Leonard Marshall

Short Name: Leonard Marshall
Full Name: Marshall, Leonard, 1809-1890
Birth Year: 1809
Death Year: 1890

Marshall, Leonard. (Hudson, New Hampshire, May 3, 1809--July 1, 1890, Hudson, N.H.) Baptist. Voice pupil of John Paddon of London and Charles Zenner, harmonist. Tenor soloist of Handel and Haydn Society ca. 1844-1850. Music director at Twelfth Congregational Church, Boston, Massachusetts, 1836-1957; Bowdoin Square Baptist Church, ca.1867-1870; Harvard Street Baptist Church, ca.1870-1875, and other Boston churches. Chorus director at Tremont Temple, 1857-1867. Author of popular songs, "Don't Give Up the Ship" and "The Mountaineer," and of thirteen church music books; published The Sacred Star hymnal, 1861, Boston. Wrote words of Easter hymn commencing, "Jesus Christ, our precious Savior," and hymn "Ever gracious, loving Savior, Come and bless us from on high."

--E.F. Quinn, DNAH Archives

Note: Typewritten copy of obituary from the Boston Evening Transcript 3 July 1890, is in the DNAH Archives.

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A new shrine stands in beauty rearedLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Another year has goneLeonard Marshall (Author)4
Children in the sunday schoolLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Christ doth love my wanderingLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Delightful is the Savior's voiceLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Eternity, Eternity, O blest EternityLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Ever gracious, lovingLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Glad tidings of great joy I bringLeonard Marshall (Author)2
God doth watch us onL. Marshall (Author)2
How bright, how glorious isLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Jesus Christ, our preciousLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Jesus little children lovesLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Loud hosannas let us raiseLeonard Marshall (Author)2
O come to Jesus earlyLeonard Marshall (Author)2
O why not come to Jesus now, and trust himLeonard Marshall (Author)2
Our Savior through this worldLeonard Marshall (Author)2
See the snowflakes falling (Marshall)Leonard Marshall (Author)2
The Sabbath school with joyLeonard Marshall (Author)2
The Savior now is callingLeonard Marshall (Author)3
The Sunday school is my delight, I love it more and moreLeonard Marshall (Author)2
There is a land of restLeonard Marshall (Author)2
There is a world where Jesus reignsLeonard Marshall (Author)2
'Tis sweet to hearLeonard Marshall (Author)2
When I would seek the SaviorLeonard Marshall (Author)2
When we hear the musicLeonard Marshall (Author)2
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