Mary A. Lathbury

Mary A. Lathbury
Short Name: Mary A. Lathbury
Full Name: Lathbury, Mary A. (Mary Artemisia), 1841-1913
Birth Year: 1841
Death Year: 1913

Lathbury, Mary Ann, was born in Manchester, Ontario County, New York, Aug. 10, 1841. Miss Lathbury writes somewhat extensively for the American religious periodical press, and is well and favourably known (see the Century Magazine, Jan., 1885, p. 342). Of her hymns which have come into common use we have:—
1. Break Thou the bread of life. Communion with God. A "Study Song" for the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, written in the summer of 1880. It is in Horder's (Eng.) Congregational Hymns, 1884.
2. Day is dying in the west. Evening. "Written at the request of the Rev. John H. Vincent, D.D., in the summer of 1880. It was a "Vesper Song," and has been frequently used in the responsive services of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle." It is in the Laudes Domini, N. Y., 1884.
For these details we are indebted to S. W. Duffield's English Hymns, &c, N. Y., 1886.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Lathbury, Mary A., p. 640, i. Another hymn by this writer is, "Lift up, lift up thy voice with singing." [Praise to Christ), in Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos, 1878.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Mary A. Lathbury (81)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
إن تغب شمس النهارMary A. Lathbury (Author)Arabic1
夕陽西沉大地靜 (Xīyáng xī chén dàdì jìng)Mary A. Lathbury (Author)Chinese2
願主為我擘開生命的餅 (Yuànzhǔ wèi wǒ bāi kāi shēngmìng de bǐng)Mary A. Lathbury (Author)Chinese2
A sound is thrilling through the treesMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
Alleluia, it is done, Christ is risenMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
Arise, all souls, arise The watch is pastMary A. Lathbury (Author)4
Behold, one standeth at the door and callethMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
Billows of deep distressMary A. Lathbury (Author)2
Break thou the bread of lifeMary A. Lathbury (Author)English975
Chautauqua, priestess of the oldMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
Children of yesterday heirs of tomorrowMary A. Lathbury (Author)6
Come, O happy children comeMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
ദൈവത്തിന്‍ പുത്രനാം ക്രിസ്തേശുവേ (Daivattin putranāṁ kristēśuvē)Mary A. Lathbury (Author)Malayalam2
Dame, mi buen Señor, de vida el panMary A. Lathbury (Author (es. 1, 3))Spanish5
Day is dawning in the east; Souls are gath'ring for the feastMary A. Lathbury (Author)8
Day is dying in the west, Heaven is touching earth with restMary A. Lathbury (Author)English788
Einst brach dem Volk das BrotMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
"El pan de vida soy"Mary A. Lathbury (Author)Spanish3
Eu quero o pão do céu, ó SalvadorMary Artemisia Lathbury (Author (sts. 1-2))Portuguese2
Every lily in the meadowMary A. Lathbury (Author)2
Floating, floating, gaily singing as we rowMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
For all thy tender merciesMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
Hail, happy day, all hail the welcome mornMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
Heart of Jesus, rent in twainMary A. Lathbury (Author)8
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of hosts, Heaven and earth are full of thy gloryMary Lathbury (Author)English1
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts! (Lathbury)Mary A. Lathbury (Author)English11
Holy, holy, holy, Lord, In the heavens of heavens adoredMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
I hear the tread of men and nationsMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
Incense from dews of the morningMary A. Lathbury (Author)11
Itdem ti tinapay ti biag ApoMary A. Lathbury (Author)Ilocano2
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Descending from the skiesMary A. Lathbury (Author)English4
Join, O friends, in a memory songMary A. Lathbury (Author)8
Ka Haku aloha eMary A. Lathbury, 1841-1913 (Author)Hawaiian3
Lift up, lift up thy voice with singingMary Ann Lathbury (Author)25
Lift up O happy juniors, your voicesMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
Lift up O little childrenMiss Mary Anne Lathbury, 1841- (Author)English31
Like the surge of hidden watersMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
Loeft op loeft op din roest at klingeMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
¡Loor a ti, mi Dios, loor a ti!Mary A. Lathbury (Author)Spanish4
Lord, from Thine altars on every mountain hoaryMary A. Lathbury (Author)English6
Lord of all life, the near, the farMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
Lord of the morning, dews are ascendingMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
Nannie cloverMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
Now I lay me down to sleep, In Thy shadowssoft and deepMary A. Lathbury (Author)English4
Nuestro sol se pone yaMary A. Lathbury (Author)Spanish10
O river of the life of GodMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
O Shepherd of the namelss foldMary A. Lathbury (Author)English11
O sing of the seven yearsMary Ann Lathbury (Author)5
O sing the passing yearsMary A. Lathbury (Author)6
O the ribbon, the white, white ribbonMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
O trust ye in the Lord foreverMary A. Lathbury (Author)6
O where is the shrine of the singerMary A. Lathbury (Author)6
O wondrous world within a worldMary A. Lathbury (Author)English2
Once a gentle snow white doveMary A. Lathbury (Author)2
Open the windows of the worldMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
Open your gates, O east and westMary A. Lathbury (Author)5
Pilgrim, rest, a well of lifeMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
Ring, O bells beside the shoreMary A. Lathbury (Author)4
Sanfter milder DämmerscheinMary A. Lathbury (Author)German2
¡Santo, Santo Santo, Señor, Jehová! Cielo y tierra, de tu amorMary A. Lathbury (Author)Spanish2
Sing paeans over the pastMary A. Lathbury (Author)English2
Snowdrops, lift your timid headsMary A. Lathbury (Author)English8
Soft through the fading lightMary A. Lathbury (Author)5
Spring up, O well, spring upMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
The angels, the angelsMary A. Lathbury (Author)2
The flush of morn, the setting sunMary A. Lathbury (Author)8
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord thy name is written on the scrollMary A. Lathbury (Author)2
The Lord is in His holy temple, Wide as the world its portals standMary A. Lathbury (Author)16
The stars that float upon the blueMary A. Lathbury (Author)English2
The trees are crowned with gloryMary A. Lathbury (Author)5
The winds are wandering through the treesMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
The winds are whispering to the treesMary A. Lathbury (Author)10
There lies a little city in the hillsMary A. Lathbury (Author)1
There's a child outside your doorMary Ann Lathbury (Author)3
There's an undertone of sighingMary A. Lathbury (Author)8
Thou hast been our Guide this dayMary A. Lathbury (Author (refrain))English1
Ti init lumlumnekenMary A. Lathbury (Author)Tagalog2
Wake, O winds, among the hillsMary A. Lathbury (Author)3
When the day is high and clearMary A. Lathbury (Author)6
Wie in der Wüste dort du stillest NotMary A. Lathbury (Author)German2
Young soldiers of the LegionMary A. Lathbury (Author)2

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