Lewis E. Jones

Short Name: Lewis E. Jones
Full Name: Jones, Lewis E. (Lewis Edgar) 1865-1936
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1936

Lewis Edgar Jones USA 1865-1936. Born in Yates City, IL, his family moved near Davenport, IA, where he lived on a farm until age 21. He went into business for awhile, and attended the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He was a classmate of evangelist, Billy Sunday. After graduating, he worked for the YMCA in Davenport, IA; Fort Worth, TX (1915, as general secretary); and Santa Barbara, CA (1925 as general secretary). Hymn writing was his avocation, and he wrote 200+, advising that many came from pastors’ sermons. He married Lora May Wright (1872-1950), and they had a daughter, Frances Ellen (1897-1982). He died in Santa Barbara, CA.

John Perry

Texts by Lewis E. Jones (250)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
بعد أن نعاني ألم الكروبLewis E. Jones (Author)Arabic1
هل تبغي عتقا من نير الآثام؟Lewis E. Jones (Author)Arabic1
إن حاق بي اضطرابLewis E. Jones (Author)Arabic1
يا متعبا بالخطايا استمعLewis E. Jones (Author)Arabic1
A promise of God I have found in the WordLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
A vessel was tossed by a raging stormL. E. J. (Author)2
All my hopes are fixed upon the Father's only Son; Jesus is my Savior, is he yoursLewis E. Jones (Author)1
Am I prepared each day and hourLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Angels of light with their pinions of goldLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Are you among the numberLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Are you robed in righteousnessLewis E. Jones (Author)3
As I journey onward Jesus is my FriendL. E. Jones (Author)1
As multitudes thronged the dear Savior one dayL. E. J. (Author)English2
As the little daisy, whiteLewis E. Jones (Author)2
As we daily journey onward, Oftentimes 'mid shadows drearLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
As we journey onward through life's steep and rugged wayLewis E. Jones (Author)2
As you journey onward through life's steep and rugged wayMary Slater (Author)2
As you journey onward to a home aboveLewis E. Jones (Author)1
At the door of your heart that is closedLewis E. Jones (Author)2
At the homecoming of the ransomedL. E. Jones (Author)1
Awake, awake, awake, the morning is at handLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Beautiful star of olden timeLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Behold a Savior crucifiedL. E. J. (Author)English3
Blessed fellowship we have on earth with those we loveL. E. J. (Author)English2
Blessed promise of the Master, faithful, true in every lineL. E. J. (Author)English2
Brother, are you gladly toiling for the LordLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Burdened with a load of sin I seek for restL. E. J. (Author)English3
Come home, ye wandering ones, come homeL. E. J. (Author)2
Come humble sinner, come todayLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Come to Jesus, ye lost ones, Jesus calls so tenderlyLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Día de victoria y gozo celestialLewis Jones (Author)Spanish3
Dare to stand up for JesusLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Dear Lord, I would now as thy messenger goLewis E. Jones (Author)5
Do not delay, there is workLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Do you know the Lord of LoveL. E. J. (Author)English2
Do you know the love of Jesus? have you felt His pardoning grace?L. E. Jones (Author)English3
Do you love the service of the King?Lewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Do you not know 'tis the Master's willL. E. J. (Author)3
Don't you hear Him callingL. E. J. (Author)English2
Down at the cross I found a full salvationEdgar Lewis (Author)3
En las inmensas olas de embravecido marL. E. J. (Author)Spanish3
Fels in der Wüste, sieh' mein VerlangenL. E. Jones (Author)German3
For the master gathering precious sheavesLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Fr'lst fran synden jag 'rLewis E. Jones (Author)2
From the cross, the cross where the Savior diedL. E. Jones (Author)English1
From wandering long in ways of sinLewis E. Jones (Author)2
From wilderness dreary we've started for heavenLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Go work beneath the glowing sunLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Gospel army, quickly rallyLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Hallelujah, we are children of the KingL. E. J. (Author)English2
Happy and free on this glad Children's dayLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Have a purpose as you pass alongL. E. J. (Author)3
