Edwin George Monk

Short Name: Edwin George Monk
Full Name: Monk, Edwin George, 1819-1900
Birth Year: 1819
Death Year: 1900
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Tunes by Edwin George Monk (27)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ANGEL VOICES (Monk)Edwin G. Monk (Composer)3435651 65312 34235
ANGLICANEdwin George Monk (Composer)351653 12353 56764
YORK MINSTEREdwin George Monk, Mus. D. (1819-) (Composer)431234 55432 43323
[Chant] (Monk 32172)Edwin George Monk, 1819-1909 (Composer)832172 51171
CHRISTUS CONSOLATOR (Monk)Edwin George Monk (Composer)132715 54334 57655
CROSSMAN (Monk)Edwin George Monk (Composer)111436 53234 42365
[God be merciful unto us, and bless us] (Monk)E. G. Monk (Composer)232161 71221
[Chant] (Monk 35517)Monk (Composer)235177 6571
HOPKINS (Monk)Edwin George Monk (Composer)613554 32344 64531
ENTREATY (Monk)E. G. Monk, Mus. Doc. (Composer)533211 75321 23345
MONK (E. G. Monk)E. G. Monk (Composer)634532 13246 65543
[Chant] (Monk 32161)E. G. Monk, 1819-1900 (Composer)232161 71221
[Chant] (Monk 56345)E. G. Monk (Composer)456345 35321
[Not by Thy mighty Hand]E. G. Monk (Composer)234566 55671 17575
[Chant] (Monk 55434)E. G. Monk, 1819-1900 (Composer)255434 43221
[Chant] (E. G. Monk 51366)Dr. E. G. Monk (Composer)451366 51432 3
[Chant] (Monk 32167)Edward G. Monk (Composer)132167 14321
[Chant] (Monk 13456)E. G. Monk, 1819-1900 (Composer)1913456 71171
[Chant] (Monk 32342)Edwin George Monk, 1819-1900 (Composer)632342 71221
[O praise the Lord for it is a good thing] (Monk)E. G. Monk (Composer)213216 75143
[Chant] (E. G. Monk 54536)E. G. Monk (Composer)154536 51171
[O sing unto the Lord a new song] (Monk)E. G. Monk, 1819 - 1900 (Composer)3
[Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Sion] (Monk)E. G. Monk, 1819 - 1900 (Composer)3
[Sing the battle sharp and glorious]E. G. Monk (Composer)215135 13212 76176
[Songs of Wesak hear us singing]Edwin G. Monk (Composer)213431 65312 342
ST. NINIAN (Monk)Edwin G. Monk (Composer)256531 23
TOTTENHAM (Monk)E. G. Monk (Composer)254332 33562 54243
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