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Short Name: Gregory Murray
Full Name: Murray, Gregory, 1905-1992
Birth Year: 1905
Death Year: 1992 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[A contrite heart, O God, you will not spare] (Murray)A. G. Murray (Composer (Antiphon))251121 7
AD CENAM AGNI PROVIDIA. Gregory Murray, b. 1905 (Adapter)151651 71217 6665
[All the ends of the earth have seen] (Murray)Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)435176 535
[Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia] (Murray)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (refrain))2456121
[Amen] (A People's Mass)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer)212321
ANGLORUM APOSTOLUSA. Gregory Murray, O.S.B., 1905- (Composer)234565 4323
[Arise, O God, maintain your own cause]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Psalm tone))151151
[As the running deer seeks the flowing brook]Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)255456 55434
[As the watchman longs for dawn]A. G. M. (Composer (Antiphon 3))257113 27123 421
ASSUMPTA ESTAnthony Gregory Murray 1905- (Composer)255165 35345 323
[At last, all-powerful Master]Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer)2
BUNESSANA. Gregory Murray, OSB, b. 1905 (Harmonizer)1513512 76565 12356
[Christ has died, Christ is risen] (A People's Mass)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer)253566 5677
[Clap your hands all you peoples] (Murray)A. Gregory Murray (Composer)235153 2
CONDITOR ALME SIDERUMGregory Murray (Arranger)131355 64556 45432
[Cry out with joy and gladness] (Batastini)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))111111 31
[Father, I put my life in your hands]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))111161
[Fill us with your love, O Lord] (Batastini)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))161767 55
[When God restores the fortunes of his people]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Psalm tone))131671 21
[For the Lord is righteous]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Psalm tone))155123 15
[From the voices of children, Lord]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (Antiphon))6
GELINEAU 99A. Gregory Murray (Composer)3
GELINEAU PSALM 2Anthony Gregory Murray 1905- (Composer (Antiphon II))211311 14215 75564
GELINEAU PSALM 23Anthony Gregory Murray 1905- (Composer (Antiphon II and III))213566 53233 561
GELINEAU PSALM 24Gregory Murray (Composer (Response 1))355616 2
GELINEAU PSALM 42Anthony Gregory Murray 1905- (Antiphon II)255611 12111
GELINEAU PSALM 43Anthony Gregory Murray 1905- (Composer (Antiphon II and III))251755 45521 2
GELINEAU PSALM 91Anthony Gregory Murray 1905-92 (Composer (Antiphon I and II))211711 16722
GELINEAU PSALM 93Anthony Gregory Murray 1905- (Compiser (Antiphon I and II))211244 44222 21
[Glory to God in the highest] (Peoples Mass)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer)255553 56551 76532
[Go out to all the world, and tell the Good News]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))113344 5
[God of hosts, bring us back] (Murray)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer)2
[Guard us, O Lord, while we sleep]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))417767 73
GUSTATEAnthony Gregory Murray 1905- (Arranger)112233 55443 66653
[Have mercy, Lord, and hear my prayer]AGM (Composer (Psalm Tone))313233
[Have mercy on me, O God, in your kindness] (Murray)AGM (Composer)415565 4
[Have mercy upon us Lord, for we have sinned]Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)213321 2
[Here am I, Lord, I come to do your will] (Proulx)A. Gregory Murray (Composer (psalm tone))165633 2
[His goodness shall follow me] (Murray)AGM (Composer (Antiphon))556532 12
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (A People's Mass, Murray)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer)212343 66555 17651
[How can I repay the Lord] (Murray)AGM (Composer (Antiphon))344671 231
[How great is your name, O Lord our God]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (Antiphon))951612 12416
[How lovely is your dwelling place] (Murray 43467)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (refrain))943467 131
[How lovely is your dwelling place] (Murray 13451)Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)213451 4321
[I place all my trust in you, my God] (Gelineau)AGM (Composer (Psalm tone))351171 23212 34321
[I shall go to the house of God]A. G. M. (Composer (Antiphon 2))255656 123
[I will bless your name for ever, my God and my King]Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)213551 765
[I will sing of your salvation] (Englert)AGM (Composer (Psalm Tone))155132
[I will sing to the Lord all the days of my life]AGM (Composer (Psalm tone))257171 2
[I will take the cup of salvation] (Murray)AGM (Composer)366561 7677
[If you, O Lord, should mark our sins]AGM (Composer (Psalm tone))251133 21751 4321
[In ev'ry age, O Lord, you have been our refuge] (Englert)AGM (Composer (Psalm Tone))351171 2123
[In God I trust, and will not fear]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Psalm tone))111232 1
[In the morning I will sing] (Isele)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))156112 343
JESU, NOSTRA REDEMPTIOA. Gregory Murray, b. 1905 (Adapter)1
[Jesus reigns our Lord and King]Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)235153 21
[Judge all the nations and vindicate me, LORD]Gregory Murray (Composer (tone))153212 36
[Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world] (A People's Mass)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer)253456 65517 665
[Let heaven rejoice and earth be glad]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (Antiphon))211345 56
[Let my crying, let my crying come before you, O Lord]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Psalm tone))117767 1
[Let my tongue be silenced] (Schoen)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))156717 65
[Let us bow down before the Lord]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))313431 716
[Like the deer that yearns for running streams] (Murray)AGM (Composer)255456 5434