Have you accepted of Jesus, the Lord?Lewis E. Jones (Author)9
Have you ever thought of what the Lord has doneLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Have you heard of Jesus and his wondrous loveEdgar Lewis (Author)3
Have you heard the invitation To the marriage of the Son?Lewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Have you taken Jesus for your Friend and GuideEdgar Lewis (Author)5
Hear the gospel call good newsL. E. J. (Author)2
Hear the Master's voice as he speaks todayLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Hear the sweet new song arisingLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Hear the sweet voice of the SaviorL. E. J. (Author)3
Hear the voice of the wonderful SaviorLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Holy, holy, we would tell thy loveL. E. Jones (Author)1
Homeward bound, homeward bound by the blest narrow wayLewis E. Jones (Author)English4
How can I help but love himLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
How wondrous is the Savior's loveLewis E. Jones (Author)6
I am kept from evil's powerL. E. J. (Author)English2
I am on my journey to a land so fairLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I am on my journey with the Savior for my guideLewis E. Jones (Author)1
I am praising my Lord todayLewis E. Jones (Author)English4
I am saved from my sin, and to joy enter inL. E. Jones (Author)1
I am trusting in the Lord and the promise of His wordL. E. J. (Author)3
I am trusting Jesus only, Nothing else have I besideL. E. Jones (Author)English4
I am walking in the pathwayLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I brought my sins to Calvary They are covered by the blood of JesusLewis E. Jones (Author)4
I came in faith to Jesus, where none have sought in vainEdgar Lewis (Author)3
I have a royal message, from Christ upon the throneLewis E. Jones (Author)English3
I have a song I love to sing (Cummings)Lewis E. Jones (Author)1
I have been saved from the power of sinLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I have found a Friend and SaviorLewis E. Jones (Author)1
I have found a Friend to me so dearLewis E. Jones (Author)5
I have found a Friend unfailing, He is precious to my soulLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I walk each day rejoicingL. E. J. (Author)3
I will haste away to Jesus for He understands my heartsLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I will have no fear when the foe is nearEdgar Lewis (Author)2
I will sing of my Savior who hath set my spirit freeL. E. J. (Author)English2
I would ever live for JesusLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I would sing of Jesus and his goodness day by dayL. E. J. (Author)English11
I'm glad that the Savior redeemed meLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I'm redeemed and washed from sinL. E. J. (Author)2
In boundless love the Father sentLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
In perfect peace, the Savior's bloodL. E. Jones (Author)2
In spring we plow and scatter seedLewis E. Jones (Author)2
In tender compassion and wonderful loveL. E. J. (Author)English7
In the Bible it is written there is cleansing in the bloodEdgar Lewis (Author)3
In the blessed land of Canaan we are dwelling day by dayLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
In the city of the skiesLewis E. Jones (Author)2
In the word 'tis writtenL. E. J. (Author)2
In ways of sin I wandered longLewis E. Jones (Author)English9
Is your life full of trial, do you seek sweet peace?Lewis E. Jones (Author)English2
It will not be long till in the sky the trump of God shall ringMary Slater (Author)2
I've a Friend so dear to meLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I've been to Jesus for a heart like snowL. E. Jones (Author)2
I've been to Jesus for the powerL.E. Jones (Author)2
I've found a rich treasure in Jesus my KingLewis E. Jones (Author)2
I've found a Savior preciousL. E. J. (Author)2
Jesus is my Savior, I am in his careLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Jesus is risen, O sing the glad strainLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Jesus loved me so, that to save from sinLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Jesus, safely hide meLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Jesus shall my Pilot beLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Jesus sought me while I wanderedLewis E. Jones (Author)English4
Joyfully we come, a band of childrenLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Just beyond earth's border land, lies a country fairLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Just lean upon the arms of JesusEdgar Lewis (Author)English33
