Timothy B. Mason

Timothy B. Mason
Short Name: Timothy B. Mason
Full Name: Mason, Timothy B. (Timothy Batelle), 1801-1861
Birth Year: 1801
Death Year: 1861

Timothy Batelle Mason USA 1801-1861. Born at Medfield, MA, a younger brother of Lowell Mason, he became an author and wrote or co-authored several works, including: “The sacred harp” (1836), “The liberty minstrel” (1845), “The shawm: a library of church music” (1853), “A journey through Kansas” (1855). He founded the Eclectic Academy of Cincinnati, OH. In 1821 he married Alma Harding, and they had six children: Alma, Lucretia, Addison, Henry, Mary, and Abbie. His wife, Alma, died in 1836. In 1837 he married Abigail (Abby) K Hall, and they had three children: Edward, Helen, and William. He was an author, arranger, editor, and compiler of anthems, hymns, tune books, scores, Psalms, motets, and shape-note hymnals. He died from cancer at Cincinnati, OH.

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Tunes by Timothy B. Mason (5)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
EDEN (Mason)Timothy B. Mason (Composer)3133211 76532 15543
ESHTEMOATimothy B. Mason (Composer)1732343 65434 3465
BEALOTHTimothy B. Mason (Composer)153332 11222 32153
SEYMOUR (Weber)Timothy B. Mason (Arranger)132436 53233 33471
[Yes, my native land, I love thee] (Mason)T. B. Mason (Arranger)251233 42132 43271
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