[Lord, come to my aid] (Batatstini and Proulx)A. Gregory Murray (Composer (psalm tone))136717 6
[Lord, give success to the work of your hands]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))156717 121
[Lord God, be my refuge and my strength]AGM (Composer (Psalm tone))215456 5
[Lord, have mercy] (A People's Mass)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer)253456 53143 21
[A People's Mass] (Murray)Gregory Murray, 1905-1992 (Composer)253456 53143 215
[Lord, heal my soul] (Carroll)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))165235 61
[Lord, if you will]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))443211 7
[Lord, in your great love, answer me] (Peloquin)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))124323
[Lord, let your face shine on us]Gregory Murray (Composer (psalm tone))2
[Lord, Lord, be my rock of safety]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))165176 3
[Lord, you have the words of everlasting life] (Proulx)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))117571
MAGNIFICAT (FERIAL TONE)Anthony Gregory Murray 1905- (Composer (Antiphon))233411 3171
[May the Lord bless and protect us all the days of our life] (Murray)AGM (Composer)413565 453
[May the Lord watch over this house]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))355661 712
[My God, come quickly to help me] (Krisman)Gregory Murray (Composer (Verses))251752 123
[My refuge, my stronghold]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))513113 11431 71
[My shepherd is the Lord] (Gelineau)A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Antiphon II))355432 1
[Not to us, Lord, but to our name give the glory]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Psalm tone))155111 173
NUN DANKETA. Gregory Murray, OSB, b. 1905 (Harmonizer)1055566 53432 32155
[O all you works of the Lord] (Murray)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer)611131 35665
[This is the day of the Lord]Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)351232 15
[O God, my God, for you I long] (Murray)Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)313434 51334
REX SUMMAE MAJESTATISA. Gregory Murray (Composer)351232 17551 7345
[O Lord my God, in you I take refuge]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Psalm tone))155455 4325
[O taste and see that the Lord is good] (Murray)Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)211131 6716
[Our help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth]AGM (Composer)235535 6
[Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord] (Currie)AGM (Composer (Psalm tone))217151 3
[Praise the Lord, O my soul] (Murray 53517)Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)453517 65
PSALM 119Gregory Murray (Composer)213535 6531
[Send forth your light and your truth]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))235676 5
[Send forth your Spirit, O Lord] (Murray 22343)AGM (Composer)222343 42
[Show me your ways, O Lord]Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)2
[Sing praise to our king, sing praise]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))471513 14
[Some seed fell in rich soil]Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer (Tone))144534 5
ST. COLUMBA (Irish)A. Gregory Murray, OSB, 1905-1992 (Harmonizer)1912345 45321 12345
STRAF MICH NICHTAnthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Harmonizer)233455 12367 13213
SURREXITGregory Murray (Composer)532131 21765 6713
[The earth is full of your riches]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))252217 12
[The Lord has done marvels for me]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Antiphon))213135 434
[O my soul, bless the Lord] (Murray)Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)313235 321
[The Lord is king for evermore]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (Antiphons))951625
[The Lord is my shepherd] (Murray)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer)8
[The Lord is my shepherd, nothing shall I want] (Murray)AGM (Composer (Antiphon))413123 65
[The Lord of hosts is with us] (Murray)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (refrain))551232 15
[The Lord will bless his people with peace] (Forrester)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer (Tone))151175 64
[The Lord will guide me and guard me]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))213365 323
[The morning and the evening sing your praise]Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer (Tone))155532 1
[The precepts of the Lord give joy to the heart] (Currie)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))156567 1
[Their message goes out through all the earth]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))151556 1
[To God the Lord raise hymns of praise]Dom Gregory Murray (Composer)213155 365
[To you, I lift up my soul] (Murray)AGM (Composer (Antiphon))257717 13
TRISAGION AND REPROACHESAnthony Gregory Murray (1905-1992) (Composer)365121 23432 1266
UBI CARITAS (Murray)Gregory Murray (Composer)1255165 33231 32213
[We lift our eyes to the Lord]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))253343 23
[We shall go up with joy] (Murray)AGM (Composer (Antiphon))435676 56
[We thank you Lord, for your works are wonderful]Gregory Murray, 1905-1992 (Composer (psalm tone))251253
[What marvels the Lord worked for us] (O'Carroll)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer (Tone))123432 321
[With joy you will draw water] (Lindley)Anthony Gregory Murray, 1905-92 (Composer (Tone))156556 11
[With the Lord there is mercy] (Carroll)A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))112321 25
[With the Lord there is mercy without end]A. G. M. (Composer (Antiphon 4))257171 32171
[You give, Lord, the sign to your servant]Gregory Murray, 1905-1992 (Composer)235556 53553 12333
[You, O Lord, you, O Lord]A. Gregory Murray (Composer (Psalm tone))115132 31
[Your hand is ever upon me]AGM (Composer (Antiphon))257717 122
[Your words, Lord, are spirit and life]A. Gregory Murray, OSB (Composer (psalm tone))111612
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