Kehrt heim, ihr Irrenden, kehrt heimLewis E. Jones (Author)German2
Lay up your treasures in heaven aboveLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Lean on his arm, trusting in his loveLewis E. Jones (Author)English1
Let the whole earth praise the LordLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Let us shout hosanna to the heavenly KingL. E. J. (Author)7
Linger not, the Savior calls theeLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Lo the royal harvest ripensLewis E. Jones (Author)1
Look by faith beyond the shadowLewis E. Jones (Author)1
Look up and behold how the fields spread awayLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Looking out on life's wide oceanLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Möch'st du gern frei von der Sündelast seinLewis E. Jones (Author)German1
Möchtest du los sein vom Banne der Sünd?Lewis E. Jones (Author)German1
Make me, Savior, what thou wiltL. E. J. (Author)2
Many are straying in darkness and sinLewis E. Jones (Author)1
Marching, marching, Jesus leading onwardLewis E. Jones (Author)9
Marching on to Zion, raise your voice and singLewis E. Jones (Author)3
May I be each coming dayLewis E. Jones (Author)English3
May we abound with cordsLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Mein Sündenelend ist dahinLewis E. Jones (Author)German2
Moechtest du Freiheit vonLewis E. Jones (Author)2
My brother there's a fountainLewis E. Jones (Author)2
My feet are on the highwayLewis E. Jones (Author)2
My life is filled with wonderful peaceL. E. J. (Author)English2
My Savior ever walks with meL. E. J. (Author)2
My sins are like a mountainLewis E. Jones (Author)2
My sins are taken all awayL. E. J. (Author)4
你願脫離罪惡的重擔麼?權能是在血,權能在血;(Nǐ yuàn tuōlí zuì'è de zhòngdàn me? Quánnéng shì zài xuè, quánnéng zài xuè;)Lewis E. Jones (Author)Chinese2
No love like the Savior's has ever been knownLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Not by my trying, nor yet by my tearsL. E. J. (Author)English9
O answer now, on which side do you standLewis E. Jones (Author)2
O, come to the Lord, at His side press alongLewis E. Jones (Author)1
O öffnet die goldenen ToreLewis E. Jones (Author)German2
O golden day of promiseLewis E. Jones (Author)3
O hear the message, glad and sweetL. E. J. (Author)English2
O how many are out on life's oceanLewis E. Jones (Author)2
O troubled heart, no longer sighL. E. J. (Author)English4
O, what a wonderful storyLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Of Jesus' love I'm singing, I praise Him every dayEdgar Lewis (Author)6
On the way that leads above gladly on we goLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Once I walked the ways of sin, but today my heart is cleanLewis E. Jones (Author)English1
Os et underskjønt hjemland her Jesus beredtL. E. Jones (Author)Norwegian2
Our God is walking with us all the timeLewis E. Jones (Author)2
പാപ വിമോചനം നേടേണമോ? (Pāpa vimēācanaṁ nēṭēṇamēā?)Lewis E. Jones (Author)Malayalam2
Praise the Lord forever, tell his love to menLewis E. Jones (Author)English4
Praise the Lord, I now can sayLewis E. Jones (Author)3
Praise ye the Lord, for wonderful is heL. E. J. (Author)2
Praises to Jesus I'm singingLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Praises to Jesus we joyfully singLewis E. Jones (Author)2
¿Quieres ser libre del vicio y del mal?L. E. J. (Author)Spanish2
¿Quieres ser salvo de toda maldad?L. E. J. (Author)Spanish13
Ring out, chiming bells of the morningLewis E. Jones (Author)3
Rouse ye for service onward Christian soldiersL. E. J. (Author)English2
See our grand and noble army that is marching on todayL. E. Jones (Author)English2
See the fields of waving grainLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Since Christ hath redeemed me and given me peaceLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Since I came to Jesus and with me he doth abideLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Since I'm saved and kept by Jesus, with a joyful heart I singL. E. J. (Author)English2
Since to Jesus I came and in him I believedLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Since to my heart He came to dwellL. E. J. (Author)English4
Sinful, dear Lord, coming to TheeLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Sinner, the Master is calling todayL. E. J. (Author)1
Soldiers enlisted in the gospel ranksL. E. J. (Author)English2
Soldiers of ChristLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Soldiers of Christ, be ye steadfast and loyalL. E. Jones (Author)English2
Swell with heart and voice the songLewis E. Jones (Author)1
Tell abroad the blessed storyLewis E. Jones (Author)2
