Edmund S. Lorenz

Edmund S. Lorenz
Short Name: Edmund S. Lorenz
Full Name: Lorenz, Edmund S. (Edmund Simon), 1854-1942
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1942

Pseudonymns: John D. Cresswell, L. S. Edwards, E. D. Mund,
Lorenz, Edmund Simon. (North Lawrence, Stark County, Ohio, July 13, 1854--July 10, 1942, Dayton, Ohio). Son of Edward Lorenz, a German-born shoemaker who turned preacher, served German immigrants in northwestern Ohio, and was editor of the church paper, Froehliche Botschafter, 1894-1900.

Edmund graduated from Toledo High School in 1870, taught German, and was made a school principal at a salary of $20 per week. At age 19, he moved to Dayton to become the music editor for the United Brethren Publishing House. He graduated from Otterbein College (B.A.) in 1880, studied at Union Biblical Seminary, 1878-1881, then went to Yale Divinity School where he graduated (B.D.) in 1883. He then spent a year studying theology in Leipzig, Germany.

He was ordained by the Miami [Ohio] Conference of the United Brethren in Christ in 1877. The following year, he married Florence Kumler, with whom he had five children. Upon his return to the United States, he served as pastor of the High Street United Brethren Church in Dayton, 1884-1886, and then as president of Lebanon Valley College, 1887-1889.

Ill health led him to resign his presidency. In 1890 he founded the Lorenz Publishing Company of Dayton, to which he devoted the remainder of his life. For their catalog, he wrote hymns, and composed many gospel songs, anthems, and cantatas, occasionally using pseudonyms such as E.D. Mund, Anna Chichester, and G.M. Dodge. He edited three of the Lorenz choir magazines, The Choir Leader, The Choir Herald, and Kirchenchor. Prominent among the many song-books and hymnals which he compiled and edited were those for his church: Hymns for the Sanctuary and Social Worship (1874), Pilgerlieder (1878), Songs of Grace (1879), The Otterbein Hymnal (1890), and The Church Hymnal (1934).

For pastors and church musicians, he wrote several books stressing hymnody: Practical Church Music (1909), Church Music (1923), Music in Work and Worship (1925), and The Singing Church (1938). In 1936, Otterbein College awarded him the honorary D.Mus. degree and Lebanon Valley College the honorary LL.D. degree.

--Information from granddaughter Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter, DNAH Archives

