way, make way, for Christ the King]Christopher Norton, b. 1953 (Arranger)151111 17651 234
[May our worship be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord]Christopher Norton (Arranger)251233 51233 32165
[My blood was shed for many, taking away your sin]Christopher Norton (Arranger)235112 34543 22554
[Now dawns the Sun of righteousness]Christopher Norton (Arranger)211353 21233 56765
[Now is the time for us to march upon the land]Christopher Norton (Arranger)255556 54355 55145
[O come and join the dance that all began so long ago]Christopher Norton (Arranger)111134 56567 65455
[O I will sing unto You with joy]Christopher Norton (Arranger)251233 33221 15234
[O Lord our God, how majestic is Your name]Christopher Norton (Arranger)333271 26671 55321
[O Lord, the clouds are gathering]Christopher Norton (Arranger)235567 71117 65361
O LORD, THE REFUGEChristopher Norton (Composer)351243 21231 55124
[O Lord, You are my light]Christopher Norton (Arranger)251327 12555 43455
O RIGHTEOUS GODChristopher Norton (b. 1953) (Composer)311234 57111 23453
[O the joy of Your forgiveness]Christopher Norton (Arranger)251176 54551 17654
[O what a mystery I see]Christopher Norton (Arranger)233234 54321 76217
[One shall tell another]Christopher Norton (Arranger)111123 35444 31222
[Open you eyes, see the glory of the King]Christopher Norton (b. 1953) (Arranger)333352 34321 33335
[Peace I give to you]Christopher Norton (Arranger)133423 34232 13342
[Praise him on the trumpet, the psalt'ry and harp]Christopher Norton (Arranger)132323 32323 54444
[Praise You, Lord] (Rose)Christopher Norton (Arranger)233211 16643 23453
[Reigning in all splendour, victorious love]Christopher Norton (Arranger)232321 21754 31432
RICHMOND (Haweis)Christopher Norton (Arranger)151354 34213 2517
SAFE IN THE HANDSChristopher Norton (Composer)412343 22532 34565
SEDDONChristopher Norton, b. 1953 (Composer)212126 53112 12655
[Show Your power, O Lord]Christopher Norton (Arranger)251235 51234 32132
SLANEChristopher Norton (Arranger)111216 56112 32222
[Soften my heart, Lord, soften my heart]Christopher Norton (Arranger)132344 21233 23442
[Such love, pure as the whitest snow]Christopher Norton (B. 1953) (Arranger)355123 32242 23443
[Thank You, Jesus, for Your love to me]Christopher Norton (Arranger)235227 71233 52277
THE FEAST IS READYChristopher Norton, b. 1953 (Arranger)333344 22311 12277
[The God of heaven thunders]Christopher Norton (Composer)251231 25623 42366
[The majesty of mountains]Christopher Norton (Composer)251231 25512 31256
[There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ]Christopher Norton (Arranger)255577 77711 11232
[Therefore I will sing and I will rejoice]Christopher Norton (Arranger)255365 31223 32123
[This Child secretly comes in the night]Christopher Norton (Arranger)253543 46622 42432
MEEKNESS AND MAJESTYChristopher Norton (b. 1953) (Arranger)433432 15565 43333
THORNBURYChristopher Norton (Arranger)153716 12456 43235
[Through our God we shall do valiantly]Christopher Norton (Arranger)213554 34322 34456
[To see God, the Alpha and Omega]Christopher Norton (Arranger)211111 34651 35111
[Tonight, while all the world was sleeping]Christopher Norton (Arranger)123232 34232 32323
VEM, JESUSChristopher Norton (Arranger)155446 65311 33221
[My hope is in the Lord, my honour and strength]Christopher Norton, 1953- (Arranger)133325 17561 43322
[We are marching] (Kendrick)Christopher Norton (Arranger)132111 13556 53321
[We are moving on into a deep appreciation]Christopher Norton (Arranger)254321 62343 21751
[We break this bread]Christopher Norton (Arranger)212331 12334 21212
[We'll walk the land with hearts on fire]Christopher Norton (Arranger)155715 57111 23335
[When He comes, we'll see just a child]Christopher Norton (Arranger)215222 34351 52777
[Who can sound the depths of sorrow]Christopher Norton (Arranger)134555 66555 11756
[Wonderful grace] (Pantry)Christopher Norton (Arranger)235146 51332 45722
[You are beautiful beyond description]Christopher Norton (Arranger)134555 55665 56554
[You are the Vine, we are the branches]Christopher Norton (Arranger)115323 15541 3154
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