The field is great, the grain is whiteL. E. Jones (Author)9
The promises by Jesus givenLewis E. Jones (Author)2
The Savior is tenderly calling for theeLewis E. Jones (Author)2
The Spirit is calling O do not delayL. E. Jones (Author)English14
The temple of our lives shall standLewis E. Jones (Author)2
There are days of toil in the sowing timeLewis E. Jones (Author)12
There are heights to reach in the Canaan landL. E. J. (Author)2
There are mansions in the homelandLewis E. Jones (Author)2
There are many straying from the paths of peaceLewis E. Jones (Author)2
There is a place of joy completeL. E. Jones (Author)English1
There is need of valiant soldiers in the army of the LordL. E. Jones (Author)English3
There is need of valiant soldiers in the cause of rightLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
There will come a blessed morningEdgar Lewis (Author)2
There'll be a gathering by and byLewis E. Jones (Author)2
There's a beautiful homeland by Jesus preparedLewis E. Jones (Author)3
There's a precious fountain, flowing deep and wideL. E. J. (Author)English9
There's a promise I read in the BibleLewis E. Jones (Author)1
There's a song in my heart as I journey alongL. E. J. (Author)2
There's an open fountain at the crossLewis E. Jones (Author)2
This the promise God has givenL. E. J. (Author)English2
Though around my pathway sometimes the shadows creepL. E. J. (Author)1
Though dark the path my feet may treadEdgar Lewis (Author)13
Though the tides are swelling o'er life's restlessLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Though the way we journey may be often drearLewis E. Jones (Author)English72
Through shadow or darknessLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Throw open the gates of the city, The city of crystal and goldL. E. Jones (Author)5
To mortal ears, the dearest wordL. E. J. (Author)2
To redeem my life from bondageLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
To the Lord my life belongethLewis E. Jones (Author)2
To the millions that are lying in darknessLewis E. Jones (Author)1
To thy precious, bleeding sideLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Trusting in Jesus, O why should I fear?L. E. Jones (Author)English4
Under the banner of king ImmanuelLewis E. Jones (Author)3
Upon life's boundless ocean where mighty billows rollL. E. J. (Author)English52
Vil du fra byrden af synder bli' fri?L. E. Jones (Author)Norwegian2
Vill du fraan syndboerdan tung goeras friLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Walking and talking with Jesus, Safe on my journey I goL. E. J. (Author)4
Wanderer in ways of sinLewis E. Jones (Author)2
We are daily drawing nearerLewis E. Jones (Author)3
We are little soldiers of theLewis E. Jones (Author)3
We are looking for the coming of the KingLewis E. Jones (Author)2
We are marching along, singing as we goL. E. J. (Author)2
We are on the royal wayLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
We come, dear Lord, in faith to theeLewis E. Jones (Author)6
We have heard such blessed newsL. E. Jones (Author)2
We would sing of Jesus and his loveLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Wenn ich am Ufer des Jordans stehL. E. Jones (Author)German2
When a shout shall proclaim Messiah coming in the skyL. E. J. (Author)English2
When I have reached earth's borderlandLewis E. Jones (Author)8
When Jesus calls for witnessesLewis E. Jones (Author)4
When my upward way seems rough and steepLewis E. Jones (Author)2
When on life's journey I wearyL. E. J. (Author)3
When the rally call is soundingLewis E. Jones (Author)2
When the saved shall meet on the golden streetLewis E. Jones (Author)6
When the Savior shall assembleLewis E. Jones (Author)2
When the trump of God shall ringLewis E. Jones (Author)1
Where will you stand in the judgment dayL. E. J. (Author)3
Who is there able the heart to make clean?Lewis E. Jones (Author)1
Why do you wander in darkness awayL. E. Jones (Author)2
Why stand ye idle, my brother, todayLewis E. Jones (Author)2
Why will you wander, O sinner Lewis E. Jones (Author)4
Willing hands are needed over every hill and plainLewis E. Jones (Author)3
Willst du gewiss sein, dass Er dir vergibtLewis E. Jones (Author)German1
Wonderful love, sent the Savior to dieL. E. J. (Author)English3
Would you be free from the burden of sin?Lewis E. Jones (Author)English324
Would you from burdens and sorrows be freeL. E. J. (Author)5
Would you live for Jesus, would you have His loveLewis E. Jones (Author)English2
Would you overcome in the battle hourLewis E. Jones (Author)English3
You may not be called to serviceL. E. Jones (Author)English2
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