Eduard Kremser

Eduard Kremser
Short Name: Eduard Kremser
Full Name: Kremser, Eduard, 1838-1914
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1914

Eduard Kremser was born 10 October 1838 in Vienna and died 26 November 1914 in Vienna. He was a choir director, conductor, composer and musicologist. He was the arranger of the music for male voices in Sechs altniederländische Volkslieder, a collection of six Dutch folk songs from Adriaan Valerius' collection Nederlandtsche gedenck-clanck. From this collection comes the tune which is named after him and is sung with the English text "We Gather Together." He also edited and arranged a 3 volume set of German and Austrian folk music: Wiener Lieder und Tänze: im Auftrage der Gemeindevertretimg der Stadt Wien (published 1912-1925) as well as other volumes of folk music.

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