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Texts by Edmund S. Lorenz (263)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
في وسط أشواك البلاءEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)Arabic1
في وسط أتعاب الحياةEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)Arabic1
A cry o'er the waterE. S. Lorenz (Adapter)1
A je ti i lodhur, i ründuar?Edmund S. Lorenz (Author)Albanian2
All along life's journey, we shall know no fearE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
All ye His works that His might and power proclaimE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
Amid the trials which I meetE. S. Lorenz (Author)English72
And the peace of God that passeth all understandingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Angels are near us, their presence unheededE. S. Lorenz (Author)4
Are you filling the world with rejoicing and cheerE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Are you seeking for the truth?E. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Are you weary, are you heavy hearted?Edmund S. Lorenz (Author)English3
Arise and shine, O church of Christ exaltedE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
As you wander astray from your home far awayE. S. Lorenz (Author)4
At the feet of the blessed MasterE. D. Mund (Author)English4
Behold, a radiance from the crossE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Bet' immerdar; denn in GefahrEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)German2
Bless the Lord above for His tender loveE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Bringing peace and gladnessE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Budding hopes shall blossom forth ere longEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English1
By the grace of God renewedE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Call them in, hear the King in love commandingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Children, what is your song todayE. S. L. (Author)3
Come, let us all unite to sing, God is loveE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Come to Jesus, little one! Come to Jesus now!E. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Come to the cross where the Savior diedE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Come to the Sunday School, come, come, comeE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Cuandro estés cansado y abatidoEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)Spanish2
Dark may seem the path in which He leads me onE. S. L. (Author)4
Dark the shadows round them fallE. S. Lorenz (Author)1
Day and night thou Lord art viewingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Death rejoicing over his preyEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Do you see your neighbor's need?E. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Do you slumber in your tent, Christian soldierE. S. L. (Author)English12
Do you wonder that I love Him?E. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Down in the churchyard, robed in daisiesE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Du bist mit mir, o mein HeilandEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)German2
Dwell in my heart, dear SaviorE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Erlösung, welch' ein Plan!Edmund S. Lorenz (Translator)German2
Everywhere the leaves are dancingE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Führ' mich, führ' mich, führ' mich, mein ErlöserE. Lorenz (Author)German2
Führt mich zu Jesus! mein Herz ist so müdeE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Far away in foreign climeE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Far, far over the sea, naions wail in agonyE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
Fearing no danger, no angry foeE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Fearing no evil, but trusting Him who rules aboveE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Fill with lofty praiseE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
For the life your pulses thrillingE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Freudig folg' ich meinem HeilandEdumnd S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Freundlich rufet dir der HeilandE. Lorenz (Author)German2
Freundlich ruft mein JesusE. Lorenz (Author)German2
Frisch zur Arbeit nun, ruft uns Gottes WortE. Lorenz (Author)German2
From the crushing burden into perfect restE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Fruchtbare Erde dem Menschen singtE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
"Give!" says the earth, as her fruit she yieldsE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Glad we come with our songs of praiseE. D. Mund (Author)English1
Go ye out to meet Him, God is drawing nearE. D. Mund (Author)English4
God helping me, I'll do no evilE. S. L. (Author)2
Good men oft saloons are defendingE. S. Lorenz (Author)3
Hail ye the King, as He comes in His gloryE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Happy the day returning year by yearE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Having wandered far away from our loving Father's houseE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
He who hath led will leadEdmund S. Lorenz (Author (refrain))English2
Hear, O hear him nowE. S. L. (Author)2
Hear the battle shout, grandly ringing outE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Hear the Master's gracious invitationE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Hear the merry music ringingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Hear the music ringing, ringing, ringingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Hear the shout of triumph from the ransomed throngE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Hear the shout of triumph, hear the mighty songE. S. Lorenz (Author)English8
Hear the song of the throngE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Hear the tramp of a million little feetE. S. Lorens (Author)3
Hear the tramp of the millions of the earthEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English3
Hear ye not the voice of Jesus, Pleading still with each and all?E. D. Mund (Author)English3
Heim, Heim, süßes HeimE. Lorenz (Author)German2
Heitre Lieder klingen, klingen, klingenE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Help me, Savior, more each dayE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
Herein, mein Heiland, komm' hereinEdward Lorenz (Author)German2
He's the dearest friend to meE. S. Lorenz (Author)1
Heut' strahlt jedes AngesichtE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Holy Jesus, tender shepherdE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Horch, es klingt wie SturmeswehenE. S. Lorenz (Alterer)German1
Horchet! horchet! wer klopft an?Edmund S. Lorenz (Author)German2
Horror and fear lay upon the tombE. S. L. (Author)English2
How can we show our love to Him whose hand doth guideE. S. L. (Author)2
How full of cheer life's sunny dayE. S. Lorenz (Author)3
