Mary E. Kail

Mary E. Kail
Short Name: Mary E. Kail
Full Name: Kail, Mary E., 1828-1890
Birth Year (est.): 1828
Death Year: 1890

Mary Elizabeth Harper Kail, Circa 1828-1890

Born: 1827 or 1828, Washington, DC.
Died: January 28, 1890, Washington, DC, or Ohio.

Daughter of Andrew Harper and Mary McDermott-Roe (daughter of Cornelius McDermott-Roe, a laborer who worked for George Washington). Mary’s father died young, possibly of malaria, while Mary and her sister Virginia were children. Mary and Virginia moved together to Carroll County, Ohio, and in 1843 Mary married Gabriel Kail (1814-88). By 1878, Mary was editor of the Connotton Valley Times in Carroll County. In the late 1880s, Mary was a clerk for the United States Treasury Department; she lost that job in September 1885 due to a change in administration. Her works include:

Crown Our Heroes, and Other Poems, 1887

Texts by Mary E. Kail (30)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
After the harvest, golden sheavesMary E. Kail (Author)English4
Always cheerful through the nightMary E. Kail (Author)2
Christmas bells are softly chimingMary E. Kail (Author)1
Come, let us sing of that sweet landMary E. Kail (Author)3
From the path of sin and sorrowMary E. Kail (Author)2
Go work, for the harvest is nearMary E. Kail (Author)10
Grandly our armies are risingMary E. Kail (Author)4
Have you heard the good news by the gospel proclaimedMary E. Kail (Author)English11
Joyfully, cheerfullyMary E. Kail (Author)2
Lo the royal harvest ripensMary E. Kail (Author)3
Morn is breaking over the hillsMrs. Mary E. Kail (Author)3
My home is in the heavenly landMary E. Kail (Author)English7
Never give up the SaviorMary E. Kail (Author)3
Open wide the golden portalMary E. Kail (Author)2
Sinner, come to the crossMary E. Kail (Author)3
Sinner, the blessed gospelMary E. Kail (Author)4
Sinner, will you not relentMary E. Kail (Author)4
The harvest work is truly greatMary E. Kail (Author)2
The world is a warfareMary E. Kail (Author)4
There's not a cloud that floats on highMary E. Kail (Author)3
We are a little pilgrim band, We're going to work for JesusMrs. Mary E. Kail (Author)English2
We gather in the Sabbath schoolMary E. H. Kail (Author)5
We'll soon be there in that bright landMary E. Kail (Author)4
What though storm clouds darkly gatherMary E. Kail (Author)English1
When 'mid storms of life we wanderMrs. Mary E. Kail (Author)2
When mid the darkness of the nightMary E. Kail (Author)3
When shall I wear a golden crownMary E. Kail (Author)2
When we cross the crystal riverMary E. Kail (Author)4
Who will go and work for JesusMary E. Kail (Author)2
Will you come to the crossMary E. Kail (Author)2
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