James Langran

Short Name: James Langran
Full Name: Langran, James, 1835-1909
Birth Year: 1835
Death Year: 1909

James Langran (b. St. Pancras, London, England, November 10, 1835; d. Tottenham, London, England, June 8, 1909) studied organ as a youth but did not receive his Bachelor of Music degree from Oxford until he was forty-nine years old. He had several organist positions–the longest was at St. Paul's Church, Tottenham, England, from 1870 to 1909. He also taught music at St. Katherine's Training College for Schoolmistresses (1878-1909). Music editor of theNew Mitre Hymnal (1875), Langran composed around fifty hymn tunes and contributed several of them to early editions of Hymns Ancient and Modern.

Bert Polman

Tunes by James Langran (7)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
CARTMELJames Langran, 1835-1909 (Composer)534271 16544 32512
DEERHURSTJames Langran (Composer)5635317 12343 25765
EUCHARISTICA (Langran)J. Langran (Composer)333344 43321 23543
HIGHNAMJ. Langran (Composer)233556 54333 33335
RAVENGLASJ. Langran (Composer)335365 71556 71767
LANGRANJames Langran (Composer)21931235 43321 33252
ST. PHILIP AND ST. JAMESJames Langran (Composer)453166 75513 21277

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