I am safe, whatever may betide meE. S. Lorenz (Author)English19
I am walking with the Savior in the blessed narrow wayE. S. L. (Author)English5
I have chosen the better partE. S. L. (Author)2
I have found a dear Savior, a Friend, and a GuideE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
I have found a Friend who willE. S. Lorenz (Author)3
I have found a peace abidingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English4
I heard a happy birdie singE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
I love to be where sacredE. D. Mund (Author)2
I stood [stand] in amaze and wonderE. S. L. (Author)English10
I will journey on with JesusE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Ich bin sicher, Herr, in deinen HändenE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Ich ruehme laut mit Herz und MundE. S. Lorenz (Author)German2
In joyful high and holy laysE. D. Mund (Author)3
In lands where sin's darkness doth lowerE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
In my soul oft rises, bringing pain and woeE. S. L. (Author)English14
In ocean deep, on mountain tallE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
In that land of joy and songE. S. Lorenz (Author)English4
In the cross of Christ is all our gloryE. S. L. (Author)English2
In the legion so brave is your name enrolledE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
In this world of sin and woe (Lorenz)E. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
In vain in high and holy laysE. S. L. (Author)English19
Ist in der Trübsal dieser ZeitEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Ja wir kommen, lieber Heiland, In der schöne Jugend-zeitE. S. Lorenz (Author)German2
Jesus, Arzt für alles ÜbelE. Lorenz (Author)German2
Jesus Christus nun lebt—mächtig ist der Tod besiegtEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)German2
Jesus is my joy todayE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Jesus lives! no more in darkness shall the earth remainEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Jesus, weeping over the wandererE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Jewels for the King of Glory sitting on the throneE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Joy supreme my soul has foundE. S. L. (Author)2
Köstlich ist mir der Herr, mein ErlöserE. Lorenz (Author)German2
Laut erschallet GlockenklangE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Lead me to Jesus, my soul is so wearyEdmund Simon Lorenz (Author)English2
Legt es mit Tränenblick zur Ruh'Edmund S. Lorenz (Author)German2
Let the angel hosts on high and the sons of menE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Let the light of life now shineE. S. Lorenz (Author)English6
Let us rejoice! sing happy songs!Edmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Let us sing the praise of JesusE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Let us walk in the way of the LordE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Life is full of heavy burdens, dark with seasons of distressE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Like children in the temple hosannas we would singE. S. L. (Author)2
Like the sound of many waters Rolling on through ages longE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Like the sound of many waters, Over the roaring of the seaE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Little ones singing sweet, why so full of cheer?E. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Lost! Lost! all lost! so far awayEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Machen Wolken dir den Himmel trübeE. S. Lorenz (Translator)German6
Many little children sing no songs of joy and gladnessE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Mehr Lieb', mein Gott, zu dirE. S. Lorenz (Author)German2
Mein Herze wallt vor FreudeE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
My body, mind and spiritE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
My body, soul, and spirit, Dear Lord, to Thee I bringEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
My Savior with me is abidingE. S. L. (Author)2
My soul is filled with gladness, My lips o'erflow with songE. S. Lorenz (Author)6
'Neath the shade of its trees summer suns can not burnE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Nimm den Namen Jesu mit dir, Kind der Sorge und des Weh'sEdmund S. Lorenz (Translator)German2
Nur in dir, SeelenerretterE. S. L. (Author)German2
O Herz, der Sünde dich bewußtE. S. Lorenz (Author)German2
O Jesus, perfect SaviorE. D. Mund (Author)English2
O Paradies! o Paradies! ermüdend wart' ich deinE. Lorenz (Author)German2
O the hour of prayer is bright and fairE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
O the peace of God, how it thrills my soulE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
O welche Lehre für uns ist diesE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
O what a lesson we all may learnE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
O what a wonderful Savior, Ruling the earth and the seaE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
O why do wait, why longer debateE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Over the earth the shout is ringingE. S. L. (Author)2
O'er the world of sin, with its suffering soulsE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Oft I've heard the blessed news E. S. Lorenz (Author)1
O how loving and how trueE. D. Mund (Author)English2
On that dread and awful day we must standE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Only a word for Jesus, spoken in fear with sense of needE. S. Lorenz (Author)English4
Open are the arms of JesusE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Oppressed with grief and with burdens soreE. S. Lorenz (Author)English5
Out in the mountains of sin and of shameE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Over the hills notes divine are stealingE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Over the turmoil of earth now is ringingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Rejoice in the Lord, let your joy aboundE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Rest upon us now, O Holy SpiritE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Riches of earth I may not seeE. S. Lorenz (Author)English18
Roses so red, roses so fairE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Safe from all the world's alarmsE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Safe within the foldE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Saved by the blood now my heart can rejoiceE. D. Mund (Author)English3
Savior, Thy word a lamp shall beE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
Searching the scriptures day by day, a light will shineE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Send us a Savior, hear the nations cryE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
Sleeper, awake, the sun is highE. S. Lorenz (Author)5
Smiling lips and laughing eyesE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Soldier, rest in peace! now is over thy strifeEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Some day the veil will be liftedE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Steht im Buche des Lebens der Name deinE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Strait is the gate, and narrow the wayE. S. L. (Author)2
Sweet is the message the word of God bringsE. S. Lorenz (Author)4
Sweetest name in earth or heavenE. S. L. (Author)English2
Swiftly the years like the clouds pass us byE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Swing the lilies, white Easter lilies!E. S. Lorenz (Author)2
The birds are all singing, the flower bells are ringingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
The cry rings out over all the land todayE. S. Lorenz (Author)English5
The Lord has long been waitingE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
The Lord is good and kind alwayE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
The Lord is kindE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
The message blest again repeatE. S. L. (Author)English8
The Sabbath hours are endingE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
The Savior loves us, His heart is tenderEdmund S. Lorenz (Translator)English1
The springtime days may lose their beautyE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
The wages of sin is death then brother why do youE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
The winter gloom and dread is past 'tis Easter timeE. S. L. (Author)2
The winter reigns no moreE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
There is joy for erring soulsEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
There's a voice of tender loveE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
They fill the streets with loafersE. S. Lorenz (Author)3
This is the motto we all would obeyE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
This world is brimming full with joyEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
This world is not all wildernessE. D. Mund (Author)2
Though hearts are often weary, And yield to wild despairE. D. Mund (Author)English2
Though I tread a path of darkest nightE. S. L. (Author)2
Thou knowest, Lord, I would love TheeE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Though dangers surround meE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Though oft I stray from my Lord awayE. S. Lorenz (Author)7
Though our life be full of trialE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Through all our days we sing God's praiseE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
'Tis a fount of pleasureE. S. L. (Author)English2
'Tis a lamp unto my feetE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
'Tis a very pretty place is thisE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
'Tis Jesus in the morningE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Tust du, was du kannst für deinen HeilandE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Und ist die Nacht auch trüb und kaltE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Under sweet compulsion of a loving heartE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Van egy kérdés, bennem néha megszólal,Edmund S. Lorenz (Author)Hungarian2
Vergeblich ist's, durch Worte KlangE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Voices of mirth awake to gladness todayE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Wachet auf, der Feind ist nahEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Wake, arm of the SpiritE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
Wake the voice of gladness, praise the Lord today!E. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Walk with the Savior, make His ways your choiceE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
We are resting in peaceE. S. Lorenz (Author)English5
We are the lambs, how blessed is the promiseE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
We have entered royal service, pledged our utmost powerE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
We have found a blest employE. S. Lorenz (Author)English3
We have found a golden taskE. S. L. (Author)English2
We have heard a voice of gladnessE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
We have heard thy call, blessed SaviorE. S. Lorenz (Author)English4
We raise the song of faith abidingEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Weit, weit über dem MeerE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Well we know the Shepherd's voiceE. S. L. (Author)3
Wenn du irrest vom Herrn, deiner HeimatE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Wenn ich durch Leiden gehen mussE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Wenn ich wandle im nächtlichen finsteren TalE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
Wer da sein will Jesu JüngerE. Lorenz (Author)German2
What a Savior meek and mildE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
What friend have we all friends aboveE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
What gladness and joy now my soul hath foundE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
What though life's mysteries surroundE. S. L. (Author)2
What though the darkness surroundE. S. L. (Author)2
Whate'er our place or stationE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
When earth and sea take up the strainE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
When gloomy clouds beset the skyE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
When has come the day of crowning and the Father greets the SonE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
When I walk through the valley of shadow and gloomE. S. L. (Author)English9
When I walked with my Lord in the sunshineE. S. Lorenz (Author)English7
When the awful judgment day is breakingEdmund Simon Lorenz (Author)English2
When the week of toil is overE. S. Lorenz (Author)1
When thou hast sown the precious seedE. S. Lorenz (Author)English7
Where the Savior leads his own, we will followE. S. Lorenz (Author)English2
Whom do we want behind the voteE. S. Lorenz (Author)3
Why do you linger, longer in the cold?E. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Why mid dangers strayingE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Why should we praise Him, our blessed Master?E. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Willst du sein ein Kind des Herrn?E. Lorenz (Author)German1
Wir sind Brüder, recht verbundenEdmund S. Lorenz (Author)German2
With every power with heart and soulE. S. Lorenz (Author)English17
With hosts redeemed to walk in whiteE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
With swift winged feet the moments flyE. S. Lorenz (Author)2
Wonderful gospel of JesusE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1
Wundersel'ges RauschenE. S. Lorenz (Author)German1
You have heard the message of peace and loveE. S. L. (Author)English7
Youth is the seed time, and life is the fieldE. S. Lorenz (Author